Novel Name : A Saint who was Adopted by the Grand Duke

A Saint who was Adopted by the Grand Duke - Chapter 113

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Updated: Apr 30
Darwin’s brows twitched as he noticed the insignia of the Emperor imprinted over the tightly sealed documents.
“Did his Majesty send you?”
“Yes, you’ll find out once you read the papers.”
Seeing that Noah, the Crown Prince, arrived in person, he could guess the content was not light.
Darwin’s expression gradually changed. His long fingers smoothly ripped open the top of the envelope.
Darwin’s forehead narrowed as he scanned through the contents of the documents.
“Did His Majesty truly allow you to do this?”
“Yes, all that is written below was transcribed directly from His Majesty’s thoughts, word by word.”
The Emperor Darwin knew was a pacifist who disliked forming division between groups.
Since his reign as Emperor, there had been no major civil war. Although it eventually encouraged the corruption of the Temple.
It was doubtful how the Emperor, who had kept friendly ties with the Temple thus far, suddenly changed like this.
“My father has always disliked the Temple. He only ever observed and awaited for the right opportunity to move, but he has now made up his mind to come forward.”
Noah spoke with as much appeal as possible to persuade Darwin.
Since Noah lacked experience, he had no choice but to show his sincerity in front of Darwin.
“I ask you. Please close down the Central Temple in Tersia at your order.”
The current Empire was largely divided between the Temple and the Imperial family.
In a situation like this, asking to close down the Central Temple was equivalent to remaining by the Emperor’s side in the future.
Darwin was suddenly overcome with a significant decision to settle. He steadily tapped the table, his eyes unreadable.
He also agreed that the Temple’s authority, as of late, was a tad too excessive.
He thought it best for them to be corrected into their spots, but this paper would divide the Empire into two opposing forces.
Darwin’s lime green eyes fell down, actively moving to comprehend every sentence and word of the documents.
“Where else was this sent?”
“There are 20 other locations, chosen from the smallest of the Temples.”
Noah listed the twenty estates that were recorded. They were all small and medium-sized territories, so even if the Temples were to be removed, a big complication would not emerge.
But Tersia was a different matter.
The Temple of Tersia was one of the largest, therefore, closing it down would mark a distinct, permanent division between the Imperial family and the temple.
“You know that the worst case scenario could be war, right?”
“Yes, I’m fully prepared.”
Darwin exhaled audibly.
“If you required a large temple, why specifically Tersia?”
Noah hesitated.
It would be simple if he went ahead and mentioned Esther, but Noah couldn’t let Darwin be aware he knew Esther was a Saint yet.
“The Grand Duke possesses the worst of relationships with the Temple. The Grand Duke is the only figure who openly opposes the Temple.”
In fact, Darwin was the only high-ranking aristocrat to take a critical stance against the Temple.
“…When must I finalize my decision?”
Darwin was, of course, more than happy to do so. There must have been a justification for this sudden verdict, and he wanted to cancel the Temple as soon as possible.
However, the hearts of his residents who followed and believed in the Temple like their own mother were also a matter to be considered.
“I don’t have much time, so I’d like you to give me an answer by tomorrow morning.”
There was no time to lose because the documents had already been delivered to other estates. They ought to proceed with the closure before the Temple could take their precautions.
Darwin intended to summon the vassals for advice.
As Darwin’s rushing momentum gradually disappeared, only then could Noah breathe comfortably.
Noah was so nervous during the time he dealt with Darwin that his hands were sweaty.
“Then let’s talk again tomorrow.”
“Oh, about that… I need a place to stay for the night. Could you help me out? I haven’t booked any place yet. I understand that there are many guest rooms.”
As Noah regained his pace, he opened his eyes unfalteringly to emphasize his pure intentions.
“There are indeed many guest rooms.”
Darwin gazed as he listened to Noah’s words, a corner of his mouth twisting upward in a mocking manner.
“But the rooms are too shabby for you to stay in.”
“I’ll be fine.”
Noah pretended not to notice that Darwin meant for him to leave the mansion, not that the room was too shabby.
“I’ll speak to my aide.”
Darwin recited in a monotone voice. He wanted to refuse, but he couldn’t kick the Crown Prince out without a plausible reason.
“Thank you.”
If Noah stayed at the mansion, it would be more likely for him to encounter Esther.
As Noah couldn’t hold back his goofy smile, Darwin bit his tongue and kept his expressionless face.
Although Noah always seemed mature for his age when discussing politics, at other times he was more expressive and immature.
His eyes were filled with mixed emotions as he observed Noah about to leave the office before he stopped and turned around.
“By the way, I’ve completely cleared the restraining order.”
“Good for you.”
“Can I see Esther now?”
For a moment, a flame flared between Darwin and Noah. Darwin’s disapproving eyes narrowed, but he had no justification to stop him from meeting his daughter.
“If Esther wants to meet you, I won’t stop her.”
