Novel Name : A Saint who was Adopted by the Grand Duke

A Saint who was Adopted by the Grand Duke - Chapter 7

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Chapter 7
About 30 minutes later, Diana, who was walking behind the new priest, was escorted to the vacant lot right in front of the side gate.
“The person waiting for you is behind the door 601.”
The priest pushed Diana’s back with a voice that had no emotion.
Diana’s body leaned forward with the power of his push.Diana’s body leaned forward with the power of his push.
After finishing his work, the priest turned away with a look of relief. Even though he deals with the candidates who belonged to the temple, he couldn’t be so cold-hearted.
Diana stared at the breeze and began to walk forward.
Until now, she has always been abandoned by the people of the temple. As she could not get out of her destiny, she was betrayed and betrayed again.
But not this time. Unlike in the past, this was the result of Diana’s own will.
“I wasn’t abandoned this time, I did it first.”
No matter how much everyone denies, the fact that she is the next saint does not change.
Live without a saint. Temple of Igad.
Turning against the temple, the sound of her feet became lighter. It felt like one of the shackles hanging from her ankle had been released.
Outside the side door, Ben was waiting for Diana. Ben, who saw Diana coming out, put a straight smile on his face.
“I was waiting, young lady.”
Ben bowed down in an impeccably polite manner.
“Yes. Good morning.”
Diana, who was startled, bowed deeper than Ben. Ben’s excessive kindness was only burdensome. But this time, Ben bowed even deeper than Diana. Diana was at loss for his action.
“Miss, you shouldn’t lower yourself like that anymore.”
“But it’s because I’m uncomfortable.”
“Can you remember one thing? You are now a member of the Tersia family. Your actions are the honor of your family.”
“It’s still early, but you’ll get used to it.”
Ben’s advice was soft, but it contained a clear message. Diana understood what he was trying to say.
If she was really adopted by the Grand Duke family, then, she must act accordingly. For the sake of DeHeen’s reputation, who brought her out from the temple. As she thought about it, Dyna’s body flinched and her eyelashes trembled.
‘I’m really adopted by the Grand Duke family.’
After being treated like a nuisance, her life was completely changed at this moment.
“Have you finished greeting your friends?”
Diana, who had been dazed for a moment, came to her senses at Ben’s gentle voice.
“Oh, I don’t have any friends.”
“………Is that so?”
Ben gave Diana a quick surprised look. Even though she said she had no friends, he was worried because there was no agitation.
‘What’s that attitude?’
It was not childlike at all. A child doesn’t take on that kind of attitude. In Ben’s eyes, Diana seemed like a child without any regrets not only towards friendship but also to the world. It was a vague impression that could be erased at any moment.
Even then, Ben was still wary of Diana.
Of course, he will treat her as a lady, but he will observe her behavior for some time. But he changed his mind. He thought at least a child shouldn’t look like that. He wanted to help her laugh properly.
“We’ll get to know each other a lot from now on.”
Diana only nodded slightly to Ben’s sweet words. Wanting a friend was an old story, and now, she has no desire in making friends.
After walking a little beside Ben, there was a fancy carriage prepared. Even among the carriage that Dyna had seen countless times, this carriage’s appearance was so gorgeous that it hurt her eyes.
“Your Grace is waiting inside.”
“Are we riding in the same carriage with Grand Duke?”
“That’s right.”
Diana’s face darkened a little at Ben’s response.
It takes quite a while to get to the Tersia Territory, but she felt suffocated when she thought about being with the Grand Dukes in a closed carriage throughout the journey.
But she couldn’t be foolish. Diana nodded calmly, saying she understands.
Soon, Ben opened the carriage door and saw DeHeen’s large silhouette sitting inside. Diana’s heart began to beat as if it was popping out. She pressed her trembling hand and stepped on the stairs of the carriage.
Then, DeHeen extended his hand to make it easier for Diana to climb in.
“Come on.”
It was a monotonous statement without any particular emphasis, but it was enough to relieve Diana’s anxiety. Diana grabbed DeHeen’s hand tightly like a rope. His cold hands were surprisingly very warm.
“Thank you for coming to pick me up.”
” I’m a man of my word.”
His expression was still cold when she saw it, but it was more reassuring. At least he is not a pretentious person. It was much better than someone who laughed in front but stabbed you in the back.
