Novel Name : A Saint who was Adopted by the Grand Duke

A Saint who was Adopted by the Grand Duke - Chapter 4

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Chapter 4
Diana blinked her eyes as she held the hem of her skirt. Even if she doesn’t care, she can’t help but be hurt by their rant.
She had nothing more to listen and see. Thinking of ignoring it, Diana turned her head back to DeHeen.
‘……. No!’
However, DeHeen’s seat was empty. In a hurry, Diana looked for DeHeen and found him just leaving the back door. After instinctively realizing that this is an opportunity, Diana jumped up from her seat.
Sarah grabbed Diana’s arm as she tried to run away.
“You think I’m funny now? Where are you going when you’re talking to me?”
Suddenly, Diana groaned quietly, surprised by the pressure she felt in her arm. Then the new girl who was managing the other candidates returned.
Sarah quickly released her arm from holding Diana and asked her not to make a fuss.
“What’s wrong? What’s going on?”
“Well… Diana suddenly got up. I told her to sit down.”
At Sarah’s excuse, the priestess looked Diana with a terrifying expression.
“Diana, explain why it happened.”
Diana, who was in a hurry, looked around and feelt nervous.
“I’m going out to pick up a chair.”
“If it’s a chair, Sarah, I ordered you, right?”
“I was going to go, but Diana insisted she was going!”
“Hmm, Diana. Don’t be so loud and go fast.”
“Yes, miss.”
Sarah grunted behind the priestess as she sticked out her tongue to Diana. Diana walked out of the venue without showing her face.
Now, it didn’t matter if she could chase the Grand Duke, but DeHeen was not seen in the hallway.
After getting out of the temple, she walked along the main road and looked around. However, it is impossible to find him who disappeared from the crowd of people who gathered to celebrate the festival.
“It’s all wrong.”
Diana walked furiously, unable to hide her disappointment.
The moment she thought she had to go back like this, the entrance of the garden appeared in front of her when she took the wrong way. It was a garden with few people coming.
The garden was not managed by the temple, so she stepped into garden full of weeds. Diana’s eyes widened as she clutches a bunch of straws.
DeHeen was seen from far away. She doesn’t why he was here, but he was alone with only guards. There was no one else because this is a remote area.
It was an opportunity that Diana would never have again. Diana quickly grabbed the knife she had brought. Concealed in her fluffy sleeves, there was no apparent appearance at all.
She sweats and her palms were damp as she was nervous. She quickly wiped her hands on her clothes and made up her mind.
“Grand Duke!”
Diana, who had made her decision, called out loud. Fortunately, DeHeen stopped to see if he heard a voice.
Diana did not miss the chance and quickly tried to walk to DeHeen. But she couldn’t get close. DeHeen’s escorts completely intercepted between him and Diana.
Diana, who was small, was quickly overshadowed by them. Diana became nervous when she couldn’t see DeHeen on her sight.
She couldn’t miss an opportunity like this. As her heart became impatient, she forgot the scary things and cried out loud as if she was possessed by an evil.
“I have something to tell you! Wait, it only takes a minute.”
Diana’s earnestness must have been reached. DeHeen, who was taller than others, was seen by Diana through the escorts.
‘I’m scared.’
Diana swallowed. The moment his cold gaze turned to her; a sense of fear came unexpectedly.
She felt her heart pierced with cold eyes. It was a pressure that she has never felt before.
The two eyes, which made her walk backwards on their own, clearly stared at Diana and narrowed the distance. She felt chills from head to toe, so her hands were more tense.
DeHeen was approaching Diana as if he was looking for a prey. He intentionally pressured the girl who interrupted his break.
‘Ho, butter?’
t/n : idk why its butter lmao
However, Diana, who refused to budge, made DeHeen’s one eyebrow to slip upward. He immediately thought that she would run away, but it was fun to see her holding on to her shaking lips.
He wondered what made the little girl so desperate.
“Open the way.”
When DeHeen ordered, the guards set the way. DeHeen opened his eyes fiercely and stared through Diana. She seems like a tree branch, a young child who seems to fall right away.
Of course, he thought Diana couldn’t take it, but she wanted to test how hard she could endure.
‘I’m scared.’
In fact, Diana almost sat down and her legs trembled as soon as DeHeen’s eyes met her. It was a natural reaction from the body. Still, she abandoned it.
This is nothing compared to what she has been through. Diana forced her stiff feet to move as if they were rooted on the ground.
She had to get a little closer in order to hurt him.
“Looking at your clothes, you look like a saint candidate. What’s the matter with me?”
Diana flinched at DeHeen’s low voice. The voice clearly drew a line saying, stop coming. However, it was still far from the knife to reach.
“Can I get closer?”
Fortunately, DeHeen allowed Diana’s access. Not only DeHeen but also many people were looking at Diana.
In the tremor of walking on thin ice, Diana walked casually, Finally, it’s only two steps.
‘This is enough.’
She didn’t mean to hurt DeHeen too much. The goal was to make a small cut anywhere in the leg. It was enough to stimulate DeHeen.
