Novel Name : A Saint who was Adopted by the Grand Duke

A Saint who was Adopted by the Grand Duke - Chapter 64

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“Shall we make two rings out of this? We’ll both wear one each.”
Noah lowered his head in regret upon observing Esther’s questioning glance.
“…Nevermind. Can I take this?”
“You dug it up, so take it.”
Noah held the diamond in the sky before tucking it back into his pockets.
‘He also likes it.’
Although Noah seemed to have no desire for materialistic items, the diamond didn’t fail to catch his attention. Esther silently nodded her head.
“Esther, look at the sky. It’s very bright.”
She heeded his words and lifted her head disinterestedly.
The blue sky seemed unrealistically empty.
As Esther thought so, her mind wandered back to the information Dolores provided earlier.
“Noah, did you know?”
Noah shifted his head to the side and met Esther’s gaze.
“What is it?”
“There’s a prince who has the same disease as you.”
He froze.
“…Where did you hear that?”
“When I left to purchase a dress.”
“You didn’t hear anything else besides that? Their name…”
“No. I didn’t ask.”
Noah seemed relieved to learn that Esther wasn’t interested in the matter to the extent she’d ask for his name.
“I knew.”
Noah’s sudden subdued tone of voice caused Esther to turn in surprise.
Not only did he suddenly seem weak, but he was also biting his lips nervously.
‘Did I make a mistake?’
Esther blinked repeatedly. She was flustered by Noah’s sudden change in atmosphere.
Noah, however, only gazed at Esther silently. This continued for a while.
Then, he slightly parted his lips.
“There’s something I didn’t tell you.”
His voice and attitude seemed rather grave. It felt strange facing a Noah that wasn’t smiling.
Esther nervously fiddled with her braided hair.
“Nevermind. You don’t have to say anything.”
She didn’t wish for him to speak about matters he was uncomfortable with.
Furthermore, there were many secrets Esther hid from Noah.
“I want to say it.”
However, Noah had already committed himself to speaking. He leaned towards Esther and recited slowly.
“I am that prince.”
“I’m the Seventh Prince. I am currently in a situation where I’ve been abandoned and lost my status.”
Although Noah hadn’t spoken of the matter, he never intended to hide anything from the start.
‘A Prince?’
Esther absent-mindedly faced Noah. She wondered if she heard wrong.
Now that she scrutinized Noah at a closer distance, his face seemed like one belonging to a wealthy family.
Well, maybe not. His current face was too filthy for her to know.
Adopted into the Grand Duke’s mansion. Acquainted with the Prince.
Had her past self seen this, she would’ve thought of everything to be a dream.
“Are you surprised? I’m sorry I didn’t tell you in advance.”
Noah remained restless as he observed Esther. He was anxious she’d feel hurt.
“I am surprised… But it’s okay.”
However, Esther swiftly regained her composure and shook her head. She faced Noah.
“It’s just that you didn’t say anything.”
Noah didn’t note to be a prince, but at the same time, he never denied anything.
Considering Darwin was the person to introduce Noah to Esther, she was the fool for being oblivious.
Why he didn’t tell her beforehand… There were too many things Esther kept hidden from Noah for him to feel guilty for that reason.
“There are a lot of things I didn’t say either.”
Esther sighed and pressed her hand against the ground.
The soil gradually left between her fingers.
“Then, how about this?”
Noah slipped his hand beside Esther’s.
Noah had no courage to hold her palm, but he worked so they could slightly collide with each other.
“Let’s confess what we didn’t tell each other.”
“I don’t want to.”
Esther squeezed a handful of dirt and spread it over Noah’s hand.
“Alright. Let’s do it later.”
Noah lowered his head remorsefully. However, that didn’t last long. He recovered his depressed state and smiled brightly.
Thanks to Noah, the awkward air returned to its original state.
It would be meaningless to consider a prince a prince when he lost his status, or say an orphan adopted by the Grand Duke to be a princess.
Esther decided to treat Noah the same as before.
“Is the ball soon?”
“Yep. It’s next week.”
“What will you wear that day?”
She roughly summarized the whole situation. Noah seemed apologetic he wouldn’t be able to see Esther in any of the outfits.
“Just in case no one asked you to be their partner already.”
“The first dance is meaningful. Wait to dance with me later.”
How could he so shamelessly utter such words? Esther’s face heated.
“I don’t know about that. You’re not coming anyway.”
Esther jumped from her seat and wiped her bottom.
