Novel Name : A Saint who was Adopted by the Grand Duke

A Saint who was Adopted by the Grand Duke - Chapter 51

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Noah, sharp-minded as he is, realized he wouldn’t stay here any longer and calmly stepped down while skillfully changing the subject.
“…Then I’ll prepare to move in. Thank you once again, Grand Duke.”
“Have a safe trip.”
Darwin stood up to see Noah off.
Many complicated emotions overwhelmed him as he turned to face Noah.
‘A bloodbath is blowing this way.’
If Noah’s disease healed and he aimed for the seat of the Emperor, the current political situation would completely reverse.
“It’ll be fun.”
Darwin’s lips curled. There was nothing bad about him in any perspective.
Speaking of which, Noah’s friendly way of addressing Esther’s name continued to bother him.
“Since they’re of the same age, it’s alright to be close.”
That’s right, but…
“He most likely doesn’t have any other type of feelings towards Esther, does he?”
He knew very well that Noah had never been involved in scandals other than with his ex-fiancee. However, he kept feeling agitated.
** ━━━━━━━⋅•⋅⊰∙∘☽༓☾∘∙⊱⋅•⋅ ━━━━━━━**
Just half a day later.
Esther slept well and regained all her energy. After finishing a simple meal, she left the hotel along with Victor.
“I’ve reserved a carriage for four o’clock. We still have about two hours to spare, so it would be perfect if we stop by a dressing boutique.”
“Dressing boutique? Ah… my clothes are torn.”
Before Esther could retort she didn’t need anything, her eyes headed towards her torn attire and she silently nodded.
She anticipated her family would be overtaken with uneasiness if she returned like this. It would be better to change into new clothing.
Victor led Esther to the dress shop he had inquired about while she was fast asleep.
“Here it is. Whenever I asked for the most famous dressing boutique, everyone pointed to this. The Imperial members also use this place.”
“It’s really fancy.”
Most people would only be able to come to witness the splendid interior and head back.
The path to the entrance was adorned with flowers and statues. The ground was covered with a red carpet leading to a bright yellow door at the very end.
Victor witnessed its appearance and replied in astonishment.
“Is it made of gold?”
“Yes, it must have been constructed using solid gold.”
The sunlight reflecting the door shone so brilliantly, it was almost blinding.
Esther frowned at the glaring light as she knocked on the entrance. Then, the door opened from inside.
“Welcome! This is Merzel.”
Like the luxurious dressing room, the staff was also dressed in attire as sophisticated as most noble ladies.
“It’s your first time here, isn’t it? Are you searching for any specific attire?”
“Hmm… I just wish for something similar to the dress I’m wearing right now.”
The maid quickly scanned Esther’s clothing. She then snickered after confirming from the rough fabric it was only a mere commoner’s outwear.
“What should I do? Our dressing room does not handle such material. Why don’t you leave here and head to the market?”
“Just lead me in. I’ll decide on my own.”
“…Please follow me.”
The staff member’s attitude subtly altered, perhaps convinced that Esther was an insignificant guest.
Although she did not openly ignore Esther, the way she presented her service before could no longer be found.
“Please take your time. Oh, please avoid touching the clothes if possible. They are quite expensive… I figured it’d be hard for you to compensate for them.”
“What kind of rude attitude are you presenting to my lady?”
She pretended to be worried, sneakily conveying her sarcastic tone. Victor furiously called the arrogant staff out as he stood beside Esther.
“Victor, that’s enough.”
However, Esther only passed the maid, not bothering to converse with her.
That is because there was a closet hanger just in the middle of the first floor. She thought she could pick anything from the following.
She had previously caught sight of the large hanger filled with attire in the very center of the first floor.
It was then.
Esther could make out the chattering from upstairs.
“Goodness. Look at her wretched clothes. It’s a pity. How did she even think of entering in such a state?”
“I know, right. She’s running wild without knowing her place. Tch.”
“She’s still a kid. What does she know? It’s all the parents’ fault. Just what form of education did she receive… it must be a deplorable family.”
Esther sighed as she slowly lifted her head to check their faces.
The aristocratic women were wearing hats adorned with white feathers, dressed up in the latest fashion clothing.
“Oh, my! Did she happen to overhear and now look our way?”
“I guess so. That gaze… I’m scared to death.”
After they made eye contact with Esther, they glared fiercely as if they were witnessing something irksome. Their eyes were displeased.
“My lady, I will walk up and order them to apologize.”
“That’s enough.”
Esther turned her head back towards the hanger as she held back the fuming Victor.
“Are you not angry?”
“I am, but I won’t see them again anyways.”
Esther hadn’t experienced this type of situation only once or twice. She didn’t wish to waste her emotions on those she didn’t even know.
Esther picked out a random piece of clothing hanging on the stand. She didn’t like any of them, however, it was satisfactory.
“I’ll take this.”
“You don’t wish to see more?”
“It’s all the same.”
“But my lady had come all the way here…”
Unlike Victor, who was a bit disappointed over the choice, Esther had already made up her mind.
