Novel Name : A Saint who was Adopted by the Grand Duke

A Saint who was Adopted by the Grand Duke - Chapter 65

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“I’ll just accept both. That way, I won’t have to choose.”
Esther smiled and reached her hands forth as she accepted both escorts.
“That’s not what you’re supposed to do!”
“Lower your arm if you don’t like it.”
Judy sulked towards Dennis’s cold remark. Nonetheless, he didn’t let go of Esther’s hand and helped her inside the carriage.
Darwin’s eyes brimmed with affection as he observed Esther successfully disciplining the twins.
“Overly intelligent.”
As he whispered ‘Perhaps my daughter is a genius…’, Ben couldn’t help but feel panicked.
The wagon was so spacious that more than four people could occupy the place comfortably. They sat facing each other and departed.
The promenade was considered a dangerous area, therefore many escorts surrounded the carriage.
Esther marveled about the wagon as it proceeded. It was then that she recalled the handkerchiefs. She scoured her bag and shyly fidgeted with the cloth.
For the past several days, Esther had been diligently rehearsing her embroidery skills to create a handkerchief with the engraving of the Tersia symbol.
“Happy birthday.”
“What’s this? Do you want me to wear it?”
Judy puffed his nostrils arrogantly but still snuck a glance towards the handkerchief.
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“I don’t like such things.”
“Then, let’s pretend nothing happened…”
“Come on, you can’t just give and take back-!”
The moment Esther pretended to withdraw the cloth, Judy embraced it in panic.
Esther grinned and leaned over to adjust the handkerchief inside Judy’s pocket.
“This is Dennis’s.”
After she turned to face Dennis, he readily received the gift. He appeared to be earnestly awaiting his turn.
“I was wondering what you were doing these days, but it turns out you made this. Thanks.”
Unlike Judy, he didn’t forget to thank Esther. He positioned his handkerchief. The shape in which he assembled was both elegant and tidy.
Esther happily observed the twins when a burning sensation caused her to turn to the side.
Darwin was intently gazing at her as if expecting something for himself.
Esther held back her laughter and pulled one more from her bag.
“I have father’s too.”
“Ahm, why did you go through the trouble to make mine? It must’ve been a hassle.”
Unlike his indifferent tone, the corners of Darwin’s mouth curled upward.
Darwin arranged Esther’s handkerchief in place of the one he carried.
‘I’m glad I made one more.’
She was worried that his reaction would be disapproving, but seeing his expression made her reassured.
“But, no matter how much I think about it, Dennis’s seems nicer.”
“It’s natural for others to think of another person’s belongings to be better than theirs.”
“Really? Anyway, switch with me. It’s annoying when I think Esther put more effort into yours than she did in mine.”
Judy coveted Dennis’s handkerchief. Seeing Dennis’s was nicer than his meant Esther placed more of her sincerity into that one.
Esther flusteredly endeavored to stop the two from fighting.
‘The boisterous atmosphere is pleasant.’
Darwin remained silent as he alternated glances between Esther and the twins. Just a year ago, it was nothing close to this.
Their last anniversary didn’t consist of a family gathering before the party. It was simply seen as an annual event.
However, many things have altered upon Esther’s arrival. The twins were especially looking forward to this day.
‘Esther also seems to laugh well.’
A smile remained on her face throughout their gathering. It was unbelievably bright and lively for this to be the first time she’d been like this.
Darwin reached his hand over Esther’s hair as it blew against the wind.
“You seem happy.”
“Because it’s my brothers’ birthday.”
Whenever Esther said anything, the three would burst into smiles. They seemed to smile even as she breathed.
“Well, I hung a present at the exhibition hall…”
Esther decided to let them know of the gift in advance as they wouldn’t have much time after the promenade began.
She felt embarrassed and nervous upon her recollection of the painting.
“A gift?”
“What did you put on it? A picture? Yeah?”
“Hmm… This is my first time hearing of it.”
Dennis, Judy, and Darwin revealed their curiosities one after the other, but Esther only stuck her tongue out and grinned.
“Check it out later. Father, you must also see it.”
The four alternated looks with each other, creating a warm atmosphere. Esther continued smiling brightly.
“We will soon reach the village.”
She glanced outside the window in response to Ben’s voice. People were already gathering at the entrance.
Esther’s heart began to pound.
Although she had overcome the trauma of people’s eyes gazing at her, the young girl was still anxious.
Esther stood firm once again as she recalled the ridiculing eyes of those at the temple.
She had grown strong enough to face such stares readily.
“My Lady, I’ll give you this.”
What Ben handed to her was a woven basket.
“Flower petals?”
Esther tilted her head as she observed the contents.
