Novel Name : A Saint who was Adopted by the Grand Duke

A Saint who was Adopted by the Grand Duke - Chapter 75

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However, she didn’t spot anything strange as she put her mana into effect.
She continued observing to see if BamBam would react in any way, but that didn’t seem to be the case.
“Are you really okay?”
Esther tilted her head and let BamBam free.
BamBam only stared at Esther and hissed.
She now learned that mana operated regardless of whether the entity receiving it was a person or animal.
She recklessly poured her powers to BamBam.“Phew, this should be enough.”
She knew that the sword was not digestible. She hoped BamBam would spit it out later on.
BamBam blinked her eyes for a while before returning to her cushion in the corner.
“I was really surprised.”
Esther swept her chest and sat on the bed. She was so shocked that sweat had started to form on her forehead.
Esther signed exhaustedly when a gold basin beside BamBam’s cushion caught her eye.
“A bowl…”
A brilliant idea sprang to her mind. Rather than being anxious, there was always a way to solve anything.
She would try to connect through holy water.
Esther brought forth a bottle of holy water that she had intended to give Noah. It was just right for the experiment because it contained a hefty amount of mana.
After confirming the door was locked, she placed the basin on the desk and poured holy water to fill the surface.
“I wish to see you.”
Esther had tried a few times after succeeding in the garden, but they were all letdowns. She didn’t have much expectation now.
Esther stared into the basin. No matter how intensely she focused, nothing changed with the water’s condition.
The security of the temple seemed to have increased. She grimaced and prayed while saying, ‘Please show me anything’. At that moment, the surface began to vibrate.
‘Ah! It’s working.’
Her grasp on the basin gained strength. Esther witnessed the familiar room she had previously stood in.
It was the room of Saint Cespia.
Connecting with the Saint seemed to have become easier since she had previously met her.
“… Is she moving?”
The last time they met, it seemed impossible for Cespia to even budge, but here she was, standing and tending to the flowers.
Startled, Esther brought her face closer to the basin. Cespia turned to look at her.
Esther held her breath as they maintained eye contact. Cespia smiled and moved her lips.
She seemed to be saying something, but the surface was shaking too much for Esther to make out her words. The water quickly scattered.
Even after the connection ended, Esther couldn’t easily remove her hands from the basin and just blinked.
“You seem healthier.”
Certainly, compared to the last time they met, the Saint’s condition seemed to have improved immensely. Just knowing that fact put her at ease.
The training room of the Central Temple.
Rabienne was taking her Saint Candidate classes at the same time and place every day.
At the end of her class, Priest Kyle appeared wandering in front of the training room. His face seemed anxious.
After a while, the door opened where Rabienne appeared alongside a high priest. A bright smile appeared on his face.
“Lady Rabienne!”
Kyle took the opportunity to quickly call out Rabienne’s name.
At that moment, Rabienne’s face hardened. She didn’t imagine he would pretend to be acquainted with her so quickly.
Rabienne, aware of her surroundings, made sure to keep her smiling expression.
“Priest Kyle. What’s wrong?”
While Rabienne pretended to be surprised by his sudden visit, Kyle approached her eagerly.
“Didn’t you ask me for a request the last time?”
Rabienne’s smile deepened. She was annoyed by the way he emphasized the word ‘request’. Nonetheless, she skillfully swerved his remarks.
“Ah, I remember. Please wait a second.”
The high priest who stood beside her raised an eyebrow curiously. For fear of escalating the situation, she smiled his way.
“I asked the Priest to help me interpret ancient letters. I heard that Sir Kyle was skilled in that field… I’ll chat with him a bit before I leave.”
“Of course. Then, I’ll see you in class tomorrow.”
“Yes, High Priest.”
Rabienne lowered her head and bit her lip. Her annoyance soared at the thought that Kyle would have nothing to tell her.
“Shall we head to a quiet place and speak?”
“Yes, that’ll be great.”
It wouldn’t be convenient for many people to find her alone with Kyle.
Kyle followed Rabienne, his expression ecstatic.
Rabienne inspected the backyard to see if anyone was there before asking.
“You must have found something important enough to meet me, right?”
“No children have been officially adopted by the Grand Duke from the temple. I asked around and confirmed myself.”
Rabienne sighed. So he caused all this fuss just to tell her this.
“I see. It must have been a false rumor.”
“Yes. And I found out by chance…”
Kyle glanced around and held his breath. Rabienne’s eyes glimmered at the sight.
“There was one child that Duke Darwin himself took from the temple.”
However, this too was something Rabienne knew beforehand.
