Novel Name : A Saint who was Adopted by the Grand Duke

A Saint who was Adopted by the Grand Duke - Chapter 56

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Chapter 56. A Saint who was Adopted by the Grand Duke
Rose lightly pressed Jenny’s hand as she apologized to Esther.
“I’m so sorry I invited you, only to show you something like this.”
“No, we’re fine, so don’t mind it. Rather, I’m worried about Jenny.”
Rose wiped away her tears as she witnessed Esther who appeared much mature than her age, although she was only a year older than Sebastian.
“Thank you for understanding. Ah, look at where my mind is. I’ll have to see if the meal is ready…”
Rose hurriedly lifted herself, unaware of the passing time till now due to her worries over Jenny.
“I will be right back. Could you stay with Jenny for a moment? If anything happens, the maids will be there to notify me.”
“Yes, madam.”
Rose staggered out of the room. The maids were also absent, so only Esther, Judy, and Sebastian were left in the room.
Judy and Sebastian were still standing in the middle of the room and chatting.
Esther briefly glanced over at them and then turned back to Jenny.
After she made sure they weren’t looking this way, Esther snuck her finger through the cradle and touched Jenny’s arm.
It was to measure her fever; her whole body felt like a ball of fire. Esther, startled by the scorching temperature, quickly removed her hand.
At that time, the crying Jenny abruptly moved her hand and grabbed Esther’s finger.
Esther gasped at Jenny’s small gesture. The small baby was looking at her with tears streaming down her eyes.
Esther didn’t know if the child knew about her mana or just chose to stare at her, yet she could no longer turn a blind eye.
‘Let’s do this. If I leave her, she’ll die.’
Fortunately, there was no one else in the room except for Judy and Sebastian, so Esther concluded she could heal the baby without being noticed.
Esther kept staring at Jenny and at the same time she muttered softly. This was because she wouldn’t take her eyes off her.
“It’s alright now.”
Then, as Esther reached out her right palm, she began to feel her consciousness on the back of her hand. She stroked Jenny’s cheek with that hand.
“Ang! Ae…”
Jenny’s crying, which wouldn’t stop no matter the method used, ceased at that very moment.
“Huh? Jenny?”
Sebastian attempted to run towards the cradle as soon as he noticed the sudden change in Jenny.
Judy, who had previously presumed Esther was performing a certain procedure, thus grabbed the back of Sebastian’s neck to prevent him from leaving.
“Where are you going! Let’s finish this conversation.”
“Wait. Jenny stopped crying.”
In the meantime, Esther slowly raised her hand from Jenny’s cheek to her forehead.
‘Save the innocent child.’
Following Esther’s prayer, a light penetrated from her palm.
“Wha, what was that?”
Sebastian, his eyes wide open, turned to gaze at Judy.
“The light from Esther’s hand…!”
“What are you talking about? You’re mistaken.”
Judy acted leisurely as he covered Sebastian’s mouth. He covered his eyes with the other hand.
“Oh, come on! Get out of the way!”
As this was regarding his sibling, Sebastian even worked to shake off Judy, the person he was most afraid of, and approached the cradle.
Esther’s prayer had already finished, and Jenny’s complexion had slowly turned back to normal.
Jenny’s expression was so calm and soothed, Sebastian couldn’t believe she had been crying incessantly just a while ago.
Sebastian gazed at Jenny absent-mindedly. The heat penetrating on her face was completely gone; her fever had gone down.
“…Did you do this?”
After Sebastian grabbed Esther’s arm, she slowly opened her eyes, which she had closed throughout her prayer.
Her eyes shone pale golden; from her massive energy which hadn’t yet disappeared.
Sebastian stopped breathing for a moment. Her eyes were so beautiful, he felt giddy.
However, when he rubbed his own eyes and looked again, Esther’s eyes were already back to their usual color.
“I didn’t do anything.”
“But she couldn’t have gotten better all of a sudden…”
“By the time I checked up on her, the fever had already gone down. Perhaps the medicine worked belatedly. I am glad her complexion is back to normal.”
“Yes, that’s right. That’s a relief.”
Judy clapped from behind.
Esther smiled, soon moving far from the cradle.
In the meantime, turmoil broke out.
This was because the servants outside entered the room the moment they realized Jenny’s crying had come to an end. They were surprised, seeing Jenny in better condition.
“The Lady is healed!!”
“Anyone is fine, so hurry up and send someone to call the Lady!”
After a while, Madame Rose rushed into the room at tremendous speed.
Madame Rose scrutinized every inch of Jenny’s body as she moved her head. It wasn’t long after that she placed her hand over her chest, making sure the baby’s fever had gone down.
“You’re right. She stopped crying… Her fever also went down…”
Esther fiddled with the back of her hand as she observed Madame Rose weep for her daughter.
‘I envy you.’
She envied Jenny, who had a family that worried so much for her during her illness.
However, this feeling didn’t last long, as Judy stuck his shoulder next to hers.
As she turned her head, Judy could be seen smiling. Esther also had a strong brother next to her.
“That’s great, isn’t it?”
Judy gently bent his eyes with a smirk on his face, as if he knew something.