She then hurried down the hill to Dorothy and Victor.
She had spent too much time with Noah.
It would be dangerous for them to stay together any longer.
Victor waved his hand as Esther neared the carriage.
“The diamonds have been moved to the wagon.”
“Yes, let’s go.”
“Your face is red… Did you overwork yourself too much?”
“What do you mean red! You’re seeing things.”
Esther covered her cheeks and avoided meeting Victor’s worried eyes.
Her cheeks were red… She wanted to desperately hide.
And Noah, who followed after her,
“You have to dance with me. Okay?”
Even upon their entry to the carriage, he continued to nag Esther again and again.
At last, the twin’s anniversary had arrived. It was a day the whole mansion was occupied preparing for, so the overall atmosphere was energetic.
The party would take place in the afternoon, and a march would be scheduled in the morning. It was what Darwin had included so they could greet the people of the village.
Esther finished preparing herself beforehand and left to sneak inside the exhibition hall.
Her paintings hung throughout the spacious area. The exhibition hall was scheduled to open once the ball proceeded.
Esther trudged to stand in front of the painting, which boasted the largest size of all platforms.
Unlike the rest, its frame was obscured by a veil.
“My lady.”
The butler, Delbert, had initially come to verify the hall once more when he encountered Esther. He approached her side.
“Are you here?”
“Yes. I came to see the painting.”
Although it was something she created discreetly, Delbert was in charge of all affairs throughout the mansion.
She had to reveal this much to him.
“You didn’t tell father, did you?”
“Of course. This is our little secret.”
Delbert smiled as Esther rolled her eyes anxiously.
“His Grace is only aware of the exhibition matter overall.”
Delbert’s eyes remained warm as he smiled at Esther.
“May I dare voice my thoughts on the painting?”
“Of course.”
Esther waited for what would follow, nervous he would think of it as insufficient.
“It is breathtaking. This is the first time in my 54 years that I’ve shed tears before such skill.”
He was overcome with shock as he removed the veil the night before to inspect the condition.
Esther had provided him with a proper explanation of what the cover consisted of, but seeing it himself was like a bolt of lighting.
As a person of Tersia, he was overwhelmed by the family presentation, but more fundamental emotions swelled.
It was a drawing that compelled him to feel blessed. Furthermore, the artwork conveyed the true meaning of family.
“Thank you for allowing me to see this kind of treasure. I wanted to sincerely thank the lady.”
Esther clasped her lips, flustered by Delbert’s admiration.
“That’s too much.”
Still, she didn’t dislike his compliments. She grinned and wiggled her fingers.
“Well… will my brother’s and father like it?”
“I guarantee they will.”
“That’s a relief.”
She glanced once more at the painting, still anxious it wouldn’t mount to their expectations. It was then that Victor arrived to escort Esther.
“My Lady, we must leave now.”
It was time to begin the procession.
Esther bid farewell to Delbert and turned to leave the exhibition hall.
“I’ll see you later.”
“Yes. Have a safe time.”
Victor praised Esther for her beautiful appearance throughout their walk towards the main gate.
However, Esther was too engrossed worrying over the march to hear him. Victor seemed to have noticed as he asked,
“Are you nervous?”
“…A little bit.”
“Don’t worry. You won’t have to worry about any other ladies. Just straighten your shoulders.”
Esther straightened her stiff shoulders as she followed his advice.
“Thank you.”
Victor winked playfully.
“The carriage is over there.”
The carriage by the entrance was very magnificent. It fit its title of a ‘procession carriage’.
In addition, it was open on all sides, so a person could see from any location freely.
Esther observed the wagon as Dennis, Judy, and Darwin left it.
She could glimpse three existing halo’s behind them as they advanced towards her.
Darwin and his twin sons were attractive to the point even their backs were flawless.
Although she found herself comfortable around them, it was still amazing she was even there.
“Are you ready?”
As soon as Darwin saw Esther, he raised his arms and pulled her into a hug.
Now that such behavior was familiar to her, Esther nodded without much thought.
“I’m ready.”
Darwin moved to sit Esther in the wagon when Judy and Dennis reached their hand simultaneously.
“I’ll escort you.”
“No, don’t accept Dennis. Hold my hand.”
Darwin sighed as he observed the twins bickering.
“I don’t think that will be the case. Of course, she will hold my hand.”
“You’ll see. Hmph. Esther! Is it me or Dennis? Choose quickly.”
Judy stretched out his hand in an effort to express that Esther had to choose him.
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