Novel Name : A Saint who was Adopted by the Grand Duke

A Saint who was Adopted by the Grand Duke - Chapter 25

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“Delbert! Delbert, where are you?”
As soon as Dennis left the room, he hurried to find the butler, Delbert.
It made the servants aghast how the calm and collected Dennis was now bursting with excitement.
Delbert hastened his steps while holding a pile of books, only to bump into Dennis.
“Young master, have you found something interesting?”
Dennis grinned and nodded.
“Yes. I’d like to see the frame used in the last exhibition. Where did you place it?”
“Do you mean painter Lubeng’s exhibition?”
“That’s right.”
The Grand Duke of Tersia sponsored several art organizations. One of the many activities they proceeded with was hosting an exhibition for the artists.
The most recent exhibition was the landscape painting created by Lubeng.
Despite the unexpected question, Delbert eagerly searched through his memory for the answer.
“I placed it in the south warehouse. Is anything the matter?”
“I need a picture frame to place this in.”
Dennis boastfully spread out the paper, allowing the butler to take a closer.
It didn’t take long for Delbert’s curiosity to turn into consternation.
“Isn’t this young master? No, who drew this?”
Delbert’s mouth was agape. He couldn’t remove his eyes from the drawing.
“It’s Esther’s drawing. She drew it well, didn’t she?”
“My Lady??”
He didn’t seem to believe it.
This was a picture that could not have been performed by a child’s experience.
The delicate expressiveness and excellent descriptiveness embodied the drawing.
Not only that but also the rich atmosphere sensed in the painting was a work in itself.
“That is excellent. Naturally, it is hard to believe.”
“I was also stunned. Esther is the best.”
Dennis grinned as if he had finally been recognized.
At first, he was wary, but the more he knew of Esther, the more she was entertaining him.
“But are you alright? It is almost three o’clock.”
Delbert reminded Dennis of the time as he glanced at the wall clock.
Dennis was always to take a nap at this time. It was recorded in his schedule.
“Yes. I’m not going to sleep today.”
Delbert was startled by Dennis’s determined decision.
Dennis had the obsession to do whatever was set on his schedule. It was a tremendous difference, seeing how he wouldn’t follow his plans.
Dennis kept chatting with Delbert about Esther throughout their walk to the warehouse.
“The color of her eyes changed because she was so focused.”
“You must have seen it wrong.”
“No. It’s true. And well, she’s never learned drawing. Yet she’s so good.”
Dennis, who chattered nonstop, soon halted.
“I see it now.”
Delbert also stood and asked.
“What do you mean?”
“I think I know a bit more about the responsibilities of being an older brother.”
Dennis settled with that thought.
He kept wondering what having a younger sibling would be like, ever since Sebastian behaved that way when he became an older brother.
He also joined his brother’s request of having a sister as he wanted to know the answer.
Now, he knew.
‘Would Sebastian have felt this way?’
When he realized something she was good at, he felt very proud and wanted to brag to everyone around him.
“Delbert, you know. I think spending time with Esther would be a little better than reading my books.”
“Young Master…”
Dennis acted friendly to everyone, but he wasn’t interested in anyone. He was only paying interest when reading books.
Impressed, Delbert pulled out his handkerchief and wiped his tears. His handkerchief as it blew his nose completely soaked.
** ━━━━━━━⋅•⋅⊰∙∘☽༓☾∘∙⊱⋅•⋅ ━━━━━━━**
“How was your training?”
“It was horrible. There wasn’t one proper person to train against.”
Darwin’s face filled with irritation.
He loosened his tie roughly and threw it over the desk.
“Everyone thinks the war is over. What if there’s a rebellion?”
Due to his frowning brows, Darwin’s face seemed quite unnerving. The cold atmosphere added more to the sharp image.
Darwin buried himself on the sofa, exhausted. His long legs crossed over the desk.
“Give me your report.”
“Yes. You must be tired, so I will simplify briefly.”
Delbert spared his words as much as he could to keep Darwin’s temper.
The events that happened while Darwin was away were reported. However, he sighed and clasped his eyes shut, unsatisfied.
“What about Esther?”
“Ah, my lady has been seeing the doctor every day for two weeks. She seems much healthier now than two weeks ago.”
The butler purposely left out the children’s stories to keep the report simple, but now that he noticed, Esther’s stories seem to have been the most relevant.
Delbert wiped his cold sweat and explained Esther’s routine in detail.
While listening to the schedule, Darwin’s cold expression gradually eased.
“Lady Esther seems to be talented in drawing.”
Darwin’s half-closed eyelids flashed open.
He blinked languidly, curious about the topic.
“Yes, she drew a portrait of Master Dennis, which held astounding results.”
“Where can I see it?”
“It was placed in Master Dennis’s room.”
Darwin stood up swiftly and checked the wall clock.
It was ten o’clock at night now. It was too late for him to go check.
“Did she draw it that well?”
“You’ll see.”
