Novel Name : A Saint who was Adopted by the Grand Duke

A Saint who was Adopted by the Grand Duke - Chapter 2

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Chapter 2
The celebration was the temple’s annual event. During this period, many people were required to visit the temple, especially the four largest families.
It was a good opportunity for Diana, who could not go outside of the temple, to meet many outsiders.
‘Grand Duke DeHeen. That person will come too’
A person came into Diana’s mind, who was only cloudy as if he was in the fog. It’s the Grand Duke.
He was the patriarch of the Grand Duke of Tersia, one of the great families that supported the empire. His fighting ability was particularly good, and he was always in the vanguard during war. The war he led never lost, and he was notorious for not letting a single life left.
People called him a ‘war-and-slaughter killer’. In the story of a cruel rumor, a newborn infant who was about to be breastmilk by his mother was killed when he was taken away from her arms.
Furthermore, Grand Duke DeHeen was not on good terms with the temple. In the past, there was a time when he scared a priestess who delivered blessings to him and knocked her out.
In many ways, DeHeen was the best opponent to choose to kill her. She knows it’s full of loopholes, but she wanted to catch a straw.
“I’ll try it.”
Diana wanted to cut the damn cycle of her regression.
She couldn’t miss the opportunity of the acceleration of her regression. To do so, she decided to die in the hands of the monster, who was crazy about slaughter.
Diana walked out of the chapel with her drooping shoulders. The appearance of the temple was captured in the eyes of Diana, who was walking slowly in the corridor.
For Diana, who wandered along the streets of Goara, this was her hometown and home. It was such a precious space.
But now, she was so distressed to be in the temple. She felt nauseous for a moment, and everyone who were passing felt disgusted.
Her head was about to get dizzy again/
‘I must hurry up and go to my room.’
Diana’s wild face was pale because she was no longer white. Behind Diana, whose stomach looks like it would burst flame, someone who was silencing his footsteps came close to her.
Diana who couldn’t afford to care elsewhere, didn’t notice him.
The man standing behind her struck her shoulders. Surprised by the sudden contact, Diana froze on the spot. She didn’t scream, but her body stiffened by fright.
It was because of the memory of being abused. The touch of the hand made Diana’s heart beats. The more painful life was repeated, the worse it became.
“Why are you so surprised? It’s me, Khalid.”
And Khalid, was one of those who took part in the terrible abuse.
Diana’s eyes were filled by his brilliant hair, which seemed to have similar sunshine.
‘Khalid Dimaroye.’
He remained the same as Diana had always liked. The eyes, which seem to be a little slanted, were shaped like a half-moon, and looked attractive to anyone.
It was the 14-year-old Khalid before he was transformed by Ravienne.
Diana’s hand throbbed as she met him in the eye. At the same time, she vividly remembered the memories of him, putting a sword in her without hesitation.
Diana backed away from Khalid who felt the rejection.
Khalid, who felt Diana’s condition was strange, tried to get closer. Diana felt uncomfortable and quickly stood her back up.
Diana thought she was fortunate to have a casual voice more than she expected.
“What happened? You don’t look good. You’re pale.”
“No? Exactly…. It’s the same as usual.”
Khalid, who was two years older than Diana, was a paladin apprentice. He was a child of well-known noble family, and many of his peers followed him because he was the best.
It was such a coincidence that such Khalid became acquainted with Diana. Khalid took care of the out-of-the-way dynasties among the candidates.
Diana liked that kind of Khalid. He was her first love that she kept in herself because she thought she could not dare to reach him.
But after becoming a paladin guarding Ravienne, he turned into a completely different person. He did whatever Ravienne told him to do. He didn’t hesitate even if it hurt Diana. He stabbed Diana and was on the sidelines.
In her repeated life, he never saved Diana.
Diana’s heart did not beat for Khalid anymore. He was nothing more or less to Diana.
“Diana? What are you thinking? Did the top candidates bother you again? Is that so?”
“Not really. Can I leave?”
“Huh? Well, yes.”
Khalid stammered, bewildered at Diana’s dry manner. Diana turned around as soon as Khalid gave his permission.
She didn’t want to face him for a moment, so she walked away quickly. But Khalid, who was trying to follow Diana, took a step and stopped. It was because he felt that Diana was avoiding him.
“Did I do something wrong?”
Khalid, who was confused, scratched his back. His eyes relentlessly pursued Diana’s back.
Ben Haber, a competent assistant, was next to DeHeen, who is called as war maniac. After becoming Grand Duke, DeHeen was famous for constantly changing his aides.
Most aides were not satisfied with the demanding DeHeen. It was Ben who which DeHeen chose to settle down.
He, who had never been around for more than three months, was able to see how competent Ben was by looking at his side for 10 years already.
