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Chapter 460

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&#lt;p&#gt; Thanks But No Thanks She walked past him and arrived at the room next to his.
Genevieve produced a card from her purse and waved it at the sensor before gazing at him as she
pushed open the door. “What, do you think I asked for one room?” she asked slyly. “I wouldn’t want to
even if you want!” Stunned for several seconds, Armand gazed at the closed door next to his before
bursting into laughter. But he quickly regained his composure shortly after. Armand took a bath upon
entering his room. When he was drying his hair, the doorbell rang. Armand pulled open the door to find
Genevieve standing outside in casual attire of a green, short-sleeved top with jeans. Her twinkling, dark
eyes accentuated the beauty of her petite face. The corners of her eyes were arched slightly, giving her
an austere appearance. She stood before him, looking as she did four years ago. Armand’s gaze swept
impassively over her.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Yes?” he asked shortly. Genevieve admired his collarbones through the buttons of his shirt and his
shapely wrists openly before answering, “The press conference is tomorrow. Wanna tour the city?” “No,
thanks. You go ahead.” “Oh, come on. What’s the point of me going alone?” Genevieve stepped
forward to prevent him from shutting the door. “I still feel bad for crashing your car and want to take the
opportunity today to treat you to lunch as an apology.” “That won’t be necessary. You can send the
amount for the repairs to my secretary.” “I will pay for the repairs and for your meal,” Genevieve said
firmly. “Why do you reject all of my offers, Mr. Faulkner? Are you afraid of me?” “Why would I be afraid
of you?” Armand lowered his gaze to meet hers. “You are no match for me when it comes to height.”
“Let’s go, then. I’ll take you out today, all right?” Genevieve held the door, her watery eyes sparkling.
“Don’t worry. I won’t force my lips upon yours again.” Armand was rendered speechless. As if worn
down by Genevieve’s unrelenting interference, he dried his hair half-heartedly before tossing the towel
onto the back of the chair. After a quick change, he followed her out. Genevieve had already obtained a
travel itinerary of Lightspring through an app upon exiting the hotel.
&#lt;p&#gt;Coincidentally, a subway station was located two minutes away from the right of the hotel. She brought
Armand to ride the subway and planned to spend their day in adherence to the itinerary. Their first stop&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;was a famous barbecue restaurant for lunch which required the customers to grill their meat, a task
Genevieve completed with great ardor while consuming two plates of beef by herself. As a result of her
neglecting the flame’s intensity, the beef slices often turned out overcooked. Armand’s brow twitched
irritably. At last, he set his fork down and snatched the tongs from her hands. Scowling, he placed the
meat on the grill and took charge of it. With her hands free from the cooking utensils, Genevieve began
eating. She watched the meat on the grill and held her plate out when it looked almost done. After
adding some side ingredients, she wrapped the beef in lettuce and ate it whole. “This is delicious,”
Genevieve exclaimed, her eyes widening in wonder from the first bite. She summoned the waiter and
ordered two more plates of said beef. Then she wrapped another grilled slice of beef in lettuce and held
it out to him. Armand leaned backward instinctively. “You eat it.” “You have been working the grill this
entire time. I don’t feel good being the only one eating.” Genevieve smiled sweetly. “Have a taste. Don’t
make me look like the lazy one.” Not for the first time that day, Armand was dumbstruck by her refrains.
“Don’t worry. There are no surveillance cameras around. Are you afraid of being seen?”
&#lt;p&#gt;Genevieve pressed the lettuce against the side of his lips, her voice carrying a hint of threat this time.
“Open up.” After several more seconds of dumbstruck silence, Armand opened his mouth and ate the
lettuce in her hand. Genevieve continued to savor the meat grilled to perfection by the man. Whenever
she could, she would wrap more little lettuce bundles and feed the both of them. It was in this manner
that they dined until half-past one in the afternoon. Then, they continued with the next item on the
&#lt;p&#gt;They went to the zoo from the famous lake of swans, then to the clock tower. As dusk fell, they strolled
across to the old street behind the clock tower. When night descended, the crowd walking on the old
street increased to such an extent that they seemed to knock into the shoulders of the other patrons
with every step they took. On both sides of the old street were antique toys, jewelry, and snacks for
sale. Some employees were shouting at the entrance of their stores. The scene reminded Genevieve&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;of how she and Armand had visited the night market in Springwyn many years ago. It was crowded like
this, too.
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