Darwin’s curiosity gradually increased.
He didn’t assume Esther could draw. He couldn’t stop imagining the results due to his abundant curiosity.
“Dennis would be sleeping by now, correct?”
“Yes. He would be asleep already, considering he has a routine and it is already nighttime.”
“Will he wake up if I just go in and take a glance?”
Darwin shot Delbert a cold look, in an attempt to force him to agree immediately.
However, Delbert shook his head. His philosophy was that a child’s sleeping time must be thoroughly guaranteed.
“Please be patient until the morning.”
Darwin’s face, which had loosened for a brief moment, frowned in displeasure.
** ━━━━━━━⋅•⋅⊰∙∘☽༓☾∘∙⊱⋅•⋅ ━━━━━━━**
Esther sat on her bed and glanced through the room.
It had already been a month since she came here.
The clean and pleasant garments made her seem different from when she was at the temple. She enjoyed delicious food every day, which resulted in her gaining weight.
“I can’t believe I’m already used to this.”
Life here had been more than pleasant.
Everything was overflowing with goods. It seemed as if she were earning rewards for all things she couldn’t have.
But whenever she glanced back, she could perceive a vision of Rabienne following her.
‘Inseparable destiny.’
When the former saint passed away, it was clear that Rabienne would somehow find Esther.
Esther’s eyes turned grim.
She opened the last drawer of her desk. Inside was a fine object wrapped in cloth.
“You can’t forget.”
It was the knife that Esther had accompanied with her wherever she went.
She knew well that self-harm wouldn’t work. This was to remind her of her destiny.
Esther lifted her finger and swept down the knife. The sharp blade stung her finger, yet there was no feeling of pain.
Moreover, the red blood flowing through her fingers ceased to an end rather quickly.
Esther suddenly felt strange as the speed rate was exceedingly fast.
She sliced her arm again with the knife. She thought she would get hurt this time. However, it healed as fast as before.
A mirror in the dressing table came into Esther’s view. Esther’s eyes widened as she stared into her reflection.
The back of her hand was dimly shining.
That position and mark, though hazy, were certainly the manifestation that was engraved when the awakening of a saint appeared.
She rubbed her eyes quickly, and when she looked again, it was gone.
“What happened?”
The confused Esther blinked her eyes several times.
For generations, the mark from saint to saint never appeared until the current saint herself died.
And it was not yet the time for the saint to pass away.
The timing may be advanced, but if the saint had indeed died, Darwin, the Grand Duke, would have been called to the temple immediately.
That could only mean there were two saints in the Empire.
‘That can’t be.’
There has never been such a case in the history of the saints Esther had studied in the temple.
Esther, now a bit uncomfortable, stroked the back of her hand and exited her room into the hallway.
She thought she might have seen everything wrong, but she couldn’t let it go like this.
Dorothy also happened to be in the hallway.
Esther spotted her and ran rapidly.
“Where are you going, milady?”
“Do you know if I can get some hyacinth seeds?”
“hyacinth? Isn’t that the flower used in the temple?”
Hyacinth, as Dorothy said, was the flower used by the priests during lessons during the temple. Called the symbol of Goddess, it was considered sacred in itself.
It was a flower that didn’t grow in general, so Dorothy was curious about its use.
“That’s right. I’d like to plant a few… Can’t I?”
“I’m not sure. I don’t know if it’s not a common flower but… I’ll go ask the gardener.”
Dorothy replied and clutched her hand.
It was the first time Esther had requested anything since she arrived at the mansion. It wasn’t but a seed that she asked for.
‘You must miss the temple.’
It was an open secret among the servants after she was brought from the temple.
She seemed very mature, yet Dorothy believed she missed the temple deep inside her heart.
Dorothy decided to do anything to bring her lady hyacinth seeds.
“I’ll be back!”
“Yes. Please.”
Esther bit her nails as she stared at Dorothy’s back leaving in a hurry. It was a habit that occurred when she was nervous.
Before she recognized herself as a saint, Esther did not contain much mana. Hence, it used to take her longer than the other candidates during the hyacinth class to produce those flowers.
Yet, when she realized she had the power of the saint, the hyacinth bloomed very quickly.
It was something that would become clear when she tried planting hyacinths.
“I don’t think it’ll work.”
Although her eyes dimmed, she still believed it wouldn’t work.
** ━━━━━━━⋅•⋅⊰∙∘☽༓☾∘∙⊱⋅•⋅ ━━━━━━━**
During a warm afternoon.
Darwin returned to his residence after concluding his regular schedule.
Even during the moments of his short walk, there was always a document in his hand.
“The royal dinner, which was originally next Thursday, has been moved forward.”
Darwin, who was staring at the document, nodded without raising his head.
“The Count wishes to meet you… What would you like to do?”
“During tea-time, perhaps.”
“Yes. And about Lady Esther’s tutor.”
As soon as Esther’s name was mentioned, Darwin raised his face and stared at Ben.
“Did it go well?”
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