Novel Name : My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Chapter 491

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&#lt;p&#gt; Am I Interrupting Genevieve turned her head to look at the man lying in the hospital bed
as her heart melted. She then curled her red lips and merrily said to Cooper, “I’m fine. If Mrs. Wasco
didn’t kidnap me and taken advantage of the situation, Mando wouldn’t have been hurt. Tell Mr. Wasco
to transfer the shares to Mando, and we won’t hold Mrs. Wasco accountable for this.” Armand frowned
and said, “Ms. Rachford, please don’t misunderstand the situation. I went there because I am related to
Cooper—I didn’t go there to rescue you.” When Cooper heard that, he turned speechless. “Yes, yes, I
know.” Genevieve was amused by the man’s obvious cover-up. “Thank you, Mando!” Armand remained
expressionless as he ignored her. As Jan’s company was collaborating with Landon, and Landon was
Central Group’s major shareholder, it was likely that Armand would meet trouble if he were to take
Resonance Corporation’s shares. After discussing with Cooper, they came to a conclusion to have
Cooper get Resonance Corporation’s shares. Once that matter was settled, Cooper left. In the
meantime, Genevieve remained at the hospital to take care of Armand. Afraid that Armand would be
bored, Genevieve insisted on reading finance news to him.
&#lt;p&#gt;She even fed him all his meals. Three days later, Timothy transferred Armand to the premium ward of
General Hospital. Since Armand exercised frequently, and it was not his first time getting a gunshot
wound, he could already get down from the bed a few days after transferring to General Hospital.
However, he still could not lift heavy objects with his left hand. Genevieve then forbade Armand from
even leaving the ward by stating that Timothy said he was still in poor health and needed more rest.
Moreover, she even took away Armand’s phone and let the vice president of the company handle all
the work matters. Then, she told Steven not to disturb him. Her actions made the executive members
of Central Group anxious, for they wondered if something had happened to the CEO again. Other than
helping Armand do physiotherapy, Genevieve even bought a set of chess. Whenever she was free, she
would play chess with Armand. After looking at the chessboard, Genevieve gleefully defeated one of
his knights. Armand’s eyes were fixed on the board, and he had no expressions on his face.
Meanwhile, Genevieve was resting her head in her hands as she smiled at Armand.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“Mando, let’s make another bet. If I win, I’ll move to Swallow Garden to take care of you once you’re
discharged from the hospital. How about that?” “If you lose, you have to leave the ward and don’t come
and find me in the hospital anymore,” Armand uttered. Genevieve frowned. “I won’t lose!” She had
been playing over thirty rounds of chess with Armand, and she had gone over the rounds in her mind
multiple times to avoid making mistakes. Moreover, every move Genevieve made had been cautious
for that round. Armand chuckled. “Is that so?” At the man’s confident demeanor, Genevieve felt her
heart lurch. When she lowered her head to look at the board, it was then she realized she had made a
mistake. Even though she had taken his knight, she had exposed her king. Right as the man was about
to make his move, Genevieve grabbed his wrist and dryly laughed.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Mando, think about this again. Don’t be in such a rush to make your move.” “Let go of me.” “We’ve
been playing so many rounds these few days. Why can’t you let me win once?” Genevieve fluttered her
lashes as tears welled up in her eyes. “Don’t you feel bad bullying a woman?” Armand was at a loss for
words at that. Right then, someone knocked on the door. Timothy, who was in a doctor’s coat, entered
with two food jars. When Timothy saw the two sitting by the windowsill, he shook his head and could
not help but roast, “You sure know how to enjoy your time by playing chess every day in the ward. You
even asked me to deliver food to you. I’m a doctor but I’m getting ordered around as if I’m your
servant.” Then, when he got closer to them, he realized Genevieve was half-standing and grabbing
Armand’s hand. Timothy paused. A beat later, he asked, “Am I interrupting?”
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