Novel Name : A Saint who was Adopted by the Grand Duke

A Saint who was Adopted by the Grand Duke - Chapter 84

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Esther’s heart flowed with sympathy towards Sebastian as he faced the wrath of her older brothers. She silently fell in thought.
‘This is the fourth time now.’
This was the fourth time he had proposed to be her partner.
In addition, he’d rush to Esther during every party and ask for a dance.
She refused every time, but he persistently clung onto her. Perhaps she should accept his request now.
‘It wouldn’t be difficult.’
Moreover, this was Sebastian’s anniversary. She resolved to do him this favor as a birthday gift.
“I accept.”
The three’s eyes dilated uncontrollably at Esther’s easygoing response.
Their reactions varied greatly.
Sebastian, who was delighted, Judy, who scowled his way, and Dennis, who doubted his sense of hearing.
“Really? You won’t take back your words later?”
“You and Sebastian??”
“…I must have heard wrong.”
Of course, Esther’s decision stood firm. She did take courtship seriously before this, however.
‘There’s no Noah.’
The reason why she turned down Sebastian’s hand thus far was because of her previous promise to Noah.
However, Noah had disappeared for over a year. She had no idea where he left or how he was doing.
Although he informed her in advance, she couldn’t help but feel disappointed.
‘It’s not that hard to tell me how you’re doing from time to time.’
A slight resentment was rising within her heart.
Esther scooped a spoonful of the sweet cake to remove Noah from her mind.
A week later.
Noah left the Capital. The luggage he held was simple enough to accommodate one bag.
He and Palen departed in a wagon pretty much empty-handed. They eventually arrived at the Tersia territory.
Benjamin didn’t accompany the two. He decided to join after their return on account of his work.
“You arrived on time.”
“Yes. I’m glad I wasn’t too late. I almost made the Grand Duke wait. I have to look presentable.”
Today was the day scheduled to meet Darwin. Although the location of the rendezvous was not the Duke’s residence.
Instead, they agreed to gather at a cafe designated by Darwin.
The streets he passed by per Darwin’s directions were all vacant.
Everything was so quiet and lifeless that he doubted his sense of direction. However, the name of the building Noah stood before spelled the correct location, so he erased his suspicions with ease.
“Eclad… This is it.”
Noah nodded as he ascertained the large bold letters across the front of the property.
He hardened tensely at the fact that he would stand face to face against Darwin. Darwin was a particularly difficult person to deal with. His sharp eyes and demeanor would be hard to uphold.
Noah took a deep breath and opened the door to greet Ben standing in front of him.
Noah glanced into the store. Seeing that it was empty, clearly this place wasn’t meant for commercial purposes.
“The person who arrived with the Prince will have to remain here. I will escort the Prince separately. Come this way.”
He entered the hallways under the guidance of Ben and soon reached a room.
Noah could discern Darwin’s figure leisurely looking out the window.
“Long time no see, Grand Duke.”
Noah walked inside and presented Darwin a friendly greeting.
Darwin’s gaze slowly turned to Noah.
“You seem healthy. That’s a relief.”
As Ben withdrew the chair opposite to Darwin, Noah gently creased his eyes and situated himself comfortably.
“Of course. I told you last time that my disease has healed.”
“I thought there was a problem as you suddenly disappeared from the territory.”
“Did you look for me?”
Noah pulled the chair, a surprised expression on his face.
Darwin sent an annoyed glare at Noah’s way as the boy interpreted his words as he pleased. His tone was cold.
“…I didn’t search for you. I was simply curious as the person who asked to stay in my territory abruptly left.”
It was at that time Ben appeared with brewed coffee for the two.
As soon as Noah moved his lips to take a sip from the steaming cup, Darwin lowered his eyes and asked.
“What is your purpose for today?”
“I think the time has come to keep the words I spoke previously.”
“The Crown Prince selection.”
“That’s right.”
Noah answered promptly, and then smiled whilst finishing his cup.
Unlike the usual coffee, the bitter taste was much stronger. His eyes wrinkled.
“The coffee is quite… bitter.”
Darwin only slightly nodded in response.
“As I said before, my ban will be lifted soon. I’m done talking to my father.”
Sunlight poured through the large windows. The heavy gazes flickered against the bright light.
“What have you been doing for a year and a half?”
“I continued to gather people to support me. If I burst into the meeting as I was, I would have been canceled by Damon.”
Even as Darwin gazed at him fiercely, Noah did not avoid his deep green eyes. Darwin highly appreciated his unfaltering attitude.
