Novel Name : A Saint who was Adopted by the Grand Duke

A Saint who was Adopted by the Grand Duke - Chapter 37

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“He must really fancy you. I’ll side with your decision if you wish for it, but be careful.”
Dennis did not remove his eyes from BamBam as he cautioned Esther.
He watched the snake in case he would get attacked, and soon turned from him.
“But Esther, do you have any worries these days?”
“What? Not really.”
Esther opened her eyes wide at Dennis’s sudden question.
“That’s a relief, but if you have a hard time, please discuss it with me. I’m your brother.”
Esther didn’t quite understand what he meant, but she strangely felt like a part of her heart was tightening.
“I waited to tell you that. Goodnight.”
Dennis gave Esther a light hug and left. Then, the tears she had been holding back during all those warm moments she received eventually burst out.
‘Why are you all doing this to me?’
It seemed like everyone in the Great Duchy’s residence was determined to shake her today.
Esther gently wiped the tears from her cheeks and closed her eyes tightly. She crouched in the corner, lost in thought.
‘I don’t want to die.’
She continued thinking that.
The family she now had was warmer and more delightful than Esther expected. She thought it would be too unfair to die and leave them behind.
The reason Esther left the temple was to die, but after successfully leaving, she didn’t attempt to do so.
It was because she enjoyed being here so much. She couldn’t process losing her precious daily life just because of Rabienne.
“It’s all about Rabienne.”
Esther’s fingernails dug into her palms as Rabienne’s unforgettable face emerged into her mind.
Rabienne pushed her into hell and never once felt an ounce of guilt.
“Yes, I don’t have to die.”
Esther slowly opened her eyes. Her transparent jewel-like eyes gently shone.
Previously, her exhaustion just wanted her to end everything with her life. She thought there could be no other way.
But looking back, so much has changed now.
Rabienne, the daughter of a Grand duke, earned her status and made it so that there would be no enemies against her.
Esther’s death wishes turned. Her feelings of desiring to live and wishing to see tomorrow had never been so intense.
Esther unfolded her hands and looked down.
She slowly recalled her power, her identity, and the things she now owned between her hands.
“I want to be happy. I want to live and make more happy memories.”
The more Esther spoke, the more firm she became. Although still frightened, she was now attempting to take her first steps.
As if responding to her thoughts, the awareness on the back of her hand shone. It was the clearest light she’d ever seen before now.
‘As long as I hold out like this, I’ll get my revenge on Rabienne.’
As long as she was alive, the manifestation of the saint would not appear on another person. Rabienne could never become a saint.
“First off, I want to become a real family.”
Esther favored her family but hadn’t opened her heart to them. However, from this moment forward, she decided not to push them away, but to instead become a real Duke’s daughter.
It took one night to change many of Esther’s decisions.
** ━━━━━━━⋅•⋅⊰∙∘☽༓☾∘∙⊱⋅•⋅ ━━━━━━━**
The next day.
Esther spent time in the study room, waiting for James’s arrival.
When the hour clock reached one and James entered, he frowned as Dorothy opened the door.
“My lady! The tutor is here.”
While Esther stood up from her chair, James also entered the room.
“We’ll begin class right away.”
It had already been four weeks since Esther started her classes with James. After the first week, Esther admitted to the lectures without Dennis.
“Have you read the book?”
“Yes, I’ve read it all.”
At the end of the previous class, James recommended some books to read for today’s class.
Esther read the book thoroughly and prepared flawlessly.
“Then, would you name the second heirs for each of the four great families?”
The book he recommended was too thick for a child to read all in one week.
He believed she wouldn’t be able to answer, so he asked this to diminish her confidence.
“The Grand Duke of Tersia was Daniel, the Duke of Brions was Carter, the Duke of Visel was David, and finally, the Duke of Berane… Grayson, right?”
However, contrary to his expectations, Esther matched all four names flawlessly.
Due to her excellent memory, the book she had studied once had been perfectly memorized.
James’s expression brightened up.
The names of the second heirs to the four great families, not even the first, could only be memorized by reading the book.
Esther’s sincere attitude towards learning made James more and more motivated to teach her.
Throughout his lectures, Esther always pricked up her ears and focused on not missing a word he was saying.
“Then, you will take a simple test based on what I have been teaching for the past three weeks.”
One of James’s unique methods of studying was handing a periodic test every once in a while.
To keep the children from being nervous, they took the test at the end of the class to prepare for it.
