Novel Name : A Saint who was Adopted by the Grand Duke

A Saint who was Adopted by the Grand Duke - Chapter 69

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“I’m not crying.”
“You’re crying.”
“You’re wrong, okay?”
It was only then that Sebastian properly faced Judy. He wiped his tears using his sleeve.
“I saw your sister with someone a while ago.”
“He seemed to be her boyfriend.”
Sebastian gulped and began to spill everything he’d seen and heard.
About 30 minutes ago.
Sebastian, after having been declined by Esther, rested on a bench outside the hall to catch some fresh air.
‘You’re really pretty today.’
He smiled at the thought of Esther. She was pretty even as she rejected him.
It was at that moment that he witnessed Esther setting foot on the terrace.
Noah appeared the moment she made an appearance and approached to hand her a bouquet.
He couldn’t recognize Noah’s concealed face, but Esther’s shy expression was engraved in his memory.
“She was completely different from when I approached her. He’s definitely her boyfriend.”
Although Esther maintained a respectful attitude towards Sebastian, the line she had marked was clear. However, Sebastian could see no such boundary as Esther accepted the bouquet from Noah.
“Esther has a boyfriend?”
Judy grew grim as he crouched beside Sebastian.
“Who is it?”
Judy contemplated the matter, but not one face surfaced. Esther didn’t have any friends.
“Didn’t you see wrong?”
Judy suspiciously gazed at Sebastian for he might have been mistaken. However, Sebastian remained adamant.
“There’s no way I would mistake Esther for someone else. I’m sure.”
Sebastian firmly insisted on his words. Judy’s eyes narrowed.
“What does the boy look like?”
“I didn’t see his face, but he has black hair.”
“Hm. I should ask Esther.”
The atmosphere between the two fell drastically. Judy, who had originally appeared to tease Sebastian, now stood humorless.
Judy mumbled the word to himself, scowling in disbelief.
He couldn’t trust Sebastian’s words but just imagining who the person was fueled his resentment.
“But, why is it a big issue to you? Why are you making a fuss about it?”
Sparks headed towards Sebastian. Judy glared at him annoyedly.
“Didn’t I tell you to leave my sister alone?”
“No, I’m…”
Sebastian lowered his eyes, unable to refute. He seemed like a puppy in the rain.
“It’s not like anyone else is allowed to, but you especially. So just eat this.”
Judy grabbed a handful of potato chips from a passing servant and thrust them before Sebastian’s face.
Sebastian hadn’t eaten properly for the past few days as preparation for today’s prom. He immediately accepted Judy’s consideration.
“Damn it, I can’t do this anymore.”
He poured the handful down his throat.
His expression appeared ecstatic upon the flavor, which caused him to yearn for more.
“Hey! You can’t eat it all!”
“Don’t stop me. I’m going to eat out everything I’ve endured today.”
Sebastian ran towards a table packed with refreshments, resolving to rid of his melancholy.
The prom ended smoothly.
It took Esther up until a late time to both send the guests back and carry out a simple celebration with her family at the exhibition hall.
“Ugh, I’m tired.”
She felt alive after removing the weary dress that tired her back, in addition to the suffocating makeup.
Esther sat on the bed and stared at her feet after having a warm bath.
“My feet are swollen too.”
“Your shoes must have been uncomfortable.”
“A little.”
It wasn’t just her feet that ached. Her whole body was exhausted. She collapsed on the bed, unable to continue her thoughts.
“You must be tired.”
“Yeah. I think I’ll fall asleep right away.”
Esther rubbed her half-closed eyelids and yawned.
It was a long day, starting from the morning promenade to her brothers’ anniversary celebration.
She had never met and talked to so many people. Time flew by without her notice.
“But it was still fun, right?”
Dorothy smiled brightly and pulled the blanket over Esther’s shoulders so she wouldn’t catch a cold.
Esther hugged the fluffy rabbit doll tightly and rubbed her face against it.
“Yes, it was fun.”
Some didn’t accept her, but the amount was relatively fewer than she anticipated. The party was more enjoyable than she thought.
From her trembling as she danced, to the kindness of those who welcomed her.
She didn’t wish to forget these memories. If there were any happy moments she’d look back to before her death, today would be one of them.
Every moment felt like a dream. Esther smiled as she jumped to face Dorothy.
“I was shining today.”
“Yes. Our dear lady was the prettiest and the brightest.”
Dorothy couldn’t hold back her laughter as she witnessed the child’s lovely eyes sparkling brightly.
“And you will continue to shine in the future. Much more than now.”
“Of course, our lady. So hurry up and sleep. It’s late.”
Esther lay in bed absent-mindedly as Dorothy helped her in.
“You aren’t going to sleep on the carpet anymore, are you?”
“…Did you know?”
Esther was taken by surprise. She thought no one knew of her secret.
“Of course. I often opened the door to check if you were sleeping well.”
“I see.”
She stared at the carpet situated in the very corner, embarrassed at the fact that she thought no one would catch on to her habit.
‘When I first came here, I wouldn’t fall asleep unless it was there.’
It was bizarre, now that it was so natural for her to lie on a soft bed and sleep with a warm blanket.
“Yes. I only sleep on my bed now.”
“That’s a relief.”
Dorothy sat beside Esther and patted her chest.
“You know, Dorothy.”
