Novel Name : A Saint who was Adopted by the Grand Duke

A Saint who was Adopted by the Grand Duke - Chapter 94

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The current atmosphere that existed in the conference room was strained. The manifestation was to proceed.
Noah put on a relaxed stance, but he was very nervous.
‘It’ll work out fine.’
He observed those who would support him at today’s meeting one by one until his eyes made contact with Darwin, who had previously arrived.
The fiery green pupils gazed Noah’s way.
The boy’s back chilled as he recalled Darwin’s cautioning Esther to avoid meeting him.
While Noah nervously turned away from his gaze, the Emperor made a final appearance.
Everyone stood for formalities, and the meeting launched after the Emperor seated himself.
“Today is quite crucial, as you all know. This will be a meeting conducted to elect the Crown Prince, who will become my next successor. I hope everyone will be sensible and careful.”
Damon’s stomach was churning. Not being able to hold it in much longer, he raised his hand.
“I have an objection. There are candidates which do not have the right to uphold their position.”
“They have been reinstated yesterday evening, therefore they are fully qualified.”
However, the Emperor calmly blocked Damon from continuing. Everyone couldn’t help but pass by the thought that Noah was more of a certified successor than Damon.
Damon gazed at the Emperor in utter despair. He felt all his efforts the past three years crumble in vain.
“We have not been notified of this. It is not possible for a person cursed by God to be nominated into such a position.”
The High Priests sitting beside Rabienne also protested in an attempt to empower Damon.
The Emperor was a person capable of predicting such a rebound in advance. His response flowed amicably.
“The curse of God laid upon Prince Noah has been lifted. I have heard that there has never been a case in which someone managed to recover from the illness. It is a miracle he was able to be cured.”
This was a fact only Noah and the Emperor knew about, so the room naturally erupted into small chatter.
“Pardon? What exactly do you mean he was healed?”
“This illness is an incurable disease that no one has ever been able to survive. That is why it is called the curse of God.”
The priests raised their voices one after the other. They were convinced it was impossible.
“Then, Noah was blessed by God.”
“…It is hard to believe. Confirmation will be required.”
The Emperor nodded silently as the priests continued with their ramble.
“Do not worry. You will have a chance to do so soon. We will discuss this again after the meeting.”
The Emperor preserved Noah and pushed forth the momentum to continue with their original purpose.
Damon’s anxiety grew as he realized that expelling Noah from the candidacy would be impossible.
‘I have the Temple.’
Still, he pulled himself together. He couldn’t lose to a person who appeared out of nowhere.
The vote was anonymous. There were a total of 23 votes, including the 20 participants, the 2 princes, and the Emperor’s.
Everyone simultaneously scribbled the name of the prince whom they supported. Not long after, the results were released.
“…Per the calculations, Prince Noah triumphed with 13 votes, while Prince Damon achieved a total of 10 votes.”
The Emperor’s aide, the person conducting the conference, announced the tally.
The Emperor immediately acknowledged the termination.
“According to the results of a fair vote, the Crown Prince will be decided as Noah.”
Noah and Damon’s joy and sorrow were greatly contrasted. Damon rose from his seat, unable to admit his loss.
“This is absurd. To suddenly appear and become the Crown Prince? The votes must have been manipulated!”
The Emperor gazed at Damon sympathetically and attempted to calm him down.
“There was no manipulation. If we attempt to repeat the process right now, it would result in the same outcome.”
“However, Your Majesty, we are also unable to understand. It isn’t right for the Crown Prince candidate’s qualifications to be this simple and easy.”
The Temple’s support also reacted fiercely.
This was because Damon’s becoming the Crown Prince would act as a benefit for them. They wouldn’t be able to convince Noah as much as they did Damon.
A light sigh escaped from the Emperor’s mouth. He knew the Temple wouldn’t be able to accept Noah’s sudden appearance, but seeing their open disapproval gave him mixed feelings.
“Let us go to the interview room and speak on the matter. You may also verify Noah’s physical condition. Then there will be no complaints.”
Eventually, the results of the meeting were put on hold. The Emperor accompanied Noah and the priests to the reception room.
After the examination done by the High Priests, Noah answered a few questions and left the interview room.
“I hope father will be alright.”
From the moment he stepped outside the room, the matter became a political battle between the Imperial family and the Temple. It was not a place the young Noah could take part in.
After Noah returned to the conference room to pack up his materials, everyone had already left.
Except for one person.
Rabienne, who had been waiting for Noah, welcomed him gladly.
