Novel Name : A Saint who was Adopted by the Grand Duke

A Saint who was Adopted by the Grand Duke - Chapter 63

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The range was not far away, but they chose to travel by carriage.
Throughout the ride, Noah kept sneaking glances Esther’s way.
Esther eventually sighed, unable to ignore his stares any longer.
“Why are you doing this?”
“Sorry. I looked too much.”
“It’s fine, as long as you know.”
Noah stared at Esther a while before replying, “Your hairstyle. It’s my first time seeing you in it. It fits you well. Pretty.”
Esther’s hair was folded skillfully under Dorothy’s expertise. The plait extended to her waist, a ribbon attached to the end.
“I kept looking because I wanted to tell you that.”
“T-thank you.”
Although Esther knew herself to be unaccustomed to compliments, Noah’s words were further distressing. It was strange.
‘I shouldn’t have asked.’
Esther faced her knees as she wriggled her fingers. Even now that she regretted her decision, it was already far too late.
Upon their arrival, Esther and Noah advanced towards the site of construction.
Only two workers could be seen managing the place.
Both men associated with families that had been loyal to Tersia for generations, therefore, could be fully entrusted with the region.
“Has my lady come?”
“Gosh. It’s been so long. We’ve dug up this much diamond already in the meantime.”
The miner smiled and pointed to the four bags pushed against the corner.
Esther last received the gemstones three weeks ago. The amount laying before her was the quantity that accumulated over those three weeks.
“Thank you for everything.”
“Don’t mention it. What are we doing, just our job.”
They wiped the sweat from their foreheads with a towel and resumed mining.
The sound of their powerful pickaxes resounded along the mountains.
“This is my first time at a mine.”
Noah, a prince, never entered a mine before.
As the curious child carelessly roamed about, he bent towards a shining gadget. A diamond appeared to have fallen from the rest as they transferred them to the sacks.
Noah picked the entity and reflected it against the sunlight.
He stared blankly at the dazzling brilliance and took a deep breath.
“Esther, is this a diamond mine by chance?”
“Yes, that’s right.”
Did Esther not mention the fact previously?
Nevertheless, she kept an indifferent pace.
“Wow, I heard Tersia was a mineral-rich area, but I didn’t know even diamond mines existed here.”
Noah purely admired the fact.
Diamond was the most expensive amid the remaining gems.
The expense was so high that there were but a few diamond fields owned by the Imperial family.
“Amazing, really.”
He was astounded by the fact that the Duke could so casually hand such property to his daughter.
Esther left Noah’s stunned complexion and headed for the management headquarters.
There existed several pickaxes and safety helmets.
Esther selected a safety helmet and secured it over her head as Noah followed behind to observe her actions.
“Why are you wearing that?”
“I’m going to look for diamonds.”
“You’re doing it yourself?”
“Yes. It’s fun to dig and make your own money.”
Esther smiled and carried her pickaxe outside.
Of course, the one Esther brought with her wasn’t the size of a normal pickaxe used by adults. It was one accustomed for her so she could easily lift it.
“What if you get hurt?”
Noah accompanied Esther with a cleaver as he anxiously complained about her safety.
As they trudged down the hill where the construction progressed, Dorothy had been already diligent with her work.
“Look at them. They’re very hardworking, right?”
It wasn’t only Dorothy. Victor was also striking the ground across the maid.
Although they seemed to be competing against each other, you could slowly distinguish their entertainment.
“Why are they doing that?”
“I said they could take any diamond they find.”
Since then, Dorothy had always remained eager to find diamonds during every given moment when they attended the worksite.
At first, it had only been Dorothy who did so. Victor was quite the opposite.
He once picked a pickaxe to experience the occupation. In the end, he lost the only diamond found to Dorothy.
Since that day, he had dug diligently to restore his pride.
“Now, shall I start?”
As Esther rolled her sleeves, Noah also lifted his pickaxe.
“I want to join too.”
“Have you ever used a pickaxe before?”
“No… I’ve never done this before. But what’s so difficult about it?”
Noah spoke as if it were no big deal as he clanged the ax against the ground. However, the outcome wasn’t as he expected.
“You sure are trying hard, aren’t you?”
“Huh? What? Why isn’t this working?”
Flustered, Noah settled more strength to his arms. However, no matter his attempts, only dust floated within the air.
Esther struggled to hold back her laughter as the pickaxe had yet to enter the soil.
“You’re really bad at this.”
She had anticipated such a beautiful person to have been raised flawlessly, having not experienced one ounce of effort. She was right.
“Watch me.” Esther pushed Noah to the side and set out with her cleaver.
Her physical ability was not as powerful as Noah’s. However, her operating procedure was good enough for the pickaxe to drill through the ground every time.
Noah pursed his lips as he observed Esther’s brilliant techniques.
“How can you be so good at this?”
“Hard work is my specialty.”