“Do you mean Diana?”
“Ah, did you know!?”
When Rabienne didn’t react as he expected, Kyle couldn’t help but shout in surprise.
“She was a saint candidate. She also took classes with me.”
“Ah, she was your friend.”
Kyle nodded in affirmation as Rabienne added.
“The name Diana is correct. Isn’t it bizarre how Duke Darwin took the child from the temple?”
“I don’t understand that either.”
How flustered she was the time Diana left the temple.
Rabienne shook her head as she recalled their last encounter.
“Anyhow, there was no one but her, right?”
“That’s right. It was difficult to find a connection between Diana and the child adopted by the Grand Duke… Shall I search more?”
Kyle naturally planned for the next time. This was to create an excuse to continue meeting Rabienne.
“No, this will be enough. I was just curious.”
However, Rabienne firmly cut Kyle off. He was not the type of person one should keep close.
“Yes. Then please find me whenever you need help again.”
“Thank you. Priest.”
Rabienne smiled and turned around before her expression dramatically converted.
‘Like a serpent.’
T/N: Like you aren’t, hypocrite.
She was glad to remove him now. It was clear he wished to cling to her while seeking an opportunity for himself.
“But, I didn’t expect to think about her this much.”
She didn’t like the thought of Diana’s constant reappearance.
Rabienne clasped her lips bitterly before abruptly coming to a stop.
“Wait… Didn’t she also have ash-brown hair?”
She was a child that lacked presence. So much so that only a hazy impression remained in one’s mind. But strangely enough, Rabienne recalled the moment she said goodbye for the last time.
Rabienne quickly walked back to the training room. She rummaged through the documents on her desk.
Among them, she pulled the paper she’d been searching for. Close to 10 candidates’ names were listed on that paper.
It was a list that recorded the children with ash-gray hair after Rabienne heard Saint Cespia’s revelation.
“It can’t be.”
The list was created after Diana left, so her name was not included.
Rabienne crumpled the paper and searched through her memory. Diana had ash-gray hair.
“It’s just a bad coincidence.”
She felt too uncomfortable to let this simply pass.
She sat and proceeded to write a letter back to her father, asking him to send a person to the Grand Duchy.
Late in the evening.
Noah took advantage of the night and secretly entered the Imperial Palace.
Thanks to the Emperor’s direct escort, he was able to enter smoothly. He didn’t run into anyone.
This would be considered an informal meeting as Noah was banned from accessing under the curse of God.
The Emperor, who had been anxiously waiting for Noah’s arrival, jumped and ran at the sound of the door opening.
The Emperor’s eyes reddened as he observed Noah approaching him with a bright smile and healthy feet.
“…It’s real. You were recovering.”
He couldn’t believe Noah’s condition. It wasn’t long ago when they notified him that Noah was unconscious and he would have to prepare his heart.
“Your Majesty, it’s been a while.”
“Come closer. Let me hug you.”
Although friendly, the Emperor was not a person who openly displayed his affection.
He couldn’t bear it any longer and embraced Noah. Noah teared up by the warmth he hadn’t felt in a while.
“Well… Have you been well?”
“How could I have lived reassuringly after sending you off in such a state?”
Noah was diagnosed with the disease and deported for about two years.
He had changed significantly during that time.
The Emperor was overwhelmed with guilt as he observed the much more mature version of Noah.
“I am sorry. I couldn’t protect you because I was weak.”
“It’s not father’s fault. It was because I fell ill.”
“Still, I should have protected you until the very end… I didn’t hold onto you. I regretted my decision every passing day.”
The day Noah was driven away by the temple. Noah’s back as he was forced away by the paladins appeared in his dreams every night, tormenting him endlessly.
Not a single day went by that he didn’t think of Noah as he was sent to the sanctuary.
“I can only say I am truly sorry.”
“I’m really fine now. I’m rather glad that I was kicked from the Imperial Palace.”
The Emperor smiled brightly as he observed that Noah had grown enough to comfort him.
“Boy, you’re all grown up.”
He’d gotten so tall. His eyes filled with sadness as he gazed at his newly grown son, whom he hadn’t visited once.
“Please don’t let go of me again. You who didn’t say a word back then. I’m begging you.”
“Then father will be in trouble. I don’t wish to hurt father because of me.”
“There must be a reason why you’ve come looking for me after remaining quiet all this time, is that right?”
The Emperor’s eyes gleamed as he patted Noah’s head affectionately.
Noah spoke valiantly as if he had been waiting for the question.
“Yes. I want to find my place again.”
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