Noah glanced at Rabienne and swiped his head the other way. His current expression was opposite of the one he always presented Esther.
“Why are you acting that way?”
Rabienne bewilderedly looked at Noah as she spoke formally.
“…Speak to me for a moment.”
“Do tell me here.”
“Why don’t we stroll together for a while?”
“I plan to meet the nobles who participated separately.”
Rabienne slowly approached Noah, disappointed at Noah’s blatant rejection.
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“What happened? I was very worried when you suddenly disappeared from the sanctuary.”
Noah tilted his head sideways and looked down at Rabienne.
“You, worried about me?”
“Yes! You know I visited regularly. You could’ve let me know before you left. I thought something bad had happened, so I searched for you desperately.”
The moment she witnessed Noah, she was both angry and relieved. Rabienne’s eyes, teary with emotions that she wasn’t even aware of, turned red.
“You don’t mean to cry, do you?”
Noah gazed coldly at Rabienne’s pitiful appearance.
“I won’t.”
“Rabienne, no. Should I call you the Saint now? Anyway, I don’t know why you are acting like this.”
Noah took a step closer and recited his words clearly, one by one, as if engraving them in Rabienne’s mind.
“Why should I tell you when I wish to leave? Why are you worried about me?”
The way Rabienne gazed at Noah was filled with affection mixed with resentment.
Anyone else would have already fallen for that innocent face, but Noah knew very well Rabienne’s twisted reality.
“I’d hope you didn’t keep crossing the line. It is rather uncomfortable and inconvenient for me. We may have been engaged in the past, but now we are less than nothing.”
Listening to Noah as he drew a clear line distorted Rabienne’s beautiful face.
It was definitely her who carried out the breakup with Noah, but she sincerely felt miserable with their every encounter.
“Did you truly get better?”
Rabienne’s eyes widened. Her expression was the same as that of the priests who confirmed his condition the moment they came into contact with his body.
“I can’t believe it. Did a miracle really happen?”
Noah gazed at Rabienne indifferently. He tapped the table with his slim fingers as if bored.
“I presume we will see each other often in the future, so let’s get along like before.”
“I guess I seem useful to you again.”
“It’s not like that…!”
Rabienne tried to raise her voice tearfully before suppressing herself. She calmly spoke.
”As you are aware, I will soon become a Saint. If you and I can get along well, you will have the Temple on your side. Wouldn’t that be lovely?”
She struggled to maintain her appearance and slowly reached out to Noah.
Noah glanced at her despicable hand for a moment and smiled before passing by her.
“I will never join hands with the Temple. Even more so with you.”
Noah retorted with so much hostility that Rabienne froze in her spot.
She immediately came to her senses and tried to follow Noah who had long left the conference room.
However, Prince Damon entered at the same time. It seemed both he and Noah had crossed each other on the way.
“Are you still here?”
Rabienne’s expression hardened the moment she witnessed Damon, but she smiled tenderly and greeted him.
“I am sorry about what happened today. Were you surprised?”
“That is what I am saying. Though, the results have been put on hold, so I believe the Temple will continue to work hard.”
“Of course. We are on the same side as the Prince.”
It seemed like a strong relationship at first glance, but neither side contained an ounce of sincerity.
It was already late in the evening by the time Darwin returned home from the meeting at the Imperial Palace.
He headed for the study and called Delbert, the butler.
“Alright, did anything happen to the kids?”
No matter how exhausted he was, Darwin could never rest before hearing the reports regarding the children.
He was constantly curious about the children whenever he was away for work. It was like he had separation anxiety.
“Yes. Master Judy was busy learning swordsmanship, and Master Dennis was confined to the library as usual. Lady Esther ate and played well.”
They have also been to the slums, but Esther asked the butler to leave the information from the report as she would mention the topic herself.
“I see.”
Only after receiving the children’s daily routine did Darwin relax himself. His worries melted away.
After Delbert completed several additional reports and left the study, Ben entered the room.
“Your Grace. I have received news that would be of use to you, so I am here to let you know.”
Darwin observed Ben’s solemn expression and slowly raised his body from the sofa.
“What’s going on?”
“Do you recall Lucifer, the person you ordered to be tracked last year?”
Darwin’s eyes turned frigid upon hearing the familiar name.
“Did you find him?”
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As had been informed by the old woman, Lucifer was the person who had brought Esther to the slums.
“We haven’t found them yet, but we seem to have spotted traces.”
Ben extended a paper towards Darwin.
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