She had been in charge of the laundry and insignificant chores as such during her stay at the temple, therefore spent her time completing her duties eagerly. This was the main reason for her professionalism.
“But, digging in whichever way you want may damage the diamonds. You need to apply only enough strength, like this.”
Esther moved her small hands over and over before uncovering a diamond that contained not a single scratch.
How much power and skill originated from that small body.
Noah’s lips twitched.
“I think I know how your escort Victor feels now.”
Noah burned in motivation. He couldn’t lose to Esther in such a pathetic fashion.
The stronger he penetrated the soil, the stronger the smell of dirt filled his nostrils.
The smell was so nice that he even started sniffing at some point.
“Aren’t you tired?”
“No. This is more fun than I thought.”
It was the first time Noah felt such joy from sweating like this.
He felt more alive than ever.
Working and sweating. It was a simple, yet long-forgotten sensation during his stay at the sanctuary.
“I received help once more. Even though I was the one planning to help you.”
Noah felt a rush of emotions as he flung his ax into the ground.
“What? I didn’t hear you.”
Esther eagerly hurled her hatchet beside him. She paused and glanced towards the boy.
“It’s nothing.”
Noah shook his head and poured soil from his pickaxe over Esther’s shoes.
There wasn’t much difference as Esther’s feet were already tangled in the mixture. However, Esther grumpily inflated her cheeks.
“What are you doing?”
“Just. I want to play with you.”
Noah reached to scoop a handful of soil and sprinkled it over Esther’s shoes.
The dirt eventually piled, and Esther’s feet were firmly buried underneath.
“You are pickaxe confiscated!”
Esther pulled her feet forward as she glared at Noah. However, there was more soil than she anticipated. She lost her balance.
Noah hurriedly supported Esther’s arms.
Esther took the chance to sweep Noah’s cheeks with both her hands.
Noah hurriedly pulled his face backward. However, the mud remained smudged on his face.
“Are you going to be like this?”
“Sorry. I’ll wipe it off for you.”
Esther pretended to feel apologetic and put forward her hands on his cheeks once more. Naturally, the mud wasn’t wiped away but instead spread even more.
“On your face… Pfft, sorry. You have… Ahaha.”
Esther reached her limit as she burst into boisterous laughter. She couldn’t keep herself from doing so any longer.
It was the first time Esther smiled so brightly.
The refreshing merriment caused not only Noah to halt but also Dorothy and Victor.
“My Lady?”
At that moment, everyone lost their words and gazed at Esther’s expression. They seemed possessed by her innocent nature.
‘She knows how to laugh like this.’
Noah felt as if his heart stopped beating. He had never before witnessed Esther with such an expression in his dreams. Ever.
After scarcely coming to his senses, Noah sent Esther a playful glance.
“So mean. Is my face that funny?”
Esther folded her waist, still unable to control her laughter.
“I’m sorry, really. Heh. I just… I can’t stop laughing.”
“You’re really… I can’t say anything because you’re smiling so prettily. It’s fine. I’d rather give up my face.”
Noah, yielding, held Esther’s hand and streaked more dirt across his face.
Esther’s laughter carried by the wind. As if a virus, it gradually transmitted from Noah all the way to Dorothy and victor, eventually reaching the workers.
There was nothing much funny, but they all laughed for a while.
Esther breathed heavily, barely calming herself. She cackled so hard her voice became hoarse.
“Phew, it finally stopped.”
“But why are you crying?”
Esther, unaware of the fact, quickly touched the corner of her eyes.
They were truly wet.
“Something must have gone into my eye.”
She bewilderedly dried her eyes with her sleeves. It was then that she felt remorse for what she had done to Noah. She reached to rub his cheek with her sleeve.
“It’s difficult to remove the dirt. What should I do?”
“It’s okay. As long as you smile like just now, you can always add more.”
Noah’s blunt statement contained sincerity.
She smiled again, grateful for his kind heart. The corners of her mouth naturally rolled upward.
“Oh, I’m tired.”
Esther collapsed, her body wasted of its strength. Her clothes would become stained as a result, but she didn’t mind.
Right now, she felt so peaceful that she wished for time to stop.
Noah took a seat beside Esther and stretched forth his hand.
“I have big hands.”
Esther observed Noah’s palm without much thought.
It was twice the size of Esther’s.
“Is that so?”
As Esther did the same with hers, Noah gently high-fived her.
“You practiced a lot with your mining skills. Lend me some of your strength.”
“I can’t, I’m too tired.”
When Esther retreated her hand, Noah clenched his fingers in regret.
“Esther, do you like accessories?”
Esther instantly shook her head.
“Not that much.”
She wasn’t interested in accessories, to begin with.
They weren’t necessary.
“Then you don’t even have a ring?”
Noah hummed enthusiastically in response. In the meantime, he reached for the diamond secured in his pocket.
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