Diana climbed into the carriage and quickly went inside. It was wide enough for ten people to ride. She sat cautiously in the corner, leaving the vast space alone.
She crouched down, not taking any space. There was a clear difference from DeHeen, who seemed to sit widely in a relaxing manner.
‘You’re sitting far away.’
DeHeen inwardly wanted Diana to sit opposite of him. He even imagined that if he approached her in a friendly manner first, they could have a conversation.
But contrary to his wishes, Diana sat the farthest from him. He understood how uncomfortable she was, but it’s frustrating.
When DeHeen confirmed that Diana was sitting down, he pulled the string. It was a signal and the carriage began to move smoothly.
“Is that your only baggage?”
“Yeah. I don’t have anything.”
“There must be a lot to buy in the future.”
DeHeen muttered without much meaning. He didn’t bring anything, so he was going to buy everything she needed in the future. He wanted to give her things that she couldn’t have when she was in the temple.
“No. It’s fine.”
Diana quickly shook her hand. She turned down the offer, fearing that it might have sounded like a request.
For a moment she thought she wanted to take revenge on Ravienne, but Diana was exhausted. As long as dying was the purpose, material things meant nothing to Diana. DeHeen didn’t know that feeling, so he didn’t like Diana’s drawing lines.
It would be comfortable if she was the type to beg me to buy things like Judy. Diana really didn’t seem to want anything. Then there was no other choice.
”What should I buy first?’
DeHeen decided to make a list without asking Diana. As soon as he returned to the mansion, he thought that he should have the maid prepared for it.
Diana, who didn’t know what he was thinking, remained silent throughout the carriage. She doesn’t want to offend DeHeen’s feelings, so she cleared her mind and erased her presence.
DeHeen is not a talkative person, so he just looked out the window nonchalantly. There was an awkward atmosphere in the carriage.
DeHeen removed his hand from his chin. His eyes slowly shifted from the window to Diana. Looking down at her toes, Diana felt the gaze and turned her head. When she met DeHeen’s eyes, she froze in surprise.
For a moment, a short smile passed by DeHeen’s mouth. The lips slowly opened.
Diana’s eyes stopped near DeHeen’s chin.
“Do you like that name?”
Diana shook her head right away. There was nothing to worry about. When she was in the slum, the boss randomly named her to distinguish her from other children.
Besides, the memory of the terrible spire is added. There was no one who wanted to remember or feel attached to a name that had no meaning.
“Then, I want to give you a name to celebrate your new start.”
This time, Diana’s gaze was raised in surprise. Her pink eyes were bulging out, and DeHeen’s fierce green eyes were met. It was the first time since she got on a carriage that their eyes met properly. Diana felt her lips dry and moistened them. The word “new name” scared her, but it didn’t matter.
She didn’t like the name Diana, so she nodded, thinking that it was better.
“From now on, your name is Esther.”
“Esther… …?”
“Yes, it means a child shining like a star.”
This name was given by DeHeen with his wife, who is now dead. If a girl was born at any time, she would be named Esther. Even if it was an adoption, he wanted to give her the name because she was his first daughter.
‘It shines like a star……and I…?’
Diana tried to pronounce the new name quietly in her mouth. She was anxious if she could accept a name with such a precious meaning.
Her heart was throbbing as if she had done something bad. She could already hear people’s laughter at her.
“It really doesn’t suit me.”
Esther said while wiggling her hand. A child shining like a star. There was no other name that was so opposite to her, who had never been able to shine in her life.
“No, you’re going to shine more than anyone else now. You’re the only daughter of the Tersia family.”
Diana just smiled half-heartedly/awkwardly because she didn’t know what to say.
“I’ll let you have everything.”
And at the end of the words of DeHeen, her eyes turned red. She doesn’t want to believe in DeHeen yet, but she has never seen anyone like him.
He accepts her as she is, and even treats her well. He reached out his hand to be a family member, and now he’s trying to give her a name.
‘Can I take it……?’
In fact, neither the nobility status nor the material was useful for Diana, who wished to die.
She knew well that if she gave her heart to him, he would eventually betray her. The most untrustworthy person is a nobleman like DeHeen.
Still…… She was greedy.
A name for her, not just any random name. She wants to have a name with a pretty meaning once. After much consideration, Diana voiced her trembling voice.
“……Thank you, Grand Duke.”
End Of Chapter 7
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