For this reason, Ben was popular among nobles. There was even a line of people who wanted to be introduced to him as an excellent aide.
In fact, Ben’s ability to handle his work was remarkable. Even when he was in charge of difficult tasks, he handled them well.
Unless DeHeen is stubborn as he is now.
“Are you really going to go with that outfit?”
“Yes. It’s strange that you must wear a white uniform to go to the temple. I’m the most formal I could see.”
DeHeen, who said that, was dressed in formal armor as he was in the war. Ben, who couldn’t say no, stroked the tip of his chin in perplexity.
DeHeen’s attire was not appropriate for temple events where most of them were dressed in white. Although he knew about that, DeHeen wore armor because he antagonized the temple.
DeHeen had a very bad relationship with the temple. It was a gossip that was never missed in social party.
That’s why Ben was worried that DeHeen’s relationship with the temple would be irreversibly wrong if he wore something like this.
“Your Grace, if you’re like that, I’ll pack my clothes…. No.”
Ben tried to suggest taking his clothes separately, but he quickly swallowed the horse when he saw DeHeen’s cold gaze to him.
DeHeen was born to rule people. His physique, which was clearly bigger than the average person, was in high spirits, and his unique youthful eyes overwhelmed his surroundings even if he remained still.
No matter how much he encountered him, Ben’s lips were always burning whenever he had eye contact with DeHeen for ten years.
“Okay, then let’s go.”
“What about the kids?”
“They’re waiting on the first floor.”
DeHeen’s eyes glistened for a moment and quickly buried under languid eyelids. They are very beautiful eyes when they shine properly, but only very few people saw them.
It was because a person felt overwhelmed and fearful before even making eye contact with him. Most of them were reluctant to make eye contact to avoid DeHeen’s gaze.
“Let’s go down.”
DeHeen lightly walked down the stairs in a neat and tidy manner.
When he arrived on the first floor, his twin sons, Dennis and Judy, who were playing on the sofa, jumped up and welcomed him.
“Daddy! Are you leaving now?”
DeHeen looked the twins casually. Even though they are twins, the atmosphere between the two was very different.
Even those who met them for the first time could easily distinguish between the two. Just looking at the outfit they’re wearing now, something like that.
Dennis’ undisturbed and neat clothes were flawless. The books and glasses in his hand created an intellectual atmosphere.
But Judy’s clothes are covered with dirt from where he came from. The shirt was buttoned up incorrectly and the hair was sticking out.
DeHeen, who saw the scene, sighed from his mouth.
“Judy…. Where else did you fight?”
Judy laughed innocently and raised his voice.
“I just had a race with Chen awhile ago. But I won.”
There was no sign of being ashamed of his messy clothes. Rather, he triumphantly stretched out his shoulders and showed off his pride.
“Good job.”
DeHeen tried to praise Judy for his victory, but he regained his composure, recalling that it was not the time.
“Don’t make a thing too big while I’m away,” a heavy voice came out between DeHeen’s lips.
DeHeen’s warning eyes were on Judy.
“Oh, then can I make a small thing?”
But Judy smiled regardless of DeHeen’s cold gaze.
“If you don’t make it, would you listen?”
“Of course. I listen to my father very well.”
DeHeen did not expect Judy to stay calm from the beginning. He knew he would make a triuble, so he said to smoke as little as possible.
“It’s a surprise while thinking of people who have to do your work.”
“That’s what people are supposed to do.”
“No, no. Those are the people I hired for me, not for you.”
As the conversation between the two seemed to grow violently, Dennis intervened.
“Daddy, don’t worry. I’ll take good care of Judy.”
His eyes were trustworthy. DeHeen was embarrassed, but he decided to trust Dennis’ straightforward answer.
“Yes. Dennis, please.”
‘It’s so different in many ways.’
DeHeen shook his heads as he looked at the two contrasting children. Soon after, DeHeen, who was about to leave the mansion after being seen off by twins, paused.
“I’ll buy you a present when I get back. Tell me what you need.”
DeHeen often had a lot of work and was often away from home. He used to replace the feeling of being unable to be with the children through material gifts.
“Please buy me the &#lt;Voice of God&#gt; written by the former Chief Crisper. There’s an updated version, and they’re selling it limited during this event.”
Dennis thought about it for a moment and said the book soon. DeHeen patted Dennis on the shoulder and nodded.
“I see. Judy, what about you?”
“I do.”
Judy twinkled his eyes as if he had been waiting. DeHeen frowned a little at Judy’s eyes, thinking that Judy’s eyes were shining too much.
“I want a sister.”
And DeHeen’s ominous foreboding was correct. The air in the living room froze as if he had promised Judy’s wild remarks.
End of Chapter 2
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