Novel Name : A Saint who was Adopted by the Grand Duke

A Saint who was Adopted by the Grand Duke - Chapter 99

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Updated: Mar 14
“Yes, of course.”
Delbert was flustered by his sudden request, but maintained a calm attitude and accompanied him there.
Just then, a scream erupted from behind the mansion. Delbert’s face fell into one of contemplation. The servants were very often bitten by snakes.
‘Who got hurt this time…?’
“Shouldn’t you go?”
Brions encouraged the troubled Delbert.
“Come back. I will walk alone in the meantime.”
“I’ll be right back.”
It bothered him to leave the Duke alone, but he eased his mind at the thought that there were security guards patrolling frequently.
Thanks to this, Brions brought time and looked around the garden buisily.
On account of Darwin’s mention that he sent the children outside, he was highly expecting to run into Esther.
And soon after, he was able to find two children playing in the garden.
‘I found her!’
Brions quickened his steps to where Esther was, singing pleasure inside.
“Don’t you think Cheese wants to climb the tree?”
“This big tree? Is that even possible?”
Esther was spending a good time with Judy and Cheese.
But when she heard footsteps and turned her head to see Brions approaching, embarrassment took over her. Her body turned stiff.
Judy also spotted Brions and tilted his head, wondering why he was approaching them.
Brions stood in front of the two and asked in a friendly, welcoming tone.
“Do you remember me?”
“…Yes, hello.”
Of course, both Judy and Esther recognized him as they often ran into each other at gatherings.
Esther also nodded at Judy’s greeting.
She was aware that Father was to meet Duke Brions this afternoon.
However, it was strange how the Duke was wandering the garden without her Father.
“It is nice to see you here.”
Since Brions made an appearance, his eyes never left Esther.
As Esther blinked her pink eyes while hiding behind Judy, her eyes gradually filled with suspicion.
“Shall we shake hands?”
Brions deliberately reached out to Judy, asking for a handshake.
And that hand naturally turned towards Esther.
“You too?”
It was a simple greeting, so Esther was forced to accept.
At the moment, Brions tilted sideways and scruitionied her small hand. This was to confirm if she possessed the Saint’s awareness.
However, Esther was recently able to control her awareness at will, so she was able to conceal it well.
‘She definitely looks like Catherine.’
Brions’s eyes turned cold as he recalled Catherine.
‘If you are really Catherine’s daughter, because of you, our Rabienne…’
A child who changed the fate of Rabienne, the child deserving the title of the Saint. His anger increased at the thought.
Even if Catherine had a daughter, she would never be welcomed by Brions.
The child of a woman who ran a simple tea house should not have seen the world.
He regretted not properly confirming that she was pregnant and carrying his child.
In addition to the fact that he didn’t catch Catherine till the very end.
Esther clutched Judy’s arm tightly, uncomfortable of Brions’s fierce gaze directing her way.
‘It was like this at the party last time, too.’
After that one time they made eye contact, it was not an illusion he did the same during the following occasions.
She couldn’t understand why he was showing such interest when he wasn’t aware she was a Saint.
Judy stepped forward to hide Esther from the Duke, feeling her discomfort.
Before they knew it, Cheese had come beside him and scowled, her back arched and her fur puffed-up.
“Why are you here? Aren’t you supposed to meet our father?”
“I’m already on my way back from meeting the Duke. I just wanted to walk for a while.”
“Then take your time. We’ll go our way.”
Judy covered Esther while alert and turned around when the Duke rushed to seize her arm.
Esther was too surprised by the sudden action to remove her arm. She stared at him blankly.
“Do you remember anything about your mother?”
For a brief moment, Brions and Esther’s eyes met properly.
Their distance was close. There existed a strange atmosphere between the two that was difficult to explain in words.
“I don’t have a mother.”
Esther arrived to her senses late before pulling her arm away in disgust.
Judy rushed and glared at him threateningly. The child’s eyes were brutal.
“Don’t touch Esther.”
“I’m sorry. It was my mistake.”
Brions hurriedly made excuses and tried to stick a few more words in to clear his image, but Judy quickly moved away with Esther.
“Like son, like father.”
At that time, Evian slowly approached the troubled Duke while clicking his tongue.
“Oh? Aren’t you the Duke of Brions? How can I…!”
The escorts standing behind the Duke tried to stop him, but Evian pretended to be oblivious to their existence.
Interested in the young boy’s appearance, Brions turned indifferently and spoke.
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“Do you know me?”