However, she soon heard a voice coming from upstairs. It was a very gentle tone.
“Lady Beth, Lady Catherine.”
Esther’s head swung upward, enchanted by the captivating tone of voice that enthralled her at once.
“Everyone who enters this boutique are my guests. Wouldn’t it be such an honor if such a lovely lady could have a chance to wear my clothes?”
“Oh my… Madame Dolores! I heard you wouldn’t be able to arrive today. We were merely concerned about the dignity of this place.”
The ladies altogether presented a different manner to the Madame than they had been when facing Esther.
“I realize how much you care about this boutique. Nonetheless, please be aware of your manners.”
“We will. I apologize.”
“If you are in need of assistance, please call for me anytime.”
She didn’t kick Esther out but instead took her side.
‘There are still kind people like this.’
Esther glanced around as she pondered carefully. She was thinking of quickly leaving this place after paying for her purchase.
Dolores proceeded down the stairs. She smiled broadly as she walked towards Esther, whose eyes widened.
“Hello, I’m Dolores, this boutique’s manager.”
Esther gazed at the well-dressed Dolores.
“Did you feel uncomfortable? I apologize in their stead. Since there are many regular customers, when new people arrive, they tend to be quite vigilant.”
Esther didn’t detect any lies in her words as she whispered in her ear in an apologetic tone.
“It doesn’t really matter.”
“My lady has a very big heart.”
Dolores smiled sweetly and soon glanced at Victor.
‘Is she a fallen aristocrat?’
Although the little girl was dressed in ordinary clothing, it was interesting for her to bring an escort. Even after all this, the atmosphere remained bittersweet.
Dolores decided to speak with Esther a while longer.
“Does my lady like the dress?”
Esther retreated, feeling burdened by her kindness.
“They all seem alike to me.”
“Oh my! That isn’t acceptable in the least. If you give me a chance, I will pick out the best attire that would suit you as an apology.”
Without leaving any chance for Esther to process what was going, Dolores began to search through the hanger. She couldn’t dare stop her due to the excitement written all over her face.
“I think this would look great on you… Gah! This would look better. This is also nicer.”
In an instant, Dolores swiftly picked out ten dresses and placed them against Esther.
Esther was so disturbed by how much praise Dolores’s cheerful voice presented each time.
“Everything looks great on my lady, but this area has all the plain clothing… Hm, could you follow me upstairs for a second?”
“The staff said it would be enough for me to check the first floor.”
“Our staff?”
Dolores paused as she glanced at the staff who guided Esther in.
“It must be because she didn’t receive enough training. I will issue her re-education properly.”
Dolores instantly drove Esther upstairs.
Esther couldn’t help but follow her lead as her hand had been completely grasped.
“This is actually a dress I saved to send to the Imperial Palace… I’m sure it’ll go well with the young lady.”
The dress displayed was a luxurious green color that matched Esther’s skin tone.
The wave-shaped neckline and slightly puffed sleeves were especially deluxe.
“How is it?”
“Yes… Pretty.”
Even Esther, who wasn’t very interested in clothing, couldn’t take her eyes off the dress.
“Actually, as soon as I saw my lady earlier, this dress popped in my mind.”
Dolores proudly reviewed the garments. There were as many as eight dresses gathered.
“Ah, I introduced too many clothes without having known your budget. Please do not feel pressured.”
As the number of servants carrying in the clothes only increased, Dolores also came to her senses and turned awkward.
Just looking at Esther’s clothing, it already seemed too much to buy even the cheapest clothing here.
Esther made up her mind after observing the mountain of clothes.
She didn’t mean to buy this much, however, there were many diamonds in her hands that needed to be used.
She thought of when else would she have another opportunity to waste them, and determinedly stated.
“I want to buy all of these.”
“As expected, just one pair… Yes? All of this?”
As Dolores thought it would be too much to buy even one pair, surprise and embarrassment spread on her face.
“Yes. How much is all this?”
“The clothes in our dressing room are a bit expensive… are you sure you wish to purchase these?”
Victor turned around to hide his laughter, finding it hilarious that she was worried if the Grand Duke’s daughter would be able to afford the cost.
On the other hand, Esther’s complexion turned dark. She feared the number of diamonds she brought wouldn’t suffice.
“Is this not enough?”
Esther took out the pouch she kept hidden and opened it. It was filled with diamonds of various sizes.
Dolores’ eyes widened as she absent-mindedly gazed into the pouch.
“My… my lady! Where did you get all this? Do you happen to hold a warranty?”
“No, it’s mine, I don’t have a warranty.”
Esther, who didn’t realize whether she needed a warranty, spoke in confusion.
“This is my lady’s? Do you have a mine?”
One couldn’t own a mine without being excessively rich.
Dolores alternated between Esther’s clothes and the diamonds, pulling out a diamond to check if they were genuine.
‘This is definitely real.’
Although the exact value must be decided by the jeweler, this was a real diamond.
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