Novel Name : A Saint who was Adopted by the Grand Duke

A Saint who was Adopted by the Grand Duke - Chapter 111

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Updated: Apr 16
“Right. Call Prince Noah and make an appointment.”
“I understand.”
Rabienne returned to her office, leaving her handmaiden to coordinate her schedule.
Meanwhile, documents related to ancient readings were piled up on the desk.
Rabienne clenched her lips silently.
Rabienne assumed that she would be able to do everything well after becoming a Saint, but there weren’t just one or two daunting tasks awaiting her.
Just then, the High Priest knocked on the door.
“Yes, High Priest Lucas.”
Rabienne was going to request an interpretation of the ancient letters, glad he appeared at the right time, but soon her eyes narrowed as she noticed his unusual expression.
“That is… I’m afraid I have to tell you some bad news.”
“Please speak.”
“Recently, an epidemic has been circulating along the border.”
Rabienne’s mouth widened, shocked by his mention of an epidemic.
“Has there been a crack in the border…?”
“It seems that way.”
Lucas’s expression was as critical as Rabienne’s.
The fact that the barrier was cracked, including the plague that had started to circulate, meant that the barrier was already at a dangerous level.
“What do we do.”
“There is a limit to preventing it with our power… I think this happened as a result of Saint Cespia’s delay.”
This problem seemed to have gradually ensued as a consequence of Cespia’s weakening for the past several years.
“For now, we need the high-ranking officials. We must supplement the barrier by adding more strength.”
“We also wish the same, however… As with recent prayers, it will take some time until they recover the amount of mana they have lost.”
It was out of the question to ask for their use of sacred power, as it could affect the person in a harmful way when cast excessively.
Rabienne clasped her eyes shut before opening them in a state of frenzy.
“Do they truly require treatment?”
She had too many affairs in her hands to waste her time treating the commoners dying from the plague.
“It isn’t a problem as of right now, but… If the epidemic spreads any further, we won’t be able to do anything then.”
“Then, to start off, let us gather support from the Temples near the border. Please be careful to prevent any rumors.”
Since the emergence of the Saints within the Empire, there had never been a single outbreak of deadly plagues.
Therefore, if rumors of an epidemic began to circulate, that would reveal the incompetence of the current Temple.
“I understand. I will do my best to stop the rumors.”
At this point, Lucas also gradually expressed his dissatisfaction towards Rabienne.
As Rabienne could not utilize her powers as a Saint, that left the high priests who were under her to solve such an important affair.
However, he did not voice his complaints and continued in a calm manner.
“And… the nobles ask for a prayer.”
The Temple conducted business while using the Saints. The Saint would offer prayers to the nobles, and the Temple would receive a large sum of money in return.
For years, Cespia had been ill and halted the commission, but now that there had emerged a new Saint, everyone cried out for a prayer.
“A prayer…”
Rabienne’s darkened face turned grim.
As a matter of fact, the Saint’s prayer contained the potential of a blessing, so it was very possible to satisfy the nobles using such means.
However, no matter how strong and powerful she was, Rabienne did not have the ability to bestow a blessing.
“Please put it off a little longer.”
“I understand.”
It was frustrating for Lucas as well, but he knew that Rabienne did not hold the answer he was looking for. He immediately excused himself and left.
Rabienne, now accompanied by both the exhaustion from the tasks awaiting her and the conversation she just had with Lucas, was devoidof her usual leisure and showed signs of impatience.
“I have to find the Saint quickly.”
I’m doing it somehow now, but I really needed the blood of a real saint to properly pretend to be a saint in the future.
They were moving about it now, but in order to act properly as a Saint, she urgently needed the blood of the true agent. As soon as possible.
“When is Khalid coming?”
Rabienne subconsciously bit her nails, picked up a pen lying next to her, and striked it angrily.
During the time when Rabienne was talking to Lucas.
The dedicated believers who were in charge of the torches in the Holy Mother’s Palace were immersed in a peculiar atmosphere.
“Annie, look here.”
“What’s the matter?”
Annie hurriedly turned around as May’s urgent calling reached her ears.
“The torch has not been purified at all.”
“My God… that’s true.”
The two scrutinized the torch, their expressions grave. It was strange how the toxins remained, despite the fact that the lantern was cleansed just an hour ago.
“Did we miss this one?”
“In that case, we would have missed everything here. Nothing seems to have been properly managed.” May lowered her voice as she said so.
Even in Annie’s eyes, the surrounding torches were not in good condition. She didn’t feel any pure energy, and there wasn’t much luster.
“It’s a little strange.”
Handling the torch was the most basic knowledge a Saint must be aware of. The Saint handled the torches every day, but everything was still so inept…
“I wonder if it’s because she hasn’t matured as a Saint yet.”
“Right? I suppose that’s the case.”
They laughed awkwardly, trying their best to sympathize with Rabienne. However, that strange feeling wouldn’t go away.
