Novel Name : My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Chapter 455

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&#lt;p&#gt; Reflex Action A few seconds later, Armand extinguished his cigarette on the trash can
beside him. He had just entered the room with her when Genevieve grabbed hold of his necktie and
yanked on it, forcing him to lean forward. She then followed up with an aggressive kiss on the lips.
Armand felt his heart flutter when he caught a whiff of her faint fragrance, but he was still able to
maintain his composure. When Genevieve pressed her body against his and bit down on his lip,
however, he lost control and pinned her against the wall. Their passionate breaths were the only
sounds that filled the dark room as they continued making out aggressively. Genevieve gave him
another bite on the lip when she was starting to suffocate, prompting him to stop his barrage of kisses.
With her hands still wrapped around his neck, Genevieve then took her sweet time catching her breath.
&#lt;p&#gt;The room was so dark that she couldn’t even get a clear view of his face. As her breathing returned to
normal, Genevieve sniffed at his neck and asked, “Why aren’t you wearing the perfume I bought you?”
“You gave that to me as a tip, didn’t you?” Armand asked. “So, you sold it?” Genevieve asked in
disbelief. “It’s mine, so I can do whatever I like with it.” Angered by his response, Genevieve shoved
him off to put some distance between them. “Fine! I see how it is!” She opened the door and was about
to leave when Armand grabbed her by the wrist. “What do you want?” “That’s my line.” Armand stared
at her calmly. “Why did you pull me in here and force yourself on me like that? What are you playing
at?” “You say that as if you didn’t return the kiss.” “It was just a reflex action.” To hell with your f*cking
reflex action! Genevieve rummaged through her handbag, only to realize she didn’t have any cash on
her. After fumbling around for a bit, she handed him an ugly, tiny doll that she had removed from her
car keys. “I don’t have any cash on me, so you can either accept this as a tip or kiss me in return.” “I’m
not interested in kissing you, so I’ll take the doll,” Armand replied with a snicker as he took the doll from
her. “I’ll have you know that this doll is a limited-edition accessory! It’s the only one in the world, so
don’t you f*cking sell it!” Genevieve warned him with a frown as she stormed out of the private room.
Her kids had made her that doll, so she had been carrying it around like an amulet all this while.

&#lt;p&#gt;No wonder women make up the most of scam victims in the world… Armand thought as he stared at
the doll in his hand. Johanna had a chat with Bruce’s manager during the day and got the contract
signed by the time she met up with Bruce later that evening. News about Bruce joining Genevieve Orsi
Productions soon caused an uproar on the internet, but Genevieve wasn’t in the mood to worry about
that. She called Rosa and asked her to help check Armand’s room. Although Rosa was a little
confused by her request, she did as told since the two of them used to be married. After returning to
Swallow Garden with the excuse of collecting something, Rosa snuck into Armand’s room and sent
pictures of it to Genevieve.
&#lt;p&#gt;She then replaced the old pillow on the bed with a new one before leaving the bedroom. To her
surprise, she bumped right into Armand the moment she stepped out the door. Rosa was so shocked
that she dropped the bag in her hand. “M-Mr. Faulkner…” Rosa was preparing dinner when Genevieve
came home from work. “Well? Did you manage to get it?” she asked. Rosa nodded. “I helped you put it
in the bedroom.” I told Mr. Faulkner everything when he caught me stealing from his bedroom today,
but he didn’t ask me anything further. Instead, he just left the house after getting a change of clothes…
What on earth is he playing at? Rosa thought as she watched Genevieve go up the stairs.
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