Novel Name : A Saint who was Adopted by the Grand Duke

A Saint who was Adopted by the Grand Duke - Chapter 83

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Benjamin was convinced that persuading the majority was impossible when Noah revealed his strategy a year ago.
This was due to the fact that Noah had never established any political capability during his reign until he was prohibited from the Imperial Palace.
Nonetheless, Benjamin was drawn to Noah’s brilliant eyes and accepted his offer. In the end, Noah proved his assumptions wrong.
“I am no longer able to picture the Prince as anything else. I am looking forward to the day the meeting will be held.”
The Noah Benjamin stood in front of was a competent figure, a person with the ability to execute his work flawlessly.
It goes without saying that he was far superior to Damon.
“Thank you, but there is still one person remaining. It’s too early for you to congratulate me.”
Noah rubbed his nose, embarrassed by Benjamin’s praise.
“Let’s cease talking and sit. This will be our last night here. Palen, don’t just stand there.”
Noah called for Palen, who stood in the far corner and helped the two of them to the sofa.
Then, he brought out the wine and filled three glasses.
It was a wine weak enough for a non-adult like Noah to enjoy.
“The Crown Prince selection meeting has ultimately been scheduled for the end of next month.”
“I’m glad I finished my work before then.”
The three silently clinked their glasses and congratulated each other for their hard work.
Noah’s lips were tinted a bright red as he took a sip of his wine. The boy’s smiling face was even more captivating.
Benjamin glanced Noah’s way, awestruck.
When the three of them were together, he was nothing more than a child, but in front of the nobles, he appeared to be a person who had gone through all sorts of difficulties before and after birth.
“Will you depart tomorrow?”
“Yep, There is nothing left for me to tend to.”
Carrying luggage would have been inconvenient for a person who constantly moved about.
“The destination must be Tersia, is that right?”
“Yes. We can finally meet again.”
Noah’s lips twitched. Esther appeared in his bright eyes.
As Benjamin stood perplexed by Noah’s words, Palen tilted his wine glass and replied playfully.
“I know you missed the lady very much.”
“Me? Why do you think so?”
Startled, Noah put down the glass he was holding.
“Didn’t you sleep with the painting at your bedside every night?”
“That’s… Mm, that’s right.”
Noah laughed softly. He was embarrassed.
He always kept the portrait beside him as Esther’s substitute, but it was uncalled for that Palen knew of this fact.
“I hope Esther didn’t forget about me.”
Noah’s eyelids fell heavily as he buried himself deep into the one-seat sofa.
News of Esther was constantly delivered to him through the person he planted.
Even if he wasn’t able to meet her face to face, Noah would always observe her from a distance during official parties.
Unlike Noah, Esther would have never heard from him all this time.
It worried him whether she had forgotten about him or not.
“As I’ve reported several times, the lady has constantly met with Sebastian, the son of a Duke. Don’t be hurt if she doesn’t remember.”
At Palen’s indifferent tone, Noah licked his lips.
He engraved the name in his memory, a grim expression on his face.
“…Still, I want to see you soon.”
Noah’s eyes were affectionately immersed in his memories. His memories with Esther.
In the afternoon.
Esther’s ears perked as she played with Shur on the bed.
“What’s that sound?”
A commotion occurred from outside. She jumped and ran to the window, curious as to what was causing such a ruckus.
“Uh? Brother Dennis.”
As she thrust herself outside the window, she could see Dennis leaving the wagon.
It had been nearly a month since he left for the capital city to study.
Esther joyfully called for Dennis, and he in turn waved his hand enthusiastically.
Esther smiled broadly and rushed to meet him.
“Be careful. You’ll get hurt running like this.”
Dennis smiled as he witnessed Esther’s childish behavior.
“Oh? Even Shur came.”
Shur had also been following Esther’s steps. The baby snake twirled around him.
“I think Shur also missed brother.”
“Only Shur?”
Although Esther improved significantly in facing others, she was still not talented at expressing her feelings. She knelt to hold Shur in means to avoid his question.
“Let’s go inside for now.”
Dennis gently guided Esther inside the mansion.
Dorothy happily observed the cute siblings sitting beside each other on the sofa before running to the kitchen.
“I’ll prepare some refreshments. My lady favors warm milk the most… Do you prefer black tea, master?”
“Yes. Please don’t add sugar.”
“I understand.”
Dennis turned his attention to Esther and pulled a small gift box from the bag he had brought.
“Ta-da! Here’s a gift.”