“Looking at your expression, you must have done well.”
Noah placed both hands on his lap. The atmosphere altered, a serious expression on his face.
“I’m sure you are aware that the date of the Crown Prince election has been set?”
“I have been notified.”
“Please support me during the meeting.”
Darwin raised the corners of his lips, clearly enjoying Noah’s act of courageously asking for his vote.
“Did you collect the majority?”
“Of course.”
To communicate effectively, Noah paused his speech for a moment and resumed.
“The Grand Duke also does not favor the Temple. If Damon rose to the title of Crown Prince, the impact the Temple has on the Empire will only grow greater than it is now.”
Noah calmly explained why he would be the better choice. He sent Darwin a desperate gaze.
“Please help me one more time. The debt I owe will be paid off slowly.”
Darwin’s response was refreshing to the ear.
Originally, he intended to select Noah, so there wasn’t much to be worried about.
Even if his claim to have gathered the majority was false, it didn’t matter. He settled to see with his own eyes.
“Phew, that’s a relief. I was so nervous you would reject me.”
Noah acted dignified, but the reality was his trembling self. He was not yet ready to properly face Darwin.
Darwin couldn’t help but chuckle as Noah’s complexion noticeably brightened in response to his confirmation.
‘He’s still a kid.’
Noah grinned candidly when he suddenly pretended to recall something and hinted at Darwin.
“How is Esther doing?”
At that moment, Darwin’s finger came in contact with the coffee mug before flinching and falling.
“She’s well.”
“That’s a relief. I’ve been wanting to see her for a while. Will she be home at this time?”
Darwin’s previously softened eyes sharpened instantly.
“She left with my sons for a party today.”
“Who is the host of the party?”
“The son of the Duke of Vissel.”
As soon as Noah heard the name Vissel, he retorted with a raised voice.
“From Sebastian?”
“That’s right.”
He felt uncomfortable at the name that was often accompanied with Esther’s mention.
“Esther and the Duke’s son aren’t getting engaged, or planning to… right?”
“That won’t happen.”
Darwin responded sharply and lowered his body in a threatening manner. Noah held his breath at the abrupt change in atmosphere.
“If it’s an engagement, then Prince Damon has also suggested the same.”
“Brother with Esther? That’s ridiculous.”
You could tell from his reaction how flustered he was. Noah’s voice, more elevated than before, could no longer be maintained.
“Will you accept?”
Noah’s composure, which he did not lose even whilst dealing with Darwin, shattered in an instant.
His embarrassed feelings were clearly conveyed to Darwin, and Darwin was not a person who could not notice the meaning.
‘As expected, Esther has a different heart.’
Noah seemed nervous when he first arrived, so Darwin couldn’t help but understand at first glance, seeing his overflow of emotions.
Darwin bore a displeased expression and glanced at Noah up and down.
“I will not accept anyone.”
“…No one?”
“Yes. Our Esther said she doesn’t have any intention of getting married.”
“Wouldn’t it be difficult to keep Esther even after she becomes an adult?”
“What would be the issue? Money, territories, I’m overflowing with them.”
Everything he said was evident. Although Noah aspired to persuade him as he had the intention of proposing to Esther.
TN: Boy, don’t make fast decisions we don’t want this to be the tragedy of Noah and Esther aight
However, Darwin glanced at the clock and rose from his seat.
“I think we’ve had enough conversation.”
“…Yes. I will see you at the meeting.”
They shook hands and Darwin immediately left.
Noah could be seen trudging only a while after, mumbling like a soulless body.
“I didn’t know Damon had an eye on Esther. I didn’t even think of this…”
“What’s wrong? You have to go meet the lady.”
“She isn’t here. Esther’s attending the birthday party of the son of Vissel.”
Palen sent a pitiful glance as Noah slumped on the stairs, his shoulders drooping.
He couldn’t see his excited appearance at the thought of meeting Esther from before.
“Then why don’t we visit the Vissel territory instead?”
“Isn’t it too late?”
“No. It is right next door, so we’ll reach the place in about an hour. Hopefully, we can arrive at the start of the banquet.”
Even if Noah left for the Vissel territory, he would only see her from afar as usual.
Still, his ominous premonition urged him to appear in front of Esther as soon as possible.
Of course, he also wanted to see her.
“Palen, let’s go.”
Noah jumped from his seat.
In any case, even if everything were the same as now, nothing would be achieved with his remaining here.
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