Novel Name : My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Chapter 494

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&#lt;p&#gt; Helping You Out Genevieve left the office sharp at four-thirty in the afternoon. She went
back to Regality Gardens to tell Rosa that the latter could have a few days off. Rosa followed
Genevieve to the walk-in closet and asked warily, “Ms. Rachford, if I’ve done something wrong, you
could always let me know…” Genevieve did not know whether to laugh or cry. “Rosa, I’m not firing you.
I’m just going to stay in Swallow Garden for a few days. That’s why you’re getting a few days off.” “I
&#lt;p&#gt;Rosa finally felt relief and hurriedly helped Genevieve pack up her clothes. At five o’clock, Genevieve
carried two boxes and arrived at Swallow Garden. She gave all the housekeepers holiday and told
them that they would be notified separately on when to come back for work. Even though they were
well aware that Genevieve and Armand were exes, they dared not leave without Armand’s consent,
seeing that he was the owner of Swallow Garden. A senior housekeeper called Steven and reported
the incident. Steven did not know what Genevieve was getting at. However, he thought about what
Genevieve said back in the study the other day and begrudgingly agreed. Genevieve carried her
suitcases to the second floor. She went into the bedroom and threw herself onto the bed.
&#lt;p&#gt;There was a faint sandalwood smell in his sheets, mixed with Armand’s scent. Genevieve found it
rather pleasing. Then, she put away her things and changed into a fresh set of clothes before driving to
Central Group. It was almost seven, and the sky was getting dark. However, there was no sign of
Armand. Hence, Genevieve texted Steven. Genevieve: Steven, are you guys done? Steven: No. Mr.
Faulkner has to attend a dinner later at eight. You might want to go back first. Genevieve: He’s still not
fully recovered yet. So, he cannot take alcohol. You’d better reschedule it. Steven knew that Armand’s
gunshot wound was still recovering. Hence, he immediately declined the dinner after seeing
Genevieve’s message. However, he felt something odd after he was done talking to the other party’s
secretary. Why have I only realized that Mr. Faulkner could not attend the dinner after talking to her?
Just when Steven was staring blankly into the air contemplating his actions, Armand, who was done
with work, came over to the secretarial department from his office. “Send me to Imperial Club.” Steven&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;immediately kept his phone and left with Armand. “Mr. Faulkner, Ms. Rachford has called and asked
me to decline the dinner that you have at eight as you’re still recovering from the gunshot wound.”
Armand peered at him and retorted, “Since you fancy hanging onto her every word, you might as well
be her secretary then.”
&#lt;p&#gt;Steven lowered his head and touched his nose before replying sheepishly, “It’s not that I’m listening to
her. It’s just that you’re not in the condition to attend these kinds of dinners.” It was imperative to drink
at such engagement, and Steven knew that one would be expected to drink a lot. Noticing that Armand
was coming out of the building, Genevieve, who had been leaning against the car as she waited,
sprung into action and jogged to his side. “You’re getting off work this late? You must be tired.” Then,
Genevieve took out a bunch of keys from her bag and handed them to Steven. “Steven, I’ve bought the
mansion just right beside Mando’s. You’re the expert in renovation. It’s yours now. You’d better go back
and pack up your things to move in. Oh, right. I’ve employed some housekeepers as well.” Steven was
stunned as he took over the keys and murmured, “Thanks?” “You’re welcome!” Genevieve flashed him
a smile. She ran back to the car and opened the door to the passenger seat. Then, she called out to
Armand, “Mando, hurry up. It’s already seven. We should head back for dinner.” Armand went silent for
some time. Then, he walked over to the car. Genevieve drove Armand to the supermarket for grocery
shopping. As she pushed the shopping cart and picked out the groceries, Genevieve told Armand
about how she had given all the housekeepers a holiday, and that she would be the one to take care of
his daily meals.
&#lt;p&#gt;Armand let out a snicker. “You’d better not waste the ingredients. Just order takeout.” “No, I’m not
wasting anything,” Genevieve said with a shrug as she smiled at him. “Because you’re the one who’s
going to cook.” “Didn’t you say you will take care of my meals?” “Yes.” Genevieve nodded and said
matter-of-factly, “You’re going to cook while I help you out. I’m going to do the dishes afterward too.
Isn’t this great?” Armand was rendered speechless. Her sense of logic had never failed to baffle him.
Suddenly, Genevieve left the shopping cart to Armand and ran toward a shelf to pick up a huge mango.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“This mango is larger than my face! Mando, look!” She lifted the mango up to the side of her face for
comparison and said, “I’m going to make you fruit salad later. What do you say?” Armand could not
help but grin a little at her amusing manner.
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