Novel Name : My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Chapter 466

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&#lt;p&#gt; Remarry You Genevieve’s face paled before the housekeeper could even finish speaking.
She got off the washbasin in a hurry, but a twinge of weakness shot through her legs. Armand caught
her in time. When Genevieve got herself together, she pushed his arm aside and left the bathroom.
“Don’t panic, all right?” she said over the phone. “I want you to contact Ulysses. I’ll head back right
now.” Genevieve quickly took out some clothes from her luggage while she was still on the phone.
When Armand got out, Genevieve went over to him. “May I use your private jet?” she asked. “Could
you get in touch with the Aviation Authority and tell them I need to fly to Dartan? I need to go back
&#lt;p&#gt;Armand wanted to turn down her request, but when he saw how worried she was and that her voice
was shaking, he paused for a bit before picking up his phone from the bedside to call Steven. Steven
was very efficient. Within twenty minutes, the route was cleared, and the private jet was on the way to
Lightspring. Genevieve did not have time to explain everything to Armand. She got the documents she
needed and left for the airport. Armand remained all alone in the room for a long time even after she
left. The messy bed-sheet and the clothes on the floor were all evidence of their night together.
However, in less than eight hours, Genevieve had once again departed from his life. Why? Why does
she still have so much power over me even after all these years? Why do I always lose control around
her? Meanwhile, Johanna was still in bed when she received a call from Genevieve saying she was on
her way back to Dartan. She shot up from the bed the moment she found out the reason for her return.
“Hey,” she said assuringly, “Dartan is Jack’s territory. The kids will be all right. Don’t worry about things
at the company. I will tell Mr. Dixon… Did you tell Armand about it?”
&#lt;p&#gt;“I didn’t.” Since that was what Genevieve had decided to do, Johanna did not probe any further. After
the call ended, Johanna suddenly realized that she was not sleeping in her own condominium but in
the place she used to stay with Timothy. Just as she was caught in confusion, Timothy walked in. It was
then that Johanna recalled that he had come looking for her yesterday, and the two had a fight until he
forcibly took her back to his place. She glared at him and went to take her clothes. Timothy followed&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;her closely. He took out her tight-fitting bra from the drawer and put it on for her. “Come on, Jojo. My
darling—” “Shut up. We’re not married anymore!” Johanna shouted, snatching the bra away from him.
“I know it’s my fault, but I swear Denise and I really ran into each other coincidentally at the mall. I
really had no intention of meeting her,” he confessed. Johanna turned away, wearing her bra. “You
don’t have to tell me that. I am not interested to know.” D*mn it! The hooks on her bra were not clipping
together. Timothy pushed her fingers away and hooked them for her effortlessly. “Come on, Darling. I’m
sorry. Please forgive me.
&#lt;p&#gt;I helped her a few times only because she’s my late friend’s sister,” he said, hugging her from behind.
“Her sister, Dakota Wallowitz, was my first love. We went to the same high school together.” Timothy
had never told Johanna this before because he never saw the need to. Like all the other young men,
he had his crushes when he was younger. Dakota was pretty and talented, and Timothy fell for her, but
he was not the only one who had feelings for her. In fact, almost all the boys at school liked her. That
day, he bumped into Dakota after school. When he found out that she was going to the mall to buy
something, he offered her a ride in his car, but they were met with a mishap when someone kidnapped
them. Timothy told Johanna the story, resting his head on her shoulder. “My family already owned the
largest pharmaceutical group at that time. They were trying to get back at my dad, so they tried to kill
us after getting the money.
&#lt;p&#gt;The whole car was drenched with oil, and the fire spread in no time. Dakota was the one who pushed
me out at that critical moment. Before she sacrificed herself, she asked me to take care of her family,
and that is what I did. Over the past ten years and more, I’ve always made sure they have everything
they need. “When I knew that her sister was studying in Jadeborough, I asked the driver to attend to all
her needs. I didn’t have any interaction with her until she came to the hospital that day. She asked me
to help one of her classmates, and it was not like I could say no. “Trust me, Darling. Nothing happened
between us. I mean, if I really did anything with anyone else, I wouldn’t even have the stamina left to do
anything with you when I came home.” Timothy glanced at Johanna, rubbing his chin against the nape
of her neck. Johanna elbowed his waist.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“Ouch!” Timothy feigned pain and stole a kiss from Johanna. “I was too impulsive that day. I shouldn’t
have asked for a divorce. I regretted the moment we arrived at the City Hall.” Back then, he did not
want to back down because of his ego, so he ended up going through with the divorce. “I promise you I
won’t fight with you ever again. I’ll go on my knees for as long as you want,” he said pitifully. “Please,
Darling. I want to remarry you.”
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