Esther was especially talkative today. It brought a smile to Dorothy’s face at the bright chatter.
“Yes, my lady.”
Dorothy brought her ear closer to Esther as she beckoned for her to speak. Esther stared at her and recited in a small voice.
“…Can I be this happy?”
Such words weren’t meant to come from a child. Nevertheless, Esther’s expression as she asked seemed so casual that Dorothy grew teary.
Dorothy squeezed Esther’s hand tightly. The child’s small palm didn’t mount to half Dorothy’s.
“No, not with this. You… have to be happier.”
“More than now? Aye, I’m so happy that it’s making me nervous.”
Esther’s eyes widened as she flusteredly shook her head.
The current bliss was too much for Esther. The happier she became, the more she grew anxious.
Only happy moments couldn’t last forever. Everything felt like walking on thin ice.
“Don’t be nervous. We are here for you.”
She was scared because she was happy.
She could no longer imagine life outside of this place. As long as she took in this light, the darkness of the past would no longer be able to engulf her field of vision.
Dorothy left the room only after Esther was relaxed.
It was the end of a long day.
Esther stared at the ceiling in an absent-minded state. She went from being in a crowded area to laying alone in her room.
“It’s all like a dream.”
She restlessly tossed and turned when she noticed a necklace situated on the table.
She had placed the pendant Noah gifted her there a while ago. It shone softly against the moonlight.
‘…Did he leave safely?’
The thought of Noah compelled her to bury her face deep into the pillow.
At the same time.
Esther wasn’t the only person unable to sleep.
It was unbeknownst of when the foolish smile would disappear from Noah’s face.
“You were so pretty today. It’s a good thing I went.”
Simply thinking about how beautiful Esther seemed from the balcony and how happy she appeared amidst the crowd relieved his boredom.
“Do you like her that much?”
As the house wasn’t spacious, Palen and Noah shared the bedroom.
Palen sat opposite Noah and handed him a glass of warm milk. The boy couldn’t bring himself to sleep.
“Do I look like that?”
“Yes. Your smile won’t leave your face. I didn’t know the prince could show such facial expressions so well.”
“That’s right. I like her so much that I want to continue living here, regardless of whether I’m a crown prince or not.”
Noah smiled and took a sip from his warm milk. Although he pretended to fool around, his eyes remained calm throughout.
Palen bitterly observed Noah. Although he was his master, to Palen, Noah was more like a sore finger.
*TL/N: Sore finger is used when a parent hurts when their child/children hurt. Aka Palen regards Noah as his son.
“If you are happier now… I’ll be glad for you to stay like this.”
Palen recited with his utmost sincerity.
He had held a desire for his Prince, Noah, to overwhelm all the nobles and be recognized as before.
However, seeing Noah in a much more delighted state than before, he wished for him to remain like this.
“I mean it.”
Noah put down his cup and stared straight into Palen’s eyes.
“To be truthful, it was a bit troubling with the status of a prince. I was swamped with the many expectations holding me down to become the Crown Prince.”
Palen calmly listened to Noah as he continued.
“I thought a lot of what it would have been like to be born more normal.”
Born as a highly-valued prince, Noah was naturally deemed to conceal his emotions from childhood.
He couldn’t neglect his duties once or make any mistakes. He censored himself to be perfect all the time.
He possessed everything materially, but his feelings of isolation couldn’t help but engulf him. He never spent time with his parents, underwent affectionate conversations, and vice versa.
“I didn’t want to be the Crown Prince. Still, everyone insisted I was fit for the title… I thought so and endured.”
Noah’s expression darkened.
“But after I was abandoned, everyone turned a blind eye to me.”
Having been taken from his title, no one spared him a glance. Everyone who supported him until then chose to turn a blind eye.
He didn’t realize until he was abandoned. The reason for his existence was the status he was born with. Nothing more, nothing less.
“I wanted to die as soon as possible.”
Noah grew heartbroken during his days in the sanctuary. He was doing none more than waiting for his death.
He lost direction and purpose in life as he lay hopelessly. He resented every moment of his life.
Until he witnessed Esther in his dream.
“My Prince…”
Palen shook his head in agony. As a person who always stood beside Noah, he felt remorseful and pathetic.
“But not anymore. I have a reason to yearn for life.”
Noah’s voice, which had remained low throughout, suddenly brightened. Palen couldn’t help but raise his head at the sudden change.
“Not because I was pushed back like before, but because I yearn to become the Crown Prince.”
*TL/N: He’s saying he’s not aiming for revenge (?).
The reason why he must return to his previous misery whilst knowing of the pretense and isolation waiting for him in the Imperial Palace.
‘I can’t be next to Esther like this. I can’t help her.”
Noah laughed softly. As his eyes bent into crescent moons, Esther’s smile was envisioned in his mind.
I noticed Esther had been repeating ‘Everything that happened was like a dream’ the whole time. It’s truly sweet and heartwarming to see her have fun, I feel so good for her. Noah, you good boy. Sebastian, I hope you find a nice person. Judy, Dennis, Darwin, you’re amazing. Brions, I’ll be looking out for you.
Guys, it’s been such a long journey… I’m sad to say I’ll be dropping this novel, but it’s been amazing until now, hasn’t it? Happy Christmas!!
I won’t be dropping it, for those who were tricked I’m just playing. This is just the last update until next year. Have a nice day!
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