As soon as Esther received the test paper, she quickly scribbled down the answers. They were seven subjective questions, yet she answered them almost instantaneously.
“Teacher, I’m done.”
James scored meticulously, but all seven answers were correct.
He gazed at the 100-point test paper.
It was still the first few classes, but James had discovered many of Esther’s various aspects.
She was much more calm and focused than the children he tutored of her age.
‘Last time, Lady Charlie…’
James’s head throbbed as he recalled the lady he had lectured only a while ago.
He accepted the job as a tutor because she was a gifted child, but he spent more time catching her to get to class than fulfilling his dedicated job.
James, who had been contemplating for a while, quickly came to his senses at the sound of Esther’s calling.
“You scored one-hundred points. You’d be an honor student if you went to the academy, regardless of your gender.”
Esther laughed gently, flustered by his praise.
James smiled as he watched Esther giggling shyly.
He was more than lucky to teach such a lovely and brilliant child. Her background of being the daughter of the Grand Duke was a fabulous bonus.
“Aside from that, I heard there will be am anniversary celebration for the young masters soon.”
“Yes, in two months.”
James’ face darkened at the words ‘two months’.
“…Have you ever danced?”
“Then we may be tight on schedule.”
It would be difficult for Esther, who was unaccustomed to dancing, to become proficient in two months, even if she prepared daily.
James jumped to his feet as if he were challenging time.
“Now is not the time. I will conduct a social dance class right away. We will have a special lesson from today onwards.”
James had to carry out Darwin’s words well. He broke into a cold sweat.
** ━━━━━━━⋅•⋅⊰∙∘☽༓☾∘∙⊱⋅•⋅ ━━━━━━━**
A few days later, the temple conference room.
High-ranking priests filled the seats on the occasion of the quarterly meeting.
In addition to the priests dressed in their clerical uniforms, a few nobles with connections to the temple also attended.
“Now, let’s cease greetings and begin the meeting.”
Priest Kwan Christopher, the host of the meeting, lightly knocked on the table and gathered the attention of the crowd.
The buzzing stopped in an instant.
“The Duke of Brions will also participate in today’s meeting.”
“It has been a while.”
As soon as his introduction was over, a round of applause burst out. The face of the Duke of Brions was filled with composure as he nodded his head.
“First of all, let’s discuss the urgent matter regarding the health of the saint.”
Christopher continued in a serious voice.
“As you’ve all heard, her health has worsened recently. The high priests have been working together to treat her illness, however, it is not getting any better.”
The reason the temple continued holding such immense power was due to the saint.
The fact that the saint’s health weakened meant that the power of the temple weakened. Therefore, the health of the saint was very important.
“Priest Latis, would you tell me for yourself?”
“Yes, It’s quite unfortunate, however, I believe she has about a year at most.”
Priest Latis replied in a sad tone. He was in charge of the practical treatment for Saint Cespia.
“Oh, what are we supposed to do?”
“We must come up with a plan this instant. We’ll be in dire conflict if things remain this way.”
The voices of the remaining audience who did not know how serious the situation was until now grew louder. They were in fear of losing power.
“That is why this meeting is important. I suggest you each select and educate a child likely to become the next saint.”
Christopher replied calmly.
“Are there any among the current female candidates?”
“Yes, only a few of the best will be selected for practical training.”
Customarily, after the awakening of a saint appeared, it was common to test her ability and transfer her the title.
As this was very unusual, no one expressed their opinions and kept cautious.
Christopher continued to speak and set the atmosphere as he intended.
“You all know that the period of transition from the present saint to the next could be endless. And in the meantime, all the power of the temple would be lost to the royal family.”
Everyone became sensitive to the idea that they might be deprived of their fortune.
When someone finally began to agree, the meeting flowed into an atmosphere of silent acknowledgment.
“A few outstanding people… Do you have any candidates in mind?”
“I could only think of one. I don’t think your thoughts differ much from mine.”
Christopher’s words broke out in empty coughs.
And someplace, Rabienne’s name rose.
“Then, Lady Rabienne?”
“That’s right.”
“What about the others?”
“Well, if there is any other child who stands out, we will just search for them.”
After Rabienne’s name was mentioned, the atmosphere began to surge.
“I agree. Let’s be prepared in advance.”
“I don’t mind. If there’s not much time left for the current saint, we will find a way to protect the temple.”
Everyone agreed as if their hesitation so far was a lie. In an instant, their opinions were unified by a unanimous vote.
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