Novel Name : My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Chapter 420

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&#lt;p&#gt; A Pale Imitation Time flew by, and seasons passed. It was now the snowy winter. Itfelt like
things had changed, but somehow, nothing seemed to have changed. There was a gathering of
entrepreneurs in Deux Banquet Hall at Lovely Heart Hotel. The event was called “Spring Rain Charity
Night”, and it was an event held in the collaboration of Spring Rain Foundation, Future Foundation, and
Central Group Foundation. However, this banquet was secretive and low-key.
&#lt;p&#gt;There were no reporters, and none of the guests accepted interviews. Furthermore, there were fewer
than two hundred guests. Mostof them were prominent individuals in the business sphere. The guests
trickled into the banquet hall and sat at their assigned seats. At the same time, the screen on the stage
played a short clip produced by Spring Rain Foundation. Soon, a young female host walked onto the
stage and thanked everyone for attending the charity dinner. Then, she said, “We are honored to have
Ms. Genevieve Rachford here to give us an opening performance for this charity dinner. Later, her
violin will be a part of the items for auction.” After the host left the stage, the guests wondered amongst
themselves. Who is this Genevieve Rachford? Could it be someone else of the same name? Everyone
snuck a glance at one of the tables. It was a table closest to the stage. People who had the privilege of
sitting there were bigwigs in their industries. One of the men seated there was Armand. He wore a
black suit and had a mature charm as he conversed with the people beside him. Although he smiled
politely and seemed mild-tempered, others could vaguely sense the coldness and heartlessness
beneath his amicable demeanor. There was only one woman at that table, and she sat beside Armand.
She wore a white strapless dress and a luxurious diamond necklace. No matter how many times
Armand changed his female companions in the past four years, she was the only woman who attended
various events with him. That woman was called Sylvie Clasen. She was a top actress in the
entertainment industry and had an unshakable status. The crowd glanced at Armand and turned to look
at Sylvie. Sylvie was beautiful, and her face resembled Armand's ex-wife. At that moment, the lights on
the stage gradually went out before a cluster of lights shone on it. The stage curtains remained down,
but the guests could hear someone playing a beautiful piece of Sonata in E minor behind it. The music
was soothing, and everyone gradually relaxed and winded down. Then, the curtains parted, revealing a&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;woman in a black long gown who stood quietly on the stage. The close-fitting fabric wrapped around
her graceful figure, complimenting her snow-white skin. She stood under the stage lights and played
the violin without a care for her surroundings. Her figure glimmered like a mirage under the lights. It
seemed as if she could disappear at any moment. Soon, the music came to an end. The audience was
still mesmerized by the lovely tone of her violin and only began clapping when she bowed, filling the
banquet hall with the noises of their applause. Then, Genevieve got off the stage and handed the violin
to one of the staff. Later, a company director seated with Armand noticed Genevieve searching around
for a place to sit and called out to her, “Ms. Rachford.” He pointed to the empty seat beside him as
Genevieve approached the table. “Thank you. If you hadn't offered me a seat, I would've had to stand
awkwardly over there.” Genevieve smiled at the director and took the offered seat. The director smiled.
“You're most welcome.” The guests at the table finally saw Genevieve up close. They looked at her
eyes, which were shining like crystals, and her exquisite facial features. There was not a flaw to be
found. Her high birth gave her a uniquely elegant presence. On the other hand, although Sylvie
resembled Genevieve and was beautiful, she looked like a pale imitation of Genevieve when the latter
showed up beside her.
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