Novel Name : A Saint who was Adopted by the Grand Duke

A Saint who was Adopted by the Grand Duke - Chapter 66

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Esther’s mumbles were overshadowed by the fuss caused by Dolores and Dorothy.
“My… Would you look at this!”
“An extravagant pendant such as this is likely to be costly. Who could have sent this?”
Esther was equally astonished by the sudden accessory. One person surfaced as a possibility for the sudden gift.
She could recall him asking to keep the diamond he found the day they left for the mine.
“Do you have any idea who the person might be? Perhaps… the lady’s significant other?”
Dolores’s eyes glistened in hope for any details of the yet-to-be-unfolded mystery.
“Well, we’re simply friends.”
However, Esther remained silent and gently grazed the necklace with her fingertips.
When did he process the gemstone into a necklace? Whatever his intentions were, just the thought of Noah caused her heart to pound uncontrollably.
“This necklace would fit appropriately with the dress. Shall we change pendants?”
Esther ultimately removed the one on her neck and replaced it with Noah’s. One would think the outfit was a set.
Esther smiled bashfully as she observed the necklace through the mirror.
‘I want to show you.’
She wished to meet and show Noah her appearance…! She shook her head, baffled.
knock knock,
Victor knocked to announce his arrival before entering the room. This meant they were to leave soon.
“My Lady…”
Victor spotted Esther before standing where he was. He gazed at her as if he fell in love at first sight.
Esther shyly avoided Victor’s eyes. It was then that Victor regained his senses.
“Today, no one will help but fall in love with the lady.”
He praised Esther, his tone sincere.
She had always been lovely, but today, she was fascinating enough to the point Victor’s heart pounded.
Esther raised the corner of her lips awkwardly and looked into the mirror to witness her appearance for the last time.
Her rich flowing hair, along with the pretty dress that flawlessly complimented her figure.
She couldn’t be compared to herself from before.
This was her now.
She slowly brushed her palm against the glass. The chilly sensation ran through her hands, permeating against her bones.
It was nerve-wracking how she would soon be evaluated before others. The one thing she despised and was afraid of.
But now, she felt prepared to do anything.
“I’m ready.”
Esther conducted eye contact with herself in the mirror and nodded. It was now time to attend the ball.
“Have a safe trip.”
“Yes. See you later, Dorothy.”
Esther’s strides as she passed the door were the most assertive she’d ever been.
Louis Hall, the location for the ball, was thoroughly arranged for this very day.
Although it was a two-story building, there was only one spiral staircase in the middle of the banquet.
The ball was arranged on the first floor where the nourishments were prepared. The second floor was reserved solely for the Tersia family.
The chandelier studded with pure diamonds radiated a luxurious atmosphere.
Insignificant enhancements such as the stairs, railings, and handles consisted of gold to indicate the wealth of Tersia.
Guests had gathered in pairs and began chatting before the official banquet proceeded.
The nobles scurried from one area to the other in search of new information.
“Did anyone hear? Of the official announcement that is to be made today.”
“The rumors turned out to be accurate… I was truly astonished.”
The light conversations of the young ladies rapidly converted to the hot topic of the banquet.
“Perhaps there is a woman the Grand Duke hid? Otherwise, there is a little-to-no chance a child would appear so suddenly.”
“I know. He isn’t a person who’d simply adopt a child.”
Therefore, all the gossip concluded with the saying the child was an illegitimate child of the Duke’s.
“That’s too bad. While his Grace is handsome, he was romantically indulged with his deceased wife to the extent he’d never erased her from his mind.”
“That’s true but… How could any of us stand by his side when we’re too scared to face him?”
The hall filled with laughter towards the groundless statements that had yet to be proven.
“Where did he bring her from?”
“I’m dying of curiosity.”
It was no exaggeration to call this an unprecedented event. People’s interests were fiery, and with every passing speculation, they grew rampant.
It was then.
Elisha, who had been quietly listening to the crowd that regarded her as invisible, stepped forward hesitantly.
“You really shouldn’t tell anyone about this…”
In an instant, all attention was drawn to her. Elisha’s cheeks turned red from all the attention directed at her.
“Do you know something?”
“Hurry and tell us.”
“Right. Lady Elisha, right?”
Elisha anxiously glanced around and lowered her voice. Everyone around her held their breath.
“Yes. I heard this directly from my relative…”
“Do continue.”
Elisha hesitated for a moment, then clasped her eyes shut and confessed the secret to all the fierce eyes gazing at her.
“I-I think the adopted lady was brought from the central temple.”
“What? What are you implying with that?”
The young ladies burst into laughter.
It was a well-known fact that every person knew. The relationship between Darwin and the temple wasn’t the best it could be.
