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Chapter 999

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&#lt;p&#gt; An Assasination
&#lt;p&#gt;As she was angry at Matthew, she rubbed her temples.
I’m afraid I’ll die young if I talk any longer. “On a more serious note…”
Eleanor exhaled deeply, releasing her frustration.
After a few deep breaths, she calmed down and asked, “Did Veronica really lose her memory? If she
really insists on taking the position of the head of the clan, I’m afraid her life will be in danger.”
She had always thought of Matthew and Veronica as her friends. This was because she knew that the
couple had no interest in becoming the heads of the clan and had no desire to do so.
For those who posed no threat, Eleanor had no reason to consider them as enemies.
“I’m afraid I don’t have an answer for you right now. However, I guarantee that Roni will never vie with
you for the position of the head of the clan under any circumstances. Also, if I die, I hope you will take
good care of her. Please take this as my request to you.”
At this point, it was impossible to predict what would occur next.
Since they arrived at the hidden clan, a series of events that Matthew couldn’t control had been
happening one after the other, and he couldn’t help but be concerned for Veronica’s safety.
“Don’t worry. I’ve mentioned before that I won’t harm both of you. You have my word.”
Eleanor put out a playful hand to play with a strand of hair hanging in front of her, but she was sincere.
“Thank you.”
The depths of Matthew’s eyes were bottomless and tinged with helplessness. “I owe you for all the help
you’ve given me. Please let me know if you, Princess Eleanor, require anything from the Kings. I’ll go to
any length for you.”
“Pfft. You’ll go to any length for me? But you refuse to marry me! Men and their lies!” She conveyed
disgust with her words.
After some thought, Eleanor appeared to have come up with something. “However, I do have
something that you could assist me with.”
“What is it?” Matthew questioned. &#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;She stood up and sat by the side of the bed to move closer to him and whispered in his ear, “I wish…”
Then, she secretly told Matthew about her request. After she finished, she patted his shoulder and
added, “If you can promise me, consider it as a way for you to repay all of my kindness to you.”
At this, he hesitated and his expression grew solemn. “Are you certain?”
“I, Eleanor, never do anything that I will regret.” She vowed.
Matthew paused for a moment, but he didn’t dare to promise. He responded, “We have one week until
the ascension ceremony for the head of the clan, so you should think it over carefully. Once you’re
certain, let me know.”
“Alright.” Eleanor stood up. “I should go.”
&#lt;p&#gt;She knew that if she stayed too long, her mother would reprimand her when she returned to the palace.
&#lt;p&#gt;At night, Matthew was lying in the ward. He was thinking about how to get into Hayley Elrod’s villa to
meet Veronica.
However, he dared not approach Veronica hastily due to his wound and the security system of the villa,
as he did not want to reveal her false amnesia.
He couldn’t get to sleep until late at night.
Right then, there was a noise at the window!
Matthew frowned and opened his eyes in the dark. He remained motionless as he awaited the person
to approach so that he could see their face.
Although the person jumped in quietly and tiptoed, he could clearly sense that they were getting closer.
Matthew immediately rose to his full height when the silhouette appeared in front of him. Then, he
wrapped his hand around the person’s neck, locked their throat with a deadly move, and asked, “Who
sent you?”
He knew that Master Crayson wouldn’t let him go without a fight and would undoubtedly send an
Sure enough, they actually showed up!&#lt;/p&#gt;

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Chapter 999
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