If you dare to attack Grand Duke, it’s not strange to be killed on the spot. Diana took a breath and looked up at him.
She couldn’t find any caution from him. He couldn’t imagine what a little girl would do.
“So, what do you have to say?”
Diana bent her head down, opened her mouth as if she was talking and quickly swung her knife. From the beginning, she only aimed at his legs. She ran and stretched her arms out and seemed to touch his thighs.
But not a chance. Diana’s movement was too slow for DeHeen’s eyes. He had already noticed Diana’s strange behavior.
He left Diana alone because he is confident to stop her no matter what she did. DeHeen, who stole Diana’s knife, thought it was strange.
‘What is this little girl?’
He never felt like living in a child. No matter how much professional you are, you can’t hide how perfect you are.
So, he wasn’t wary, but how he dared to swing a knife to him. Perhaps she was fearless, but she was so amazing that he even laughed for nothing.
“How foolish.”
DeHeen was the perfect spitting image of Diana. Her worn out training suit and her cuffs that were likely dry stood out.
Diana was just standing blankly after her knife was taken. She knew her situation, but she didn’t even try to run away.
Such unnatural appearance aroused DeHeen’ curiosity.
“Your Grace! I will hand this child to the temple right now.”
“No, wait.”
When Ben, who was restless next to him, stepped in, DeHeen raised his hand firmly. The guards drew their swords and surrounded Diana while waiting for DeHeen’s orders.
Fierce pressure gripped Diana from all sides. DeHeen looked at the knife he had taken away from Diana. Then when the thought is over, he putted the knife against Diana’s neck.
The blade of the knife glittered in the sunlight in all directions.
“Did you only try to kill me with this?”
Diana looked at her blade and clenched her teeth. She thought she was wrong because she couldn’t hurt him, but it wasn’t over yet.
The sharp blade seemed to hurt her tender flesh at any moment/
She desperately hoped that the blade that DeHeen aimed at would be stuck in her heart. No matter who sees, Diana’s neck struggled in a dangerous situation.
“Who sent you?”
DeHeen’s voice, which came from his mouth, was as quiet as spring breeze.
‘So calm.’
Diana wondered at the sight. DeHeen, who she first encountered, seemed to be a completely a different person from what she had heard.
According to the rumors, he’s a fiery person and he doesn’t hold back anger. But right now, he had no small agitation in front of the girl who attacked him.
“If you don’t answer quickly, I’ll kill you.”
The knife stuck closer to Diana’s neck. Drops of red blood began to form on the tip of his knife. Diana closed her lips tightly, feeling a sore tingling pain. She was hoping for nothing.
DeHeen, who wanted an answer, thought that this could provoke her. DeHeen’s eyes changed when Diana said nothing.
The air around him changed when he solved the murder she had been hiding.
A breathtaking force has weighed on Diana and pressured her. The tip of Diana’s chin trembled. Her legs were also loosened and was about to be bent. Nevertheless, Diana left standing.
Diana stared at Diana.
‘It’s strange.’
It’s not the first time she overcome the pressure, but it’s already the second time. Just looking at the shaking, it wasn’t necessary to have skills. It’s clear that his pressure is working but she holds on to it. It wasn’t easy for a saint to do this.
‘Why are you doing this?’
Diana was not a professional assassin in DeHeen’s view. She doesn’t know how to use a knife without hiding her presence.
There must be a purpose when he saw the weapon is a knife.
“You, why did you approach…?”
While DeHeen was talking, Diana took the knife to her neck. Although the knife was small, it was well sharpened.
The blade quickly wounded Diana’s neck. The pain came in an instant, but Diana did not stop.
‘I can die.’
When she thought about it, Diana’s mouth, which had been stiff, softened. Diana herself noticed the small change she didn’t know, and her eyes twinkled.
“Is that it?”
At the same time, the knife moved away from Diana’s neck.
Diana hurriedly reached out and tried to hold DeHeen’s arm, but it was impossible.
“You didn’t come here to kill me from the beginning, so you came to die? Who sent you? Is it the temple?”
Surely, DeHeen and the temple are not on good terms. DeHeen was regarded as a thorn in the temple. It is good for them to have an advantage in negotiations if DeHeen makes an accident in the temple.
The temple was full of people who would make it easy to sacrifice a child for that.
‘Is it Christopher’s fault?’
DeHeen thought of the high Priest Christopher.
“No! It has nothing to do with the temple. The high-ranking people of the temple don’t give me, an orphan, important jobs.”
Diana explained desperately. If he thinks she has something to do with the temple, DeHeen won’t kill her. And as Diana expected.
“Even if that’s true, I won’t kill you. There are plenty of reasons why you’re dressed as a candidate for a saint.”
DeHeen looked at Diana’s training suit and made his eyes looked scary. DeHeen, who had nothing more to find out from Diana, ordered coldly.
“Ben, take her to the temple.”
At his words, Diana’s arm fell helplessly to the floor.+
End of Chapter 4
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