“It’s true. My uncle…”
“No matter how much you wish to attract attention, I refuse to be informed of the wrong information. Your speculations should be plausible, before anything.”
The young lady beside Elisha sent her a cold gaze. Elisha helplessly lowered her head and apologized continuously.
“I’m sorry.”
She managed to escape the crowd and trudged to a corner.
As she reprimanded herself for speaking of useless things, a person appeared beside her.
“What you said earlier, could you elaborate in more detail?”
“Pardon? Who are you…Hyuk!”
It appeared someone had overheard the conversation.
Elisha turned her head in a dejected manner before ceasing to breathe as she configured the person standing before her.
“Duke Brions??”
“Shh. Please keep quiet. I don’t wish to draw attention.”
“I apologize.”
Brions quieted Elisha and warily glanced at their surroundings.
“Continue what you were speaking earlier. What did you hear from your relatives?”
“Yes, that’s…”
A high-ranking figure such as the Duke of Brions believed in the story which no one would consider.
She brought forth all the information she knew merrily.
“This information was brought to me by my uncle, who is a priest. He claimed for his Grace to have bought an orphan listed as one of the many Saint candidates.”
“An orphan listed as a Saint candidate? Do you mean he adopted that orphan?”
“I think so.”
Brions was startled. He simply wished to hear more of what he’d heard by chance, but the matter turned out to be unusual.
“Can you take responsibility for what you said?”
“Yes? It was something I simply heard.”
Elisha flusteredly shook her head. Her eyes shook anxiously at the word ‘responsibility’.
“Then don’t go around spreading unconfirmed speculations. I have memorized your face.”
“I-I understand.”
The Duke only turned after Elisha joined the rest of the nobles.
He acted calm before Elisha, but his lips hardened throughout their talk.
‘I must confirm.’
The fact that Darwin adopted a child also baffled him, but with the mention of the temple, his nerves shook.
Esther, Judy, and Dennis stood side by side outside the door of the arched two-story entrance.
Unlike Esther and Dennis’s calm and mature appearance, Judy seemed nervous.
“Brother Judy seems nervous?”
“Right. Why are you so nervous?”
Dennis tapped Judy’s trembling shoulders. Judy flapped like a piece of paper.
“The thought of introducing Esther makes me nervous… Damn it, I don’t know anymore.”
Judy scratched his head and jumped in place. It was a special measure to help relieve his tension.
At the same time,
Darwin stood before the banquet to announce the start of the party.
“Thank you to all the distinguished guests who arrived to celebrate my children’s anniversary despite their busy schedules.”
The children’s names were called one after the other. The door opened wide and lights poured from the party hall.
‘It’s bright.’
Esther stared blankly at the lights before the twins reached their hands in wait for Esther.
“Let’s go.”
“We’ll enter together.”
Esther nodded and clutched both hands simultaneously. She slowly set food inside the party venue.
“What do you think?”
Dennis asked softly from beside. She nodded vigorously in response to his caring worry.
“I’m fine.”
Esther exchanged glances with a big smile and walked more confidently. She held their hands firmly.
Tap tap.
Her glass shoes collided with the floor in clear motion.
The eyes of those gathered in the hall hurriedly followed the sound.
Seeing the three together, people’s gazes began to fill with curiosity. Esther was the center of all eyes.
The main characters of the party were the twins, but since Esther had appeared alongside them, they only stared at the adopted lady in silence.
It didn’t take long for their bafflement to turn into admiration and praise.
“Goodness, she seems like a doll.”
“Right? She truly resembles a person of Tersia, doesn’t she?”
Goodwill existed in the eyes of those looking at Esther.
“Welcome. Happy birthday.”
Darwin stood on the wide platform as he welcomed the three children with a warm smile.
The loudspeaker was forwarded to Judy and Dennis. It was an object that increased the volume of a voice.
Judy, whom no one would believe was trembling just a while ago, greeted the guests with an enthusiastic voice.
“Hello, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?”
Laughter erupted with every word the twins spoke. In particular, the young ladies giggled abnormally.
Esther looked over the hall as they greeted those who attended the banquet.
Then, she made eye contact with a boy who was staring at her. His face was red.
‘I think I’ve seen him somewhere.’
Esther turned her head after a while of pondering. She failed to recognize the now slim Sebastian.
I’m crying over this even though it’s fiction; seriously I would bow before someone if they could lose their weight in such a short time…! Though Judy heals my heart every time-?
My heart is boiling even though Rabienne has yet to appear… Although I think we now know who truly is the mastermind behind everything. Honestly, if you look at it, Rabienne is just a pathetic, jealous, and sadistic creature that can do anything to get what she wants. Horrifying. Doesn’t deserve any sympathy in the least.
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