Esther’s eyes rounded as she held the box between her hands. As she untied the ribbon, a bracelet appeared.
“Wow! It’s so pretty.”
Purple amethyst was situated in the center. The peculiar design piqued her interest.
“Do you like it?”
“A lot.”
Esther smiled brightly and put on the bracelet immediately. The accessory suited her clear and soft skin.
“I happened to see the display as I strolled about. It reminded me of you, so I bought it. If you wish, we can go together next time for another one.”
She didn’t hold any desire for accessories but was grateful knowing Dennis thought of her while he was away.
“Let’s go together.”
Esther and Dennis had a backlog of conversations as they savored the refreshments Dorothy prepared.
At that time, Judy went down the stairs, his face still half-asleep.
Shock engulfed Judy the moment he turned his stiff shoulders as he spotted Dennis sitting before him.
“What? When’d you get here?”
“Just now. Though, are you still sleeping?”
The time now…
“I took a nap. I don’t have enough energy to work out in the afternoon. But did you only buy Esther a present? What about mine?”
Judy’s gaze landed on the opened box on the table.
“Of course I didn’t.”
“You’re so mean, really.”
The two quarreled the moment they met. The mansion erupted with their squabbles.
Esther focused on eating the cake in front of her. She was used to this.
“Your muscles are bulging, yet you wish to work out more? Are you addicted?”
“It’s manly and nice. You’re so rude. Why don’t you work out with me instead?”
“Rude? Compared to you, I’m much better.”
“What nonsense are you talking about? Alright, then let’s ask Esther.”
The center of the conversation suddenly shifted to Esther.
“Esther, which one is it?”
“Is it me or Judy?”
Esther swallowed the milk in her mouth as they directed their question towards her.
She wiped her mouth with a napkin and answered confidently.
“That’s out of the question!”
Judy agitatedly urged Esther to choose between the two.
The doorbell rang, an unannounced visitor entered.
“Who’s supposed to be here?”
“It must be father’s guest.”
“Father’s out right now.”
The three titled their heads and turned to the front door.
“I will check.”
Delbert took notice of the bell and headed to the entrance.
And upon his return, he exchanged glances with the three and said.
“Young master Judy, young master Sebastian has come.”
“Huh? So suddenly? Why? Did he come to see me?”
“Yes. He asked to enter.”
Recently, Sebastian had frequently entered and left Tersia.
Judy fumbled through his memories in case they agreed to meet separately.
Amidst his bewilderment, Sebastian took the chance and entered, a bright smile on his face.
“You’re all gathered together.”
Esther looked at Sebastian dressed neatly.
‘He lost weight again.’
His face changed every time she encountered him. Now, she could only make out a sharp jaw. No fat.
Not only did Sebastian lose weight, but he also attended short-term academies like Judy. His physique changed drastically.
The present Sebastian was a good-looking young adult that anyone would be attracted to.
“Dennis, it’s been a while.”
“I know. Your body is beginning to resemble Judy’s even more.”
“I will take it as a compliment. Esther… Hi.”
Sebastian greeted Esther and skillfully ignored Dennis muttering ‘It’s not a compliment’.
While Esther received his greeting, Judy glared at Sebastian and stood in front of her.
“What do you want?”
“This. I’m here to give you an invitation. My birthday is next week.”
“I already know?”
He’s already taken in Sebastian’s chattering of his upcoming anniversary dozens of times.
There was no need to bring an invitation. Sebastian knew Judy would attend.
“Yes. I have a favor to ask Esther.”
Judy observed Sebastian’s shy fidgeting and crossed his arms firmly.
“That’s why you’re here, right? That’s not what you said.”
“I’m asking Esther, not you.”
Sebastian did not give in and courageously approached Esther.
This time, Dennis stretched his arm to prevent him from coming any closer.
“Say it there.”
“Alright. Then…”
Sebastian’s trembling blue eyes met Esther’s amethyst pupils.
Sebastian froze at that moment before licking his lips and clenching his fists.
“Esther, can you be my partner on the day of my anniversary?”
Sebastian’s flushed face brimmed with embarrassment.
He offered Esther to receive the invitation letter he wrote by hand, word by word.
However, even before Esther could reach her hand, the invitation was torn in half by the work of Judy and Dennis.
“Right. Esther is too young.”
Sebastian let out a silent shriek as he watched his hard work torn before his eyes.
“Do you know how many times I rewrote that? You’re so mean!”
Okay, Judy and Dennis deserve a scolding because I know how it feels to have your hard work ruined before your eyes
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