Novel Name : My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Chapter 459

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&#lt;p&#gt; I Will Not Molest You “Iced coffee, please,” Armand answered pleasantly. “Thank you.”
“No worries.” The stewardess thought that he was even more handsome in the flesh than on the news.
He does not look thirty-seven at all! Soon, she returned with a glass of iced coffee. Her hand shook as
she bent over to serve Armand, resulting in most of the coffee spilling onto his white shirt. “I’m terribly
sorry, Sir!” the stewardess cried apologetically as she squatted before him with serviettes in her hand to
wipe the coffee stain off his shirt. Armand took the paper towels from her hand. “No problem. I got this.”
“This was my mistake,” the stewardess said ruefully as she bit her lower lip. “Why don’t you give me
your address? I’ll buy you a new shirt and mail it over to you.” Although Genevieve had earphones on
to watch her drama, the volume was very low. Her eyes darted constantly to her left, where she
witnessed the entire exchange from the moment the stewardess accidentally spilled coffee on him to
the moment she asked for his address. Her eyes flashing dangerously, she yanked off her earphones.
“That shirt is custom made and unavailable for sale anywhere,” Genevieve piped up. “Even if you could
place an order, it would cost almost as much as your monthly salary.”
&#lt;p&#gt;The stewardess turned to glance at the speaker and found that her sunglasses were placed firmly atop
her head to reveal a beautiful but cold face. She recognized at a glance that Genevieve was the CEO
of Genevieve Orsi Productions and Armand’s ex-wife. The stewardess shot another glance at the silent
man and suddenly felt her cheeks burn. After muttering another apology, she turned to leave the cabin.
Armand threw the dirty serviettes onto the table. “Do you enjoy sticking your nose in other people’s
business, Ms. Rachford?” “Did I?” Genevieve said innocently with a frown. “Stewardesses don’t make
much in a month. I only spoke up in her defense, lest you make things difficult for her.” “Then should I
thank you for that?” Armand asked, half-jokingly. Genevieve smiled. “You’re welcome.” Armand was
rendered speechless by her audacity. At half-past eleven, the plane landed in Lightspring. Dragging her
small carry-on behind her, Genevieve descended the plane with Armand and walked out through the
passageway. “Are you here for the pitch meeting, Mr. Faulkner?” she asked again. “Is it any of your
business?” “We’ll be staying at the same hotel if you are.”&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Genevieve walked toward the taxis upon exiting the airport. “Come on. It’s the same price if you ride
alone anyway.” She leaned over to examine his expression when he ignored her. “What is it? Are you
afraid that I’ll molest you in the car?” Armand acted as though he did not hear her. He opened the trunk
of one of the taxis and placed his suitcase in. “Thank you.” Genevieve handed him her luggage before
getting into the backseat of the taxi. Armand fell silent for several seconds before hoisting her suitcase
in. After he got into the taxi and shut the door, Genevieve handed the hotel address to the driver.
Armand received an engrossing work call not long after they entered, and he was still on the line when
the vehicle pulled up at the hotel entrance.
&#lt;p&#gt;As food and accommodations had been paid for by the organizer, investors and producers from all over
the country stayed in the same hotel, which had set aside just enough rooms. As he was still on the
phone, Genevieve asked for his ID card and went to the reception to ask for two adjacent rooms. After
registering themselves, she gave one keycard to Armand. Armand did not see a keycard in her hand
when he took his. He gazed at her with a frown. Genevieve dragged her luggage into the elevator with
him and arrived on the same floor. She waited for him to arrive at his door before she strode over.
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