“Yes, it’s great.”
Esther, suddenly overcome with nervousness, pretended to be oblivious and moved along with him.
After a while,
After Madame Rose calmed down, she smiled brightly and held Esther’s hand.
“Thank you.”
“Yes? I didn’t do anything.”
Esther flusteredly denied the fact.
“Jenny recovered her condition only when you stood by her side. Thank you very much for that.”
Esther’s heart turned complicated as she glanced at Rose, who seemed sincerely grateful.
The gratefulness she sensed reminded her of when she had been a Saint candidate.
“Now that Jenny is alright, shall we go for a meal?”
“It’s alright for us to leave for today.”
“Not possible. I’ve prepared a variety of delicious dishes for you. Eat, then leave.”
Esther nodded and glanced back at Jenny one last time before following Madame Rose.
“Let’s go.”
Judy urged Sebastian as he placed his arm around his shoulders, however, there was no response.
“Hey, why are you so out of it?”
“Huh? It’s nothing.”
Even though Judy went as far as to hit his forehead to come to his senses, Sebastian kept zoning out like a man who had been hypnotized.
The garden had been stocked with a variety of desserts.
If it had been before, Esther’s eyes would have been swept away by the different endless amounts of dishes, however, she was now accustomed to this, so she didn’t completely lose her reasoning.
“This is the first pudding I’ve ever seen.”
The thrilled Esther picked up the white pudding placed in the center of the table. It looked shiny.
However, the moment she scooped a bite with the spoon and attempted to bring it to her mouth, Esther felt a burdensome gaze coming from the front.
Esther stared at him, her mouth still open and ready.
‘Why are you doing that?’
Among the many seats, Sebastian stared at the pudding which reflected Esther, sitting diligently across from her.
Esther glanced around, realizing there was only one pudding left.
‘Do you want to eat this?’
Esther pondered whether she wanted the pudding or not, then soon offered it to Sebastian.
“Would you like it?”
“Oh, are you giving it to me?”
“No, I just don’t want you to keep staring… I mean, yes.”
“Thank you. I feel unworthy to eat it.”
Sebastian accepted Esther’s spoonful of pudding and filled his mouth, heavy with emotion.
Since then, Sebastian had continued to send sideway glances. He stared at Esther every time she placed something on her plate.
Even when they met gazes, he would turn his head away and pretend to be clueless, although his face would turn redder and redder, like a sweet potato.
After Jenny’s incident, the invitation at the Duke’s passed smoothly.
The meal was delicious, and Sebastian was more modest than Esther anticipated. He didn’t speak much.
After having a proper conversation, Esther thought they would get along well.
Madame Rose was also rather friendly to Esther, as per Jenny’s fortunate outcome. She concluded it was good she came today.
After the luxurious meal and a short tea time, Madame Rose wouldn’t let the two go so soon.
It was only after the sun had set that she could escape Madame Rose’s chatter.
After the meeting ended, Sebastian saw Judy and Esther off at the main gate.
“My mother talked a lot, didn’t she? I apologize. It is because she is in a good mood.”
“Well, thanks to hee, I’ve heard a lot about your dark history.”
Judy snickered as he muttered evilly.
“Anyhow, what do you think? My sibling is the best, isn’t she?”
“Yes, I’m sorry I didn’t notice.”
“This would have happened anyway.”
Judy’s ear caught when Sebastian admitted the fact readily. He shrugged his shoulders to the fullest.
“I had fun today.”
As Esther nodded, Sebastian’s mouth opened.
“Then, come again next time.”
“What? Yes.”
Esther thought that wouldn’t happen as she entered the carriage. Perhaps it was a light greeting.
Sebastian regrettably stretched his neck to catch a last glance of Esther.
“Hey, I’m coming too.”
Judy walked forward and smacked Sebastian harshly in the back of his head.
The moment he was working to enter the carriage,
“Wait a minute!!”
Sebastian called Judy up in an urgent voice.
“Give me your ear…”
Judy agreed to listen to Sebastian, even though he felt annoyed when he had been ordered to walk closer.
“What is it?”
“You know… does she have a boyfriend, your sister?”
“Are you crazy? What’s wrong with you!”
Judy pushed Sebastian, his voice filled with irritation. Then he placed his arm around Sebastian’s neck, violently refusing what he just said.
“Our Esther is still young.”
“That’s right. Hehe.”
Sebastian laughed delightfully, even though he was currently grasped by his neck.
“You’re so disgusting, really.”
Judy stared at Sebastian, who kept smiling no matter how harshly he was attacked, with a look of disgust.
“Judy, it’s your birthday next month.”
“So what.”
“Did you choose Esther’s partner? She doesn’t have many friends yet, so perhaps it’s difficult to find a suitable…”
When Sebastian kept asking about Esther, Judy raised his vigilance.
Judy’s eyes narrowed.
“Our Esther is cute, pretty, and irresistibly adorable.”
Sebastian agreed unknowingly and nodded his head.
“That’s why I’ll say this, don’t even dream of you being with my younger sister.”
“Who, who said what?”
Sebastian stuttered as his face turned red from the heat.
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