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Although Rabienne worked diligently to purify all the toxins, the lanterns remained ashen, and the flowers in the Holy Mother’s garden had begun to gradually wither.
“I heard this from another priest… they said that the interpretation of the ancient texts was very delayed.”
“It must be because she’s busy.”
“Well, the strength differs from every passing Saint. Perhaps the holy power of the current Saint is not so great.”
Annie tilted her head as she listened to May, who stood proudly, her feet apart from each other.
“What are you talking about?”
“I-it’s nothing!”
As Rachel, a middle-ranked priestess, approached the two, May quickly threw off her knowing stance and absorbed herself with the task once again.
The two removed the poisonous herbs one by one. The only thing that could be done was to remove the poisons as a temporary measure.
Darwin had been busy since the morning. He met with the vassals and supervised the knights.
After lunch, there was a pile of tasks he had to complete.
“Count Nolan is here.”
Ben, in charge of managing Darwin’s entire schedule, informed his master of the surprise meeting.
Darwin nodded and began his way towards the reception room when he suddenly stopped. He then walked outside the mansion.
“Your Grace? The reception room is on the opposite side.”
“Do you think I’m not aware of where it is?”
Ben shut his mouth as he faced Darwin’s cold eyes. He silently followed him, having an idea of where they might be heading.
The place where Darwin headed after abandoning the Count was the cellar where Lucifer was locked in.
He threw him into a separate dungeon rather than placing him in a prison with others.
Darwin entered the dim area without hesitation. The knight in charge of guarding the cell greeted him.
Although it was currently daytime, Darwin strolled straight down the dark corridor and observed Lucifer as he lay on the floor behind bars.
He looked so emaciated within the span of a few days. His fingers were all cut off and bandaged.
“Get up.”
Lucifer jumped from his lifeless position as he heard Darwin’s memorable voice.
He desperately crawled up to the window and begged for help.
“Pl-please, help me! I’m sorry about everything. I was in the wrong…”
Lucifer implored, tears streaming down his face, his nose runny. However, the moment he looked up to face Darwin, he shut himself up.
The man had an intuition that he wouldn’t be able to survive if he acted recklessly.
“You said you watched Catherine give birth to her child.”
“Yes? I didn’t watch it, but… I saw her after she gave birth to her child.”
“Well then.”
Darwin unfurled his eyelashes in a frightening manner and approached Lucifer threateningly.
Lucifer’s legs began to tremble. It was hard to stand still because of the chills that ran down his spine.
“Remember when it was. The date Catherine gave birth.”
“S-suddenly asking for a date…”
It was unreasonable to ask for the day of an event that happened more than 14 years ago. Anyhow, It wasn’t that special of a moment for Lucifer.
“I promise I’ll spare your life if you remember the date.”
Lucifer held his breath at Darwin’s words. His life now revolved around the date of the incident that happened 14 years ago. He shook his head in different directions, squeezing out his memories.
“That… I’m sure it was July… Ah, the second week of July! It must have been the second week.”
Only then did Ben realize why Darwin grabbed Lucifer and asked him such a random question out of nowhere. He chuckled.
So Darwin was trying to find out the day Esther was born, her birthday.
“The second week of July. You’re not lying, are you?”
“How could I lie to you? I wouldn’t risk my life doing such a thing.”
“Very well.”
Despite the fact that he didn’t know the exact date, Darwin was content with the month and week Esther was born in.
There were about three months left until July. It was enough time to prepare for her anniversary.
A smile hung around Darwin’s mouth as he left the prison.
“Congratulations. I didn’t even think of my lady’s birthday.… I’m sure she’ll be happy.”
“I’ll take care of Esther well this year. I must also tell her.”
“Yes. it will go perfectly.”
Even Ben was delighted with the unexpected harvest. Esther always refused to have a party, using the excuse that she had not yet decided on a date.
He was very happy that he could congratulate her on her birthday this time.
Darwin stroked his chin as he walked to meet the befuddled Count.
“Last time I noticed Esther only had one doll.”
“Ah, you mean the rabbit doll? That was a gift from Master Judy.”
“Is that so?”
Darwin was somewhat envious of the doll Esther cuddled and slept with every day. He resolved to get her one too.
“I’ll have to buy one she’ll like more than that rabbit doll.”
Then, he hoped that she would sleep with his gift, not Judy’s.
“What does Esther like the most?”
Ben immersed himself in his thoughts and sorted out all the different species. Soon an idea struck him and he suggested, “Won’t the lady like snake dolls the most?”
“Snakes? That’s possible.”
Esther was already raising a second pet snake. Ben had a point. Darwin nodded slowly.
“Send someone now and tell them to buy all types of snake dolls.”
“What will the budget be?”
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“It doesn’t matter.”
“I understand.”
The two would never have dreamed that all the snake dolls in the central toy store would be taken away as a result of Darwin’s words.
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