“Of course. No one in the Empire would not recognize you.”
“…Who are you?”
“I am Evian, a physician working under Tersia.”
Evian coincidentally observed the whole incident from behind the tree he was resting at.
As a brilliant and quick-witted person, although unaware of the details, he felt that the opportunity of a lifetime had come to him.
When he noticed the Duke of Brions’s interest in Esther, he recalled a fact only he knew of.
“Did your Grace feel something from the lady?”
As he listened to Evian’s meaningful words, Brions’s eyes dilated to the point they would pop out.
“What…do you imply?”
“It is merely that I know a few things about the lady.”
Even before Brions, Evian did not hesitate to lead the conversation.
“Tell me what it is right away.”
“I can’t do that. I am a physician of Tersia… I cannot disclose my master’s information.”
Evian, assured that things had been stabilized, sighed with a regretful expression on his face.
It didn’t take long for Brions to notice that Evian wasn’t loyal, but required for clear settlement.
“What do you want?”
“I just want to make a long and fine career. It would be nice if I could enter the Temple.”
“…Alright. Come find me.”
This place was not a good location to exchange details.
A smile appeared on Brions’s face as he obtained Evian’s promise to visit him another time.
The dark clouds in the sky seemed to have cleared up a bit now.
A few days later,
Rabienne’s Saint appointment ceremony was held magnificently inside the temple.
After receiving blessing from everyone, Rabienne was safely named as the 15th Saint.
Rabienne ascended the altar in a splendid manner, knelt down, and informed the Goddess that she was now a Saint.
“Congratulations. This is where it truly starts.”
High Priest Crisper smiled brightly as he placed the Saint coronet over Rabienne’s head.
“I will do well. High Priest, please aide me more in the future.”
Having finally finished all the procedures to become a Saint, Rabienne couldn’t help but shed tears of joy.
Even if this was not a position she gained thanks to her ability, she was intoxicated with a sense of accomplishment that the seat which she had dreamt of her whole life was now at her hands.
“Now, the Saint may select the paladins who will serve her the closest in the future.”
High Priest Crisper pointed to the holy knights standing before her in a neat row.
Serving the Saint was the greatest honor and aspiration for all trainees who entered the Temple.
Therefore, the solemn expressions of the knights in wait for Rabienne’s words were filled with tension.
“Alec, Carl, David.”
Rabienne called the names of the three paladins she had previously put together with the High Priests, one after the other.
They were politically determined Temple knights judged based on their ability and family name.
As their names were called, smiles formed their faces in expectation.
Only one out of the four. The Saint was given the right to place the person she wished for in the seat of the undetermined holy knight.
Rabienne intended to select one from among the family members close to her father to further increase his power.
However, she changed her mind while looking through the faces of the anxious knights. There was someone who caught her eye.
As Rabienne’s clear voice rang, a small commotion broke out. It was an unconventional call.
Even Khalid was shocked, unable to believe he was the chosen one.
“Will it be alright? Khalid is still at a level that requires more training.”
“Yes. I think it’d be nice to have someone of my age beside me.”
Although it was a little impulsive, Khalid was a promising prospect within the Temple.
Since he had yet to reach adulthood, he lacked compared to other knights, but his potential was excellent.
‘He is also loyal.’
From what Rabienne had seen thus far, she reached a conclusion that once he was her person, he would never betray her.
Khalid’s eyes became a bit teary as he strode to the altar and knelt beside the three chosen knights.
“Today, I, Khalid, swear before the Goddess. I will devote my remaining life to the Goddess and the Saint, who is her agent.”
A pledge made before the Goddess. It was a sacred, unbreakable, and inviolable oath of those belonging to the Temple.
High Priest Crisper delivered the swords prepared to each of the paladins.
Khalid looked down at the jeweled-encrusted sword and shed tears. His emotions took the better of him.
Following several other speeches, the appointment ceremony ended.
Before the upcoming feast was commended, Rabienne called for Khalid into a separate room.
Khalid knelt down on one knee in front of Rabienne while puzzled at the sudden call for him.
“Thank you for choosing me. I will never disappoint you.”
The way he gazed at Rabienne was full of trust. It was pure and passionate.
“If you are grateful, you can submit to me in the future.”
Rabienne smiled and patted Khalid’s shoulder.
“In addition, I have something special to entrust to you.”
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“Please speak.”
Khalid’s eyes flashed with anticipation as he realized this would be his first mission as a holy night.
“You know Diana, right?”
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