“That’s a relief.”
It was too subtle to be taken as permission, but Noah accepted it positively. He smiled and pulled the doorknob.
And as soon as Noah left the room, he spotted Esther sitting on a chair a distance away. He hardened in surprise.
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Esther stopped her conversation with Dennis and looked up in surprise as she saw Noah leaving the office room.
The eyes of the two who met after a long time collided warmly.
But he was glad to see her. Despite the unfriendly and grim Darwin from behind and Dennis’s stinging gaze from the front.
Noah approached Esther, sweat forming his forehead.
“I’ll be waiting outside. I’ll see you later.”
Esther nodded unconsciously.
Noah smiled satisfactorily and walked past the two of them and out the hallway.
“I guess you two are close to each other?” Dennis questioned as he observed Noah and Esther’s friendly atmosphere.
“He was my first friend.”
That was who Noah was to Esther. Until now, Noah was the only one who pushed to be her first friend.
Dennis couldn’t refute her reply, but instead led Esther inside the office so she could quickly forget about Noah.
“Let’s go in.”
As they entered the room together, Darwin turned from organizing the documents, a surprised look on his face.
“What’s the matter? It’s the first time you’ve come here together.”
“Were you talking about something important? I was surprised to see that the Prince had visited.”
“Right, he is now the Crown Prince.”
Esther’s eyes dilated in surprise as she listened to the conversation between the two.
“Was his position confirmed?”
“That’s what he said. The royal family will post an official announcement soon.”
Esther would later congratulate Noah on his achievements.
“Sit down here.”
The two sat on the sofa where Noah was a while ago and faced Darwin.
Reading their eyes, Darwin leaned forward and asked, “What’s the matter?”
“I think something is going to happen in the future.”
Dennis began calmly instead of Esther, seeing that she had difficulty speaking up.
“A few days ago, the Saint sent a knight to Esther.”
Darwin’s eyes cooled at the mention of someone from the Temple trying to approach Esther.
“He was asked to receive Esther’s blood. Although he didn’t mention the purpose, Esther was sure they were trying to prove she was the Saint.”
Astonished, Darwin shook his fist in the air. In terms of temper, he wanted to at least slam the table, but he held it in before the children.
‘Is it him?’
According to the guard’s report, Darwin was aware that a friend had come to see Esther.
He was waiting for Esther to speak about it first, but what a terrible thing.
“They simply visited this time, but we don’t know what will happen next. I shouldn’t let this go.”
Darwin shook his head at the thought of Rabienne, who was appointed a Saint.
He thought there were two Saints this time around, as she was safely appointed as one.
However, looking at how the child searched for blood from Esther, it was clear that she was a fake, simply posing as a real one.
Rabienne couldn’t have thought of this scheme on her own, so he was sure that Brions was behind this.
“It doesn’t suit the Brions family in many ways. How disappointing.”
The fact that the name Brions had something to do with Catherine was also unnerving, but he would deal with the situation accordingly.
However, since Darwin couldn’t attack Brions right away, he decided to pounce on the Temple as much as possible.
Originally, he was going to consult with the vassals to hear their opinions, but after listening to this, he changed his mind.
“We must cancel the Temple.”
This time, not only Esther but also Dennis opened their mouths in surprise. It was a rather unconventional statement.
“Now that I see it, I think Goddess Espitos will understand.”
The Temple that had lost its Saint was no longer under God’s protection. There was no reason to allow the god-abandoned Temple to continue posing as a representative.
“You have to step on bad sprouts so that they don’t grow again.”
Esther stood restless as she listened to Darwin’s dismal tone.
She expected something to be done, but she never thought they would close down the Temple.
“What if damage is done to Tersia?” Esther asked in a worried voice. She didn’t want this precious place to be attacked because of her.
“It would be a good thing for Tessia. There hasn’t been much work done by the Temple lately.”
After learning that the relief funds paid so far had not flowed into the slums, Darwin set up an investigation team.
According to the research, the aid fund was instead used to fill the stomachs of those belonging to the temple. The operation was a complete mess.
He was thinking of how to punish them, but it would be better to just get rid of the pests.
Actually, this would be a good enough opportunity to make excuses for the Emperor.
“We’re better off not having a Temple in our estate.”
Darwin recited fiercely. He then regained composure and made eye contact with Esther.
Although the Temple was something he was glad was brought up, the fact that Esther was relying on him made my heart swell.
“And thank you for telling me.”
“Will you continue to speak up like this? I want to know all the good things, all the bad things, everything.”
Esther wriggled her hands as she felt her chest tighten.
‘I’m glad I told them.’
She felt it when consulting with Dennis, but it was like a firm fence was surrounding her, one that would never be destroyed.
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TL/N: Meaning that she is protected
“…I’ll be sure to tell you. Bad things. Good things. Everything.”
A lovely smile hung around Esther’s lips as she learned how it was to rely on someone.
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