Novel Name : My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Chapter 484

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&#lt;p&#gt; Anxious And Terrified Samantha guessed the lady in the photo was probably Armand’s
biological mother. Sighing, she picked up the cup of coffee and said, “Armand, Faulkner Group is the
Faulkner family’s most important asset. Your father poured a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into it back
then. I let it fall into Jack’s hands because I wasn’t capable enough. I hope you can get it back so that
its name will always remain as Faulkner Group.” I’ve always known that Armand is Cesar’s son.
However, I never told anyone about Armand’s identity because I resented him for marrying and
protecting Genevieve. A wave of regret washed over Samantha as that thought crossed her mind. If I’d
stopped trying to get revenge after the Sutton family was gone…
&#lt;p&#gt;If Cooper had gotten adopted by the Rachford family and helped them manage their company… He
might’ve had a happy marriage with Genevieve, and their child would be a young kid by now… Not
getting a response from Armand even after waiting for some time, Samantha felt a pang of bitterness in
her heart. Without saying anything else, she drank the entire cup of coffee, one sip at a time. Then, she
placed the coffee cup on the table and gazed at Cooper deeply, using the time she had left to look at
him a little longer. About five minutes later, she slumped over on the couch. Cooper had some people
from downstairs come to clear the room, then left with Armand. Once they were in the elevator, Cooper
took off his glasses and wiped the lens with a microfiber cloth.
&#lt;p&#gt;“The members of the Faulkner family are truly cold-blooded. They’re willing to do anything for the
family’s benefit. You’re the only one who has any shred of humanity.” Not wanting to marry someone he
did not love, Armand rebelled and established his own business empire, attempting to distance himself
from the Faulkner family. Armand stared at the photo in his hands without saying anything. When the
elevator arrived on the first floor, Cooper slipped his glasses back on and strode out. Suddenly, his
phone in his pocket started vibrating. He glanced at the screen and answered the call. “What’s the
matter, Mr. Wasco?” Jan had barely uttered a few words before Cooper’s expression turned grim.
“Enough with your excuses. Call your wife at one and send people out to search. If anything happens
to Genev, you and your wife are doomed!” Armand was standing right next to him and heard Cooper’s&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;response. Tilting his head toward Cooper, he asked, “What happened?” “Ms. Wasco just called and
said his wife has taken Genev away. Call Steven and tell him to check the surveillance cameras around
the city,” Cooper said anxiously as he hurried out of the condominium.
&#lt;p&#gt;Armand’s gaze darkened as he fished out his phone immediately and called Steven. By the time the
pair rushed from Xedells back to Jadeborough, night had already fallen. Brenda had played it smart.
After taking Genevieve from the mansion, she avoided getting caught on surveillance cameras and
only took routes that were not equipped with surveillance cameras. She even changed cars halfway
through. Hence, even though Steven had people comb through the surveillance footage of various
roads in the city, they failed to find any sign of Brenda. Jan was even more worried than Armand and
Cooper. After meeting with the two men and seeing the murderous look on Cooper’s face, he became
both anxious and terrified. “I’m so sorry. I never expected my wife would take Ms. Rachford away…”
After speaking to Steven on the phone, Armand turned back toward Jan and asked calmly, “What did
your daughter say when she called you?” “My wife told Shirley she was taking Ms. Rachford out for a
drive,” Jan replied. Meanwhile, Shirley stood next to Jan. She still did not seem to grasp what had
happened. Usually, she did not speak much. However, after hearing Jan’s response, she could not
refrain from saying, “Dad, Mom even kissed me before she left.
&#lt;p&#gt;She told me to remember to eat on time and not forget about her.” At that, Cooper’s and Armand’s
expressions shifted drastically, and Jan’s face immediately turned ashen. Armand squeezed his eyes
shut as he struggled to suppress the panic bubbling within him, then quickly dragged Jan outside.
“Think carefully. Where does your wife like to go to see the scenery in Jadeborough?” Although Jan
was so anxious that he could barely think straight, one place immediately came to mind. It was the
place where he had proposed to Brenda all those years ago.&#lt;/p&#gt;

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