Novel Name : My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Chapter 452

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&#lt;p&#gt; Jack And I Are Not Married “Genev, don’t you feel you’re living in a fairy tale? I mean, you
married three men! As if that wasn’t crazy enough, one of them turned out to be your cousin, and the
other your brother! This is something straight out of a romance drama!” Annoyed that Johanna was
teasing her when she was being serious, Genevieve shouted, “Jack and I are not married!” “Huh? But I
saw you two go to the City Hall back then!” Johanna exclaimed in surprise. “The registration wasn’t
successful because Jack forgot to bring some of the required documents. After returning to Dartan, I’d
always lose some of the documents on purpose whenever we went to register our marriage,”
Genevieve replied while rubbing her forehead. That was why she and Jack had yet to get married after
four years. As the Helt family was against her marrying Jack, they would’ve tried to prevent it even if
she didn’t do anything.
&#lt;p&#gt;Johanna let out a disappointed sigh. “And here I thought you and Jack were a legally married couple!
You could definitely piss Armand off by getting your kids a new father!” “I didn’t get to piss him off, but I
am in a pretty bad mood myself. Anyway, I’m going to head over to Resonance Corporation. I’ll be
having lunch with Mr. Wasco later in the afternoon,” Genevieve said as she stood up and retrieved her
coat from the rack. “What for?” “Mr. Wasco’s daughter loves to play the violin, but she has autism, so
Mr. Wasco wants me to teach her to play the violin. I also found out that Mr. Wasco is close with the
director of Ashten Airlines. I was hoping to get him acquainted with Cooper.” Johanna held both her
hands and said with a giggle, “You need to earn as much money as possible while you can. Specter
Corporation will belong to your son when he grows up, and I might just end up becoming your
daughter-in-law!” Genevieve simply rolled her eyes in response and made her way into the elevator.
“Where are you going?” she asked when she saw Johanna enter the elevator with her. “I contacted
Bruce Gable’s manager last night. From what I heard, Bruce’s contract with Coolplay Entertainment will
be expiring soon,” Johanna replied with an eyebrow arched. Genevieve frowned. “Bruce Gable? That
name does sound kind of familiar.” “He’s the actor who starred in For Elise alongside Sylvie.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;He got really popular and was given the best actor award, but then his ex-girlfriend got her revenge on
him and nearly destroyed his career. He has been starring in a few films, but the roles he got were all
minor ones.” “What are you planning? Recruit Bruce into our company?” Genevieve asked. Johanna
nodded. “Bruce is actually quite decent, but his ex-girlfriend really did a number on him. Had she not
destroyed his reputation, he probably would’ve gotten every single award available! It’d be easier to
hire him now before his value rises again. Trust me on this, Genev.” “You can discuss this with Mr.
Dixon. I’m not interested in the money at the moment,” Genevieve said when they arrived at the
underground parking lot. “You’re more interested in Mr. Faulkner, aren’t you?” Johanna asked as she
got into the passenger seat. As Genevieve drove them out of Twilight Tower, Johanna began fixing her
makeup using the mirror. “I don’t know if Mr. Sutton has told you this, but Samantha and the others
from the Faulkner family have gotten rather restless ever since Jack officially gained control over
Faulkner Group.
&#lt;p&#gt;Thinking it’d be better to have the company in the hands of a Faulkner, they tried approaching Armand
in hopes that he would help get Faulkner Group back, but Armand ignored them completely. Honestly,
these people sure are a scary bunch! They were the ones who cut ties with Armand back then, and
now they’re asking him to save them. How do you think they’d react if they found out about Jack’s true
identity?” “I don’t care about them,” Genevieve said coldly. I’ve got a lot on my plate right now, so I
really can’t be bothered to worry about them. Besides, given the amount of power that Armand holds,
there’s no way Jack’s men would’ve been able to win. He probably allowed Jack’s insolent behavior
because he wanted to cut ties with the Faulkner family. Genevieve snapped out of her train of thoughts
when she spotted a fancy car with a familiar-looking license plate. She narrowed her eyes as she
slowed down and switched lanes to follow behind that Maybach. The Maybach soon came to a halt
upon arriving at a red light, but Genevieve didn’t stop and rammed right into the car.&#lt;/p&#gt;

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