“Yes. These are Raculus flowers, which hold the meaning of blessing. You can scatter the petals over the crowd as we proceed.”
Esther embarrassedly blinked her eyes.
The meaning of blessing put forth an immense amount of burden on her.
As she tried to return the basket to Ben, Darwin gently but firmly held Esther’s hand to stop her from moving.
“Everyone will be delighted.”
Esther could read the support plastered on Darwin’s eyes.
She mustn’t avoid it. Esther clenched her fists. She decided to simply think of it as distribution petals.
The promenade had finally begun. Everyone cheered as they marched along with the carriage; the people seemed worried they wouldn’t have a chance to greet the Ducal family.
Esther observed the twins as they waved and followed in awkwardly as she scattered petals in the air.
Then people flocked to the area where Esther bestrewed the petals.
Everyone was trying their best to receive Esther’s blessing.
It wasn’t her intention, but Esther’s mana unconsciously inhabited the petals as she threw one handful at a time.
Simply being at a near distance with the buds cleared the crowd’s mind. Those who received the mana felt serene.
“How… What is this overwhelming feeling? I feel truly blessed.”
“Me too. I was curious about the newcomer, but I am already in love with her.”
Those who received Esther’s energy felt sincere goodwill towards their new lady.
While Esther diligently sprinkled the remaining petals, her popularity amongst the people reached its limit.
“Everyone seems to like you.”
Judy peeked outside the carriage in amusement.
She’s never seen him this enthusiastic before.
Esther was puzzled by this situation.
She didn’t expect such great hospitality.
“I should have prepared more petals. We will run out quickly.”
Ben seemed apologetic towards the now-empty basket when,
“You can go bring more.”
Darwin articulated in a solemn tone as he stared into the crowd.
“What? I-I understand!”
Never before had they called for more petals during a promenade.
Therefore, Ben was perplexed. However, he left urgently to gather more. Esther was able to reassuringly continue.
She smiled as the petals spread from her fingertips and dispersed, fluttering against the wind.
It was amazing how her life altered in such a direction. This felt like a dream to her.
‘If this is a dream, I hope I never wake up.’
Once she woke up, such a happy fantasy would be likely to never occur again.
Everyone was actively preparing for the ball after the promenade.
There were many people in Esther’s chamber urgently waiting for her return.
“We don’t have much time. I’ll proceed right away.”
Dolores, the person in charge of Esther, spoke gravely.
“Have you not tried #2 yet?”
The party began at five o’clock, so there were three more hours left. Esther didn’t understand why everyone was in a hurry.
“Goodness. My lady! The boutiques on Lille Street have been crowded ever since the morning. Every time there is a banquet such as this, everyone puts in much effort to prepare for it.”
Dolores passionately explained that for a person to stand out the most at a party, they must work hard to dress up.
“This will be your first official party.”
Esther entrusted herself to Dolores and the maids.
The sky-blue dress seemed as attractive as ever.
As soon as Esther changed into the gown, exclamations burst around her.
“How does it look so good on you? You seem like a saint that has descended from the heavens.”
“Yes? Ahaha… Thank you.”
Esther smiled awkwardly at the mention of the word ‘saint’.
It’s likely the resemblance was made due to the sky-blue dress.
‘Why did I choose blue.’
Still, she felt better after the series of compliments.
She found the fluttering hems of the dress and lacing pleasing to the eye.
Since then, three long hours of preparation have taken place.
As Dolores said, three hours were barely sufficient.
Modeling the dress, delegating the hair to a professional designer, selecting fitting cosmetics and accessories.
There were too many steps to push through.
“Is there a lot left?”
Esther’s eyes turned blank from fatigue. She couldn’t imagine what was to come at the party when she became tired just from this.
“We are finished. Do you wish to take a look in the mirror?”
Dolores’s expression glistened with satisfaction and pride.
Esther turned to the mirror without much expectation when she underwent a sudden awakening.
Although her face contained very light makeup, the touch of the specialists stood on a different level. With the subtle contrasts, she transformed into a different person.
The individual in the mirror seemed like such a sophisticated, doll-like individual that Esther couldn’t recall her previous appearance.
“Everyone will be stunned. The atmosphere will turn insane the moment you leave.”
There was an exaggeration in Dolores’ words, but Esther didn’t dislike it.
She couldn’t take her eyes off the mirror while Dorothy entered with a box.
“My lady, the butler handed me this gift and left.”
The package was secured with a red ribbon.
“For me? Did someone send it to me?”
“I don’t know much about that.”
Esther pondered whether to head to her brother’s first before resolving to unpack the gift.
As she untied the ribbon and removed the wrapping paper, an accessory parcel was revealed. Esther opened the lid carefully before pausing in surprise.
“A diamond necklace?”
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