Novel Name : My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Chapter 475

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&#lt;p&#gt; Ride On His Coattails After spending three days in the condominium with Timothy,
Johanna could no longer bear the sight of him. She wanted to return to work at the production
company. Timothy disapproved of her decision, but he had to relent as she was stubborn. Thus,
Timothy drove Johanna to the production company. He didn’t forget to attach a keychain declaring that
she was a pregnant lady to her Hermès Mini Constance in Bleu Brume. He reminded her, “Darling,
remember to make sure the restroom is dry before heading in…” Suddenly, he started nagging her
nonstop. Johanna grew increasingly frustrated and slammed the door shut before striding into the
&#lt;p&#gt;“Hey, Darling!” Timothy yelled through the window. “What do you want for lunch?” “I’ll buy lunch myself
if I get hungry!” After Johanna arrived at the production company, the employees who spotted the
keychain immediately congratulated her. “Ms. Joule, are you pregnant? Congratulations!” “Thanks.”
Johanna forced a smile. Inside her office, she was about to remove the keychain when Timothy’s
WhatsApp message arrived. He just refused to leave her alone. Timothy: Darling, don’t remove the
keychain. People will keep a distance from you if they know you’re pregnant. I’ll make cotton candy for
you tonight. Johanna sent him a knife emoji and replied angrily: If you’d been careful enough, I wouldn’t
have gotten pregnant! Johanna: Scram! Despite her fury, she didn’t remove the keychain from her bag.
Instead, she threw herself into work that she had neglected these few days. Around ten o’clock,
Genevieve came to work. She called Johanna through the internal line and asked to see her now.
When Johanna entered her office, Genevieve pointed at the bag of snacks on the table. “I bought these
for you.” “What are they?” Johanna opened the bag hastily. She was touched to see cranberries, chips,
and other snacks inside the bag. “Oh, Genev. You know me so well. That b*stard Timothy agreed to let
me finish one ice cream, but he forced me to stop after I got four spoonfuls.
&#lt;p&#gt;He would stare at me whenever I started eating…” she complained. She opened a bag of chips and
munched on them happily. “This must be the most delicious snack on earth!” Genevieve poured some
water for her. “You should stop after satisfying your craving,” she reminded. Johanna grunted in&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;acknowledgment as she was busy eating. Noticing that Genevieve looked out of sorts, Johanna asked
curiously, “Didn’t you say you were going to have a meal with Mr. Faulkner yesterday? Why do you look
upset? Did you two get into a fight?” “We didn’t fight, but he’s been avoiding me,” Genevieve revealed
with a sigh. After finding Johanna, she had wanted to ask Armand out to dinner that night. However, he
wasn’t around when she arrived at Central Group. It seemed that Armand had avoided her on purpose.
&#lt;p&#gt;Yesterday, she had asked Landon and found out they were discussing business at a club. Thus, she
had gone to the club and waited at the entrance, but Armand had ended up leaving through the back
door. Genevieve had been pretty furious after realizing that he had sneaked out. “How could he avoid
you? Doesn’t he know how much you’ve sacrificed for him?” Johanna pursed her lips. Fishing her
phone out, she sent Timothy a text. “I’ll ask Timothy to come up with an excuse to invite Armand to
Golden Restaurant. He won’t be able to escape this time. Huh?” Genevieve placed her cup down.
“What’s wrong?” she asked. “Someone was spying on you when you were at Jan’s house. He even
took a video of you.” Johanna showed Genevieve her phone. The high-quality video was taken at a
specific angle that suggested they were in an intimate relationship. In the video, the netizens could see
how Jan had brought Genevieve to his mansion before sending her to the door. A netizen revealed that
Jan was married and had a teenage daughter.
&#lt;p&#gt;Genevieve was labeled a wh*re for entering his house boldly. There were even some gossip columns
reporting the matter. Soon, Genevieve ended up on the trending topics. Johanna munched on the
cranberries and muttered, “You’re not a celebrity. Why would someone follow you around? Did Sylvie
hire someone to do that?” Genevieve glanced at the trending topics and returned Johanna’s phone to
her. Narrowing her gaze, she responded, “That might be possible. But I don’t think she’s foolish enough
to resort to this trick to take me down.” “She’s not alone.” Johanna cupped her cheeks with her hands
and snorted. “She’s riding on your man’s coattails!”&#lt;/p&#gt;

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