Novel Name : A Saint who was Adopted by the Grand Duke

A Saint who was Adopted by the Grand Duke - Chapter 57

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Chapter 57. A Saint who was Adopted by the Grand Duke
“I’m warning you. Don’t bother because she will be dancing with me.”
Judy growled as he released Sebastian from his grip. Sebastian was too lacking to be Esther’s partner. Of course, it wasn’t like anyone else was suitable.
“For your information, Esther hates blabber-mouths. A fat kid even more so.”
Judy’s eyes swept Sebastian from top to bottom. Then he turned around and entered the carriage.
Sebastian observed the rattling carriage as he stood alone, his expression blank.
Then, slowly, he glanced down, and all that covered his view was not the ground, but his bulging belly.
‘Am I too fat?’
Sebastian bent his chubby belly, which successfully folded three times, and soon burst into tears.
Inside the carriage which headed back to Tercia.
Esther looked out the window. It was always very mesmerizing for her to witness the outside world. She was caged throughout her many lives to enjoy such a view.
“This is delicious.”
Judy, who was occupied munching on the donuts he had packed for a snack, handed Esther a donut.
The sweet smell caused Esther to feel better. She glanced out of the window again, nibbling on the donut handed to her.
However, the road which she had passed by several times before now felt strange today.
‘That’s weird.’
What Esther thought was especially strange was the width of the Lampus River which ran along the main road.
“Was the river that narrow?”
Judy took a bite of his donut and moved closer to her.
“Oh? The river seems dry.”
The river had narrowed enough that a clear difference was obvious even in Judy’s eyes.
“I heard there had been quite a few droughts recently, maybe that’s why.”
The Lampus River, connected to the heart of Tercia, was one of the largest throughout the Empire.
If such a river was drying noticeably, the smaller areas might have already bottomed themselves out. (e/n: bottomed out: reach lowest water level point/dried out)
‘What is the temple doing?’
Originally, natural disasters such as droughts and rainy seasons were prevented to some extent, due to the prayers the Saint sent by the Goddess.
What the Saint committed to was to promote the stability of the Empire, and in recognition of her vast ability, she has successfully risen to the present position she is in.
It was no wonder there were such vast droughts, as the current Saint Cespia was not able to complete her job.
However, at times like this, new officials had to be dispatched from the Temple to protect the rivers. It didn’t make sense to let the water dry up like this.
“Please help me… my younger sibling is starving at home. I can’t farm because there isn’t enough water… Ugh.”
Although the carriage did not approach the river, Esther could hear the voice of the child, with his ribs showing, begging desperately.
It wasn’t only that child. Not just one or two people would be having difficulty making a living due to the drought.
Esther glanced down at her palms. She didn’t know if her prayers could end the drought.
However, it was not yet time to reveal her abilities. Esther was not ready to fight the temple yet.
Judy then asked in a thrilled tone from the side, as if he had read her mind.
“Esther, can you bring back the water?”
Esther turned her head in bewilderment, her eyes blinking rapidly.
“What do you mean?”
“Ah! Nothing, pretend you didn’t hear it.”
Judy hurriedly shut his mouth as if he had made a slip of the tongue.
Esther recalled the situation when she had healed Jenny.
Judy held onto Sebastian and dragged him away. In addition, what he commented a while ago was too strange to be a mere coincidence.
“You know something.”
Fortunately or unfortunately, Judy was terrible at lying.
“N, no.”
Esther crossed her arms and pretended to be sulky, causing Judy to finally give in and confess in a mumbling tone.
“Aish, Dennis told me to pretend to not know anything yet.”
Judy ruffled his hair in embarrassment the moment he was caught in his act.
“Actuall, I’ve seen it all. You drawing water from the fountain in the garden. I followed you intending to surprise you.”
“I had no idea.”
Esther muttered in disbelief as she looked away.
When she woke up the next day following the incident, Esther indeed found it strange she was in her room. It turned out Dennis and Judy had covered for her.
“I see. I thought it was strange.”
Now, the question of the day has been answered.
“I was really curious. Are you a saint?”
Esther could only open her mouth and barely spoke, finding herself speechless.
“Wh, what do you mean a Saint?”
“Dennis said you could be a Saint.”
Judy asked in a tone that seemed not to believe it completely.
‘Dennis, he’s right.’
Esther knew Dennis was both quick-witted and intelligent, yet she never imagined he had already figured out her identity.
Esther bit her lips. She was frustrated at herself for not being able to hide her identity more effectively.
Her heart was throbbing at the thought she wouldn’t be able to live the way she used to. Esther didn’t wish to lose these relationships now.
“Esther, are you okay?”
As Esther’s expression darkened, Judy turned flustered and restless.
“If you’re right… What are you going to do?”
“What can I do?”
Judy grinned as he connected Esther’s forehead to his.
The gaze of his green eyes landed on Esther.
“My sister is so cool. That’s all. You’re my sister.”
Judy stroked Esther’s head as he noticed her eyes shaking.
“I don’t care who you are. You don’t have to leave us.”
Judy whispered soothingly, not removing his forehead until Esther’s trembling came to an end.
“No one can take you from us.”
At that moment, Judy’s eyes became intense. Esther’s arms chilled.
You look like him.
Though still young, Darwin’s eyes resembled his.
“If you are a real Saint and the Temple comes to take you…”
Judy’s lips, which rolled upwards, noticeably hardened. It was hard to tell whether he was smiling in a positive attitude or not.
“We will fight the Temple. We’re family. We should be together.”
Esther smiled and nodded.
So far, she had been thinking that even if they were family, her secrets should never be discovered.
She thought the way they looked at her would change after realizing her identity as a Saint. However, thanks to Judy, Esther felt at ease.
Her anxious thoughts disappeared like snow melting against the sunlight, and her locked heart slowly unlatched.
A few days later,
Esther sighed deeply as she busily circled her room.
Her cheeks were puffed due to her being deeply immersed in her thoughts.
‘What do I give them?’
The objects of concern were Judy and Dennis’ birthday presents.
She would like to thank them for everything they’ve done for her by giving them something nice as a gift.
“They have everything.”
The problem was that they already had everything they wanted. Darwin had bought everything they needed, so there was nothing she could give them herself.
“My Lady, do you have any concerns?”
Dorothy worriedly spoke up to Esther, who was grumbling endlessly.
“Yes. I have no idea what present to give my brothers for their birthday.”
“Are you already worried about that?”
“Already? We only have a month and a half left.”
She didn’t know what kind of gift would be appropriate, and one month and a half wasn’t enough time.
Dorothy quietly chuckled as she witnessed the endearing and adorable Esther, sincerely worried about her siblings’ birthday present.
“Do not worry too much. If it’s a gift from my lady, they would favor it even if the objects are stones from the garden.”
Esther proceeded to wander around the room again, her expression sullen. Then she halted, a sudden thought penetrating her mind.
“It shouldn’t be like this, it’s better for me to head out and look.”
“Yep. Let’s go to the market.”
Rather than groaning in contemplation inside her room, Esther figured that it would be better to search for a gift with her own eyes.
Before she left for the carriage, Esther dragged a heavy box from under her bed, to ready herself.
Fortunately, she had enough diamonds on hand thanks to her visit to the mine last week.
She carefully chose a few diamonds from her stash, placing them in her pockets, to head to the market.
She could wander around in a carriage, but to take a closer look, Esther decided to stroll around after she reached the entrance of the market.
“There are many shops.”
“Yes. If you go left from here, you will find all kinds of weapon shops, and there are many antique shops on the very right.”
Victor, a person who had the most experience in heading to and from the market, confidently guided the way.
Esther eagerly browsed the shops on both sides of the street.
“Victor, what do you think would be good for them?”
“I think Master Judy would love a sword… and wouldn’t Master Dennis prefer a book?”
“That’s too obvious.”
Those were things the two liked, however, they already had so many of each that it would be meaningless for them to own more.
Esther searched diligently at the stores, checking if there was anything unique she could give as a gift. However, she couldn’t find the perfect present even after she looked around.
“I’m in trouble.”
She had walked for more than an hour with the set intention of finding a gift, causing her legs to gradually ache.
Esther finally gave in, heading to a nearby bench for a short rest.
It was then.
Someone suddenly called Esther’s name in a raised voice.
Surprised, Esther hurriedly turned around. The individual was someone completely unexpected.
Esther froze in place.
As Noah strode towards Esther, Victor warily blocked the two from each other.
“Does My Lady know him?”
“Yes, he is my friend.”
Only then did Victor calm down and retreat as Esther approached Noah.
‘It’s still there.’
Even though he was wearing a hat, Noah’s appearance couldn’t be covered in the least. He seemed even brighter, now that she saw him outside during the day.
Noah stood in front of Esther, a big smile plastered on his face.
“We haven’t seen each other in a very long time, have we?”
Esther rubbed her eyes, his smiling face blinding her view.
“That’s right. How are you here?”
“I’m out grocery shopping.”
Noah pulled forward the basket in his right hand, indicating he was speaking the truth. The basket contained fruits and other kinds of food.
“You came all the way here for grocery shopping?”
“Mm-hmm. I just moved in.”
“… You’re lying, aren’t you?”
Esther was shocked by Noah’s reply